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just started bestforexrebate rebatemeaninginforexg foreign exchange, hate to let the world know that they are doing foreign exchange, best forex rebate proudly laugh; a year later: do rebatesinforex want to talk about foreign exchange with people I know, I timid, psychological bottom shy; two years later: embarrassed to say with people that I am doing foreign exchange, I have no face laugh; three years later: found some confidence, feel the hardships of th rebateinforextrading line, acquaintances talk to me about foreign exchange, I advise people not to enter this A line, unless it is really a choice of fate blink; ten years later: is now, do not dare to talk to people about foreign exchange, afraid that others choose this line because of my reasons, they have become a river of the river of the river of the ferryman smile; comprehend the process of trading, is actually the process of practice, is to find themselves, the process of overcoming themselves, monasticism, the Tao is few, how many times I have asked myself, why choose this line? Im not afraid to tell you the truth, its really fate, try to get rid of many times, but can not get rid of, but where there is another choice, I will not choose foreign exchange trading, really, this line allows me to feel the six reincarnations of suffering, feel what it is like to hover between heaven cashback forex hell, occasionally look back, is a dream laughing and laughing, perhaps they are still in the dream, and perhaps start another dream  Ive been wanting to write about my own stumble in the currency market for so many years but always feel that writing these things is not too useful for investors and always feel that my level of general, cant write some high theory meet with a few friends, talk about this thing, they unanimously want me to write a little of their own things, can give to just enter the market partners and has been in the market but has been in a period of confusion people have been guided in the spirit of communication with The idea of communication with everyone I write about my own experience, I hope to help you more or less (I know it may not work) into the market: to say that it is very lucky that I joined the foreign exchange family is a chance to graduate from college in 2005 I did education, did machinery, did business, more than two years of time has not stabilized, which always feel that this is not the life I want, that the result is constantly changing jobs one after another In 2007, I saw a company on the Internet one day to recruit foreign exchange traders, I was working hours, treatment deeply attracted, I immediately called the phone, explained my situation, the results are very smooth, let me go to the interview tomorrow (required to wear formal wear) the next day I was excited to go, when the company is quite large, a row of computers have I was so excited to go to the next day, when the company was quite large, a row of computers with more than 50 computers each open, constantly jumping k lines such as my interview mood interview process will not say, very smooth without chatting a few sentences let me come to the next day training I was so excited the next day training a lot of people, then the foreign exchange industry honestly know very few people very little our training is mainly training in the basics of foreign exchange, what spreads, point value trading, closing positions, K-line patterns, etc. At the beginning there is a number called The teacher spoke of three or four days of fundamentals, the next three days a young man will technology at the time claimed that they had no problem doubling ten times a year at the time to invest on 5000 U.S. dollars, a year is 5w U.S. dollars ah, then really good worship them, feel that they are God training is the end of the assessment, which is also the key, the teacher asked each student to invest 5000 U.S. dollars to do live, the teacher to provide shouting orders if the money can be invested in the company together If you dont invest money, you can only fail the assessment and leave. In fact, I was particularly interested in investing money to seize this opportunity, but because of the instability of the work, there is no money to invest, I can only give up in pain, but now I think about it, but Im glad I didnt fall for the scheme. After that company I looked for such recruitment on the Internet, very lucky a foreign exchange dealer gave me a notice of interview, but asked to go to Shanghai to work, I was in Jinan, we weighed three I still went to Shanghai, the interview was very smooth, but also quickly carried out training, and then on the job our work is mainly to call investment companies, recommended to do our agent every day is constantly calling to contact customers, and then slowly also on the This industry has a deeper understanding of the market, especially the Chinese market black platform a lot, with customers betting on the platform is also a lot of inter-bank direct trading also have a few ecn mode also have a few slowly customers also more, but I found a problem, most of my customers are losing money, making money at all not a few ask my colleagues customers are also so I am a person who loves