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How Do I Find My SiriusXM Account?

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SiriusXM is a satellite radio service that provides a variety of entertainment options for listeners. In order to access the service, you must have a subscription. You can find the subscription details on your radio or in the SiriusXM App. The app has some cool features, including a nifty search function and a user-friendly interface. There are also some promotional offers for new subscribers. However, it"s important to understand the rules before taking advantage of them.

To get started, you"ll need to know your Radio ID. This number can be obtained by selecting the Menu tab on your radio. Once you are in the menu, you"ll need to scroll to the right and find the Advanced option. From here, you"ll need to select the SAT icon, which will reveal a Radio ID. After you have the number, you can then use it to start listening.

One of the best features of the SiriusXM App is that you can customize your playlists and skip a few songs at a time. This is a big deal for those who love to change up their listening routines. If you"ve never tried SiriusXM before, then you should check out the all-access trial subscription, which includes News, Music, and Sports categories. It"s also worth checking out the Premium, which gives you even more features.

Another thing you"ll want to check out is the Sirius Travel Link. This is a link that allows you to browse the different SiriusXM channels available to your location. Additionally, you can contact the Listener Care team for help if you have questions. Using the app may incur data charges, however.

The SiriusXM app also has a feature to alert you when you"re about to cross a busy street. If you"re not sure how to find this function, check the Help section on your SiriusXM account.

If you have a newer Mazda model, you"ll need to set up your SAT settings. To do this, you"ll need to press the transmitter for about 1.5 seconds. While doing so, you"ll see the eight-digit Radio ID, which will be displayed on the screen. When you do this, you"ll be able to see how to use the app in a new light.

The other notable feature of the SiriusXM App is that it provides access to the same channels you can access on your vehicle. This is handy if you"re traveling and need to change the stations while you"re on the road. Aside from the music channels, the SiriusXM app also has an in-car navigation feature to help you avoid traffic.

Finally, if you don"t have a subscription, you can also get a free SiriusXM streaming subscription when you purchase a car. Although this offer is only for select models, it"s a good deal for those who have a need for the service. Lastly, there are some promotional offers, such as free SiriusXM trials and a prorated refund for unused subscriptions. As always, take advantage of these promotions to save money on your subscription.

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