to think, I would like to ask what appears to be the case, I work in the trader this is honestly a lucky, I have seen too many customers, a variety of customers I know which customers are able to make money, which customers are certain to lose money (in the long run) I have seen a customer a week from $ 5000 to $ 8w, I also saw him two days $ 8w burst I also saw a customer $ 500 has been Stable a year to make money, doubled four times, but one night back to the liberation of many, many various reasons for the blowout of human greed and fear in this market is infinitely magnified confusion: in the trader to do more than a year of time, the whole day is spent on the phone, learned a lot of things, but I always feel like a beginner, I do not want to go every day with a smile to do business, which is the same as I was thinking I want to learn the real thing in this industry: trading but as a novice I really do not know how to start, then for the novice how to do it, I think this is the novice most want to know what I was doing is reading books, I do not know how many books I read, slowly understand the market slowly know how to build their own trading system this market rush Not to be, do not still do not understand him when the real position to enter, the results will certainly not be too good here to recommend a few books I read, "into my trading room" (click to download the e-book) Wei Qiangbin wrote "forex trading advanced" (e-book download) deer Xiwu "trend trading method" (click to download the e-book) late can look at the foreign "to trade for a living" (click to download the e-book) foreigners are mainly ideas Most, but the concept is probably the most important, the first to understand the market, and later slowly develop their own views on this market and strategy small test: continue to say, in the dealers side to earn a little money, really feel do not want to do business, but can not give up their work, (the basis for survival) but I read books all day to study trading, study my customers below why most people lose money, only A few people make money, I overall feel like they are almost, so secretly in another platform to open a small account of 100 U.S. dollars (this article from: account soon down, I can trade at the time remember very clearly, the first time to do transactions I do not have most people say nervous, apprehensive and other psychological I into the single very frank because I concluded so long I can see most peoples madness, using the advantages of the platform I understand that most people in this market are making small losses, 0.1 hand to earn 10 or so dollars to run, losses are indeed constantly dead against the profit and loss ratio is too inappropriate, so I have this aspect of the heart to prepare the single entry to hold the market to go very well, I 100 dollars, 0.1 hand into Europe and the United States more than a single day in accordance with my direction went 103 I am very excited and happy to find the Holy Grail in this market, what 2,8 law I believe will be broken by me single as always smooth, and so the price pullback to continue to enter more single, the market and in accordance with my direction to go more than 90 points, I immediately close the account 100 dollars to 300 dollars, two days of time Next I increased the chips, began 0.15 hands into the field, or so smoothly, the list is basically profitable out of the field for a week in a row, my account funds from the starting capital of 100 U.S. dollars, has played more than 580 U.S. dollars I am very excited, but also very anxious I hope the account as soon as possible to 1000 U.S. dollars I will be out of the gold in anxious circumstances, I placed the single frequency of increasing sometimes the market in the Asian market did not How much volatility on the market, waiting for the afternoon European market trends we know that frequent single wrong probability will increase, but for a newcomer, especially a week in a row without missing a single newcomer, the error is how terrible, that is not to admit defeat, wrong more than admit defeat but constantly increase the code unfortunately when I was wrong once, because constantly increase the code account a night burst as a former employee of the trader I think its just a different perspective most dealers are backstage, to see the following customers do single situation but dealers are more about developing customers rather than doing transactions so learning trading experience is very difficult to learn from dealers that I see many dealers in shouting single, in fact, this is a mistake first regulatory is not allowed to do so, the second most platforms are betting platforms, shouting right The third: traders trading so powerful then still use to do traders, raise money to do transactions on the fourth: many customers believe that traders shouting orders, that is only for its agents as a tool for market promotion, so the following customers or do not believe in the good continuous burst: 2007.8.1 account, do less than half a month account burst, and burst very smooth, one nights work account from 580 U.S. dollars account into a negative value which makes me realize the weaknesses of human nature, greed and fear, to earn when you want to earn a large constant increase in the wrong lack of refusal to admit defeat, the human little pride but the money into a digital people once the mistake is often very irrational, the next few practices are basically made under irrational circumstances, the results can be imagined So this blowout impressed me is wrong must admit defeat account loss never add code and must have a stop loss and do not operate frequently, do not single more can not be too hasty to wait patiently for the market these summed up well I and 300 U.S. dollars into the gold field this time I position or 0.1 to start, stop loss 10 points, 15 points everyone pay attention, 10 points of stop loss because I lost from the last Summarized, must be small losses earn big, this is the kings way account is not smooth at the beginning, the market is in the oscillation period, the account is constantly swept stop-loss continuous sweep stop-loss after the account has been left about 200 U.S. dollars, feel their self-esteem suffered a big blow, this time the bad nature of human nature out again, at this time I saw a good wave of upward momentum, I increased the chips 0.3 into the field, stop-loss also Not set up, but I just went in, the market went up in the opposite direction, 50 points instantly down, and the account blew up I can only look at the computer and laugh bitterly, why so, I asked myself over and over again, why so, but the numbers on the computer told me it had been so or made the first mistake I reassured myself that people always grow in mistakes again! I entered another $ 500 account, that the account in front of too small to carry the fluctuations of $ 500 account I made a strict plan, the total position can not exceed 0.5 hands (then do not understand, in fact, is very heavy) stop loss or 10-15 points position is not so heavy, and will not be indiscriminately add positions, but the account is still shrinking I am very puzzled 500 dollars soon less than two weeks into 300 More than, big losses no, but too many stop-loss single, then I asked an old-timer to help me look at my single, the old-timer looked at only a glance and said, you stop-loss set too unreasonable, the normal fluctuations in the market will also make your account sweeping losses, but these sweeping losses are unnecessary, and not worth it I suddenly realized, the stop-loss adjusted higher some of the results are very obvious a thousand errors basically not Fan, but I found that the account growth but too slow, the heart of the hidden want to reopen the impulse to engage in a lot of things at home at that time so that I was in a very annoyed mood, another reopening, another blowout this time less than two months contact blowout 5 in addition to the work is not smooth, work is not good on, full body and soul in the foreign exchange, physical and mental exhaustion to the extreme, when the last account blowout I decided not to touch him, I want to go to work to re-learn the stage: the After the continuous blowout I intend to rest for a period of time, then it is also almost New Year, the hand is relatively tight, and do not want to do unnecessary efforts we will also have a sense of this market is not how hard you can have a good return, which may have the least to do with the efforts of the market because of human nature point of view, the more you work you may be more purposeful (this article from: Foreign Exchange Academy) purposeful often linked to the desire but The most terrible thing about this market is the desire desire can destroy everything so after more than six months of tossing and turning I am physically and mentally exhausted, do not want to do unnecessary efforts to fight for things that do not see hope work delayed a lot should work well, which is perhaps the most stable and most hopeful I stopped all the transactions, deleted the MT4. MT4 when the heart of the small fire rekindled for many reasons, the only let me pick up trading again should be the dream, dream this thing is very strange, but can break all the obstacles I re-examine their previous transactions I contacted for several days to see the previous trading list, constantly review, now seems to own trading part-time stupid to death, but these ridiculous things still happen to me I summed up the reasons for my previous mistakes: First: heavy operation, which is too terrible and fatal heavy trading is like taking corn from the fire, who can guarantee not to be burned hands, I think there is no one unless you have to bring gloves, have experience to know when the fire is small to take the best take but how many people do not have any security measures directly into the big guy? Second: frequent operation according to their own nature, completely rely on empiricism to do a single which will increase your error rate, the error is not terrible, terrible is the error after the non-concession, which is the most deadly third: no trading system: subjectivism under the single created frequent operation, frequent operation means that there is no trading system want to do a good job trading I think there must be a trading plan, according to the plan to trade, which is either A signal that they can understand or trading system fourth: do not go to operate at the same time more than three kinds of trading varieties timely correlation is very strong we will find that when you operate more than three varieties you can hardly concentrate on holding the single, often take too much profit to close the position and go away might as well hold a two varieties of single, held in accordance with the plan so that we do not hesitate to find out the problem next Is the construction of my trading system, the next step in accordance with the plan to operate to re-deposit operations: find the problem, in April 2008 I could not wait to deposit $ 500 I do not know whether my strategy worked or luck is better, the account less than a month to do 1600 U.S. dollars during this period I am strictly in accordance with the trading signals to do, less than the signal resolutely not to do, patiently to wait for such results let me internal I saw hope in my heart, but more terrible is the breeding of pride eventually a roller coaster market let me once again abandoned the system and plan, the account shrunk overnight 1450 U.S. dollars left 150 U.S. dollars also do not have the confidence to do back again, arbitrarily placed a single account soon burst the account shrinkage problem by the way: most newcomers have a psychological, account principal loss when there is not much feeling, or no impact on him How much impact this time generally have the confidence to do back but most people originally account is profitable, after the operation lost a lot of money, this is the biggest blow to the confidence of many people because of this lack of confidence in the rest of the funds operation is also arbitrary up so that trading is not as simple as technical analysis, more important is the mindset can not pass their own this hurdle, and then good technical analysis is also very difficult to earn money to continue to deposit operations: the deposit in April 2008. April 2008 deposit, about a months time on the burst, the reason we should see very clearly, the plan has been left behind, and when the same random single, afraid to miss the opportunity, no patience and so on the market signal, heavy single, etc. These old problems again, especially after the big win and big loss this time I did not hesitate, after the burst immediately add funds 500 U.S. dollars this time I thought of a method is to do a single before, must write the plan in this book, not to write on the resolutely do not place a single position due to the small capital, control in the $ 500 0.2 hands or so account steadily in the growth of a month doubled, in fact, think about doubling is also very simple, especially the small capital 0.2 hands if you can catch 200 points is $ 400 when you are profitable position should say that the account is not risky in fact, this time the operation style and there is no system to speak of, several consecutive blowouts have made me give up the system at this time is more of a plate sense trading just want to trade before the single plan written in this book met the master: account as always smooth, 500 U.S. dollars of principal two months of operation down has reached 1800 U.S. dollars but to 1800 U.S. dollars and then how to do the account can not do up this period is constantly earn and lose, continuous There is a month account is basically hovering between 1600-1900, I am very annoyed, also very annoyed is online to find foreign exchange experts, then the foreign exchange website is not too much, let alone what expert but then the mood is sincere to find the expert, there is a teacher speak very subtle, also said very profound I feel is to meet the expert on the discussion I now meet the problem he said very right, first I do not have their own The first I do not have their own trading system, will enter the field is the disciple, will be out of the field is the teacher (this article from: foreign exchange college) second I am now more than short do, can not see the general direction which is very fatal I heard is very right bar, hope to worship him as a teacher, he proposed conditions said to sell my trading system, take me as a disciple then really impulsive also very eager to meet the legend of the gods, I gave him a few thousand dollars to buy his trading system over I also worshiped him as a teacher later I added into his QQ group, which are his customers, and he asked me to open an account in his name, before he would teach me the real thing I looked at the money since I had spent it to open another one, opened a 1000 account in the name of the teacher in the name of the teacher after the teacher taught me a lot of ideas, including follow the trend, such as the daily chart is empty, determined not to do more, even if there is no opportunity Waiting for the market to go high after going empty for example: such as how to get out of the field ....... Such as money management ...... To be honest, the teacher said very well, I have written down one by one, that the market did do very smoothly 1000 U.S. dollars of that new account a few days time to 1500 U.S. dollars I steal joy, feel good value for their money spent following the teacher shouting single is to make money money but do a period of time I found the problem, the teacher is doing single are shouting, but also not in accordance with their own system to teach me to place orders, 10000 U.S. dollars can I asked the master so you say and do how different the teacher told me to follow the market, the market changes we have to change said too much sense blink I continue to follow the master to do single, but then found on the wrong 1000 U.S. dollars, 0.5 hands of gold let me enter the stop loss of one U.S. dollars stop gain of 3.4 U.S. dollars this time my account was constantly hit stop loss, but I still believe The teachers strength, I think the market is wrong rather than the teacher is wrong later I continue to operate, there are gains and losses account is constantly shrinking in later the teacher said take us to do non-farm payroll this is his strength, I am very strange I get from the traders here this risk event should be avoided only, why go to do the teacher said rely on experience to make money very firmly said must make money I am helpless but also very much looking forward to the shrinking account can a Im not sure if Im going to be able to get back to the market, but Im not sure if Im going to be able to get back to the market. Teacher QQ, quit the QQ group at this time do not need any language, blame on their own it Here I also advise some newcomers, do not believe in some so-called masters, in time he is a master his things are not yours, this thing does not experience the market you can never understand the use of other peoples things about the system: this is the teacher gave me the system is a 60-day SMA, four hours to see the direction, the price in the SMA below only Do not do more than short, 30 minutes to find the entry point, the price retracement to the average position on the single Although the master is a scam, and did not follow this system to do, but I follow this system to do after finding a lot of stability every time less than the average retracement position I wait patiently, control their hands very good effect, especially when there is a week of unilateral market is better with this skill is to hold the single of course met Oscillating market this system will not work later I added a 30-day average, also added into their own entry and exit principles, my 1800 U.S. dollars every day a steady growth during this period also look at the sea return trading method, know the wonders of letting profits run so I steadily hold the single only to the exit position will be out of 1800 U.S. dollars a month to 3000 U.S. dollars, although a little fast, but my position And not heavy are 0.1 position, up 100 points to add 0.1. account is steadily rising I also found some time ago because of the loss and loss of confidence pound four-hour chart, the price of the 60-day SMA above (red) this period only do more  an hour chart price touches the average line to do more, add positions up to three times a wave, the price broke the red line out  said the non-farm payroll: the See a lot of shouting single group hit the advertising, saying what a January opportunity to make big money, must be seized, keep up with the rhythm of the teacher to make money in fact feel very sad inside, for the majority of investors feel sad more this market in order to develop customers bottomless unprincipled approach we do I foreign exchange often joke about the recent stock market insanity but for the non-farm vows why not more crazy things advise you Do not engage in non-farm payrolls with the so-called teachers for three reasons: First, most of the non-farm payrolls are small capital, the reason is small capital I think the level may really not be enough, really high level of words will not be small capital to do single Second: non-farm payrolls belong to the disorderly fluctuations, it is difficult to grasp, and gambling is not much different this market is not a gambling market, should be distinguished Third: the reason for shouting non-farm payrolls to do advertising, is to use people to make money The desire to pull some customers I have not done a non-farm payroll for three years, before the non-farm payroll are very excited, every time do but I summarize my non-farm payroll, the success rate is low scary, risking high risk to earn a small amount of money I do not think it is worth (non-farm payroll have a few people dare to hold the single, can only earn a small amount of money) of course, there is no lack of market experts, we do not discuss the 0.1% I think the experts will not go gambling non-farm payroll data, do non-farm payroll Some people are either novices or gamblers, to find that the rapid fluctuations in the market to bring the thrill or desire, eager to make quick money in this market this market is not a market to make money countless times after the non-farm statistics I decided to give up the non-farm, not to pick up this knife, and so the knife fell stable and then pick it up is not better? technology I think it does not matter to me, now is the rule, the constant trial and error Process wrong loss a little, right earn a lot want not stable are difficult but capital retraction is generally unbearable, which doomed many people have rules also can not earn too much money foreign exchange technology off is not difficult, difficult is the psychological off to June 2008, summed up so long experience, finally began to have so little experience of this market, this time is also my taste of sweet period account 500 U.S. dollars has reached 3000 U.S. dollars in the next few months are stable profits, to the end of 2008 when 3000 U.S. dollars has grown to 13000 U.S. dollars, many people say that the account growth so fast is not a long position, I want to say that there is no long position, is the strategy and rules plus luck to make my account fast growth you can look at the 2008.6 --- December pound That wave of decline I basically caught all the full 4,000 points work pressure: earn a lot, but this I have a problem with work, due to the continued research and fascination with the market my business work in the trader but delayed, basically did not contact too many customers company gave me a lot of pressure, and then do not do well to dismiss me at that time the heart pressure is particularly large, the day can only go to the development of business, the night to do the plate but We know that in the case of pressure to do the plate is very scary, at this time the family also urged to get married, buy a house my mentality has changed a lot, plus the market late continuous shock all of these have given birth to my impatient psychology heavy operation to make quick money once occupied my mind large shocks let me a few weeks can only completely explode the position tearing pain, that night to stay up late, I secretly turn off the computer, lying in bed looking at my sleeping girlfriend is so cute, but I can not earn big money to give her the life she wants, the inner self-blame guilt, chagrin a brain surge, a hot tears gushed out girlfriend turned over I secretly wipe some tears, since this is their own choice to learn to swallow the tears aggression I want to start again officially resign: after experiencing a big profit after the blowout, I did not lose confidence, but more Enhanced my fighting spirit (this article is from: foreign exchange college) I consider to go to work every day to face the pressure of the task, but also to do the plate both difficult to go to both I decided to resign, also decided to return to Jinan this warm city in March 2009 I handled the separation, work for several years because of trading but penniless also have to hide these then pressure hit the extreme back to Jinan soon settled down, see I had not seen friends for several years, socializing for a few days and began my trading at that time due to continuous losses on the body is really no money, I overdrafted $ 2000 credit card, or at first very smooth $ 2000 also grew rapidly to $ 3200 continued to explode: $ 3200 let me gloat, at the same time I read the news that a guy deposit $ 2000, three months to do a 24w I was impressed by the fact that I was now in a difficult situation and naturally increased my position, the result of 3200 dollars soon burst, I did not hesitate to overdraw the credit card 2000 dollars into the gold, a night and burst the body is really no money, really then only know what is desperate one is to feel regret for their irrational behavior, the other is desperate to owe a lot of debt, but no future can pay something girlfriend and The day after day to buy a house at that time my feelings family a mess on the issue of full-time or part-time: in fact, I do not recommend full-time to do, because the foreign exchange industry should be hard to make money in an industry, the success rate is very low and no 5 years of time can be stable profit that is very difficult, which we constantly have to do with ourselves, with the family, and income to fight especially young people do more foreign exchange, but young people Faced with the pressure of getting married, buying a house, having children who can come up with at least 5 years of time to gamble on this unknowable future, unless you are rich second generation energy consumption can afford to do part-time may be more relaxed and so they have a certain amount of capital, you can do full-time. Desperate research: the first half of 2009 has been in a burst position, there is no money on the body, even living expenses are no source but since the choice of this road, kneeling also have to go over I actually did not have much confidence at that time, countless times thought of giving up but really hard to give up like a gambler red-eyed in thinking about how hard it is to give up if you go out to work, work hard to earn a few thousand dollars a month and what is the point I intend to Then give yourself three months of time I re-examined their trading records from the beginning to now all the transactions, as well as each single then why the single, after the single late market why so go which single is the emotion of the single This process is actually a very painful process, we have reviewed the disk should have had this feeling pain is not because of the results of the disk, but the process of cocooning and rebirth quietly to review the disk Suddenly found their own problems: frequent operations, sometimes a day under a single more than a dozen heavy operations; not according to the plan to implement; counter-trend positions; all of these boil down to one thing, that is, want to make quick money in this market, no patience burst must be the reason, but find the reason to implement the correct practice there is how difficult the problem found I intend to start over, to develop a strict plan for themselves such as 10000 U.S. dollars maximum position of no more than 2 lots, the first time to open a position of 0.3 hands, the price in accordance with their own direction to go back to add 0.2. strict stop loss, the first single error never add a position but reduce the position met your people: the research is almost done, the rules have found a way to control, at this time for some reason but not anxious to open an account into the gold and not anxious to operate perhaps my mind is really adjusted because I Through so many experiences know that this market is not a market to make quick money, but also not always have the opportunity of the market my heart completely calm down perhaps this is really the beginning of my very lucky I met in the most difficult time in the life of a valued person he is a customer of mine in the traders studio, the company is doing quite large, I resigned after not much contact due to the mood is not good back to Jinan after also basically no contact one day he found me, I do not know who he listened to, said I burst again (bad things spread a thousand miles ah) said to me 10,000 U.S. dollars to operate, the risk he bore, the profit 3,7 points, I 7. If the stability will increase to 10w U.S. dollars at the time he said these I was in tears, it is really too difficult, but God has favored me to get the funds to operate according to the plan, in fact, at this time the psychological Really profit and loss has been very light, is in accordance with their own rules to do, without distractions to follow the rules to do, wrong stop loss, right let the profits run that month is very lucky (lets call it lucky) account 1w USD in strict accordance with the above said operation, grew to 13000 USD I did not feel happy, the previous excitement never find account continue to hold, after the pullback added three times, a wave Europe and the United States account to do 26000 U.S. dollars also almost New Years I have no living expenses on hand, let him all the funds out, a good year to say this stage a little excited, the heart of the sour and gratitude mixed continued to profit: New Years back not long this friend found me, and gave me a 5w U.S. dollars account this is already March 2010 Europe and the United States ushered in a 2000 point decline, I have been Hold a position to June account highest total position in 7 hands, account quickly to 20w U.S. dollars due to the rapid upward movement of the market I finally took 1500 points, account 15w U.S. dollars or so to close the position This is the biggest profit I have met since I did foreign exchange I was really excited and very excited after the dividend I took 8w U.S. dollars, I did not expect the credits of these years are returned to me in full, and there is a substantial profit at that time do not know what Feel it, maybe this is what I deserve, thanks to the market, thanks to the help of your people! Profitable insight: account in the first half of 10 years has been profitable, which also made me firm belief in the previous experience also let me be more cautious up that profit after I went to Sanya vacation for a month laptop phone what did not bring but I was thinking about the experience of the past few years, why will lose, and why will win, why most people in this market are losers, and why there are so few people can succeed (for the time being) Called failure or success, the loser in fact the most foreign exchange may be able to understand some human nature is also considered successful) I concluded, first: must have their own rules of the game, rather than the clouds, for example, I know a friend, he went to Macau gambling every time with a fixed amount of money, after the loss to go away but I do not know if he was lucky or what reason, he every time is to win back to study gambling we will find two kinds of people lose big money, the first kind of people after a big profit, the second kind of people lose red-eyed people in fact, these two kinds of people have a commonality is no longer rational people we do trading is not like this, how many people make a big profit after floating up and then overnight burst position and how many people lose money continuously after the loss of rationality led to account burst which is no rules to do a single or rules in irrational situations is abandoned market to earn This part of the money second: to see the big picture before I may stare at 5 minutes, 15 minutes chart to see a non-stop but then found that this may not be right (except for the short term) every time I place a single at least look at the day chart is what kind of situation, four hours is not stabilized 30 minutes there is no entry opportunity after a single day to look at the 4-hour chart trend can be to the stop-loss level stop loss, to increase positions to increase positions, stop gain level stop gain learn Look at the longer term, do not be intraday miscellaneous waves disrupt their plans Third: heavy positions should not be, but also can not be too light position 5w U.S. dollars I will go to 5%-7% of the position, profit 2000 U.S. dollars - 5000 U.S. dollars plus 0.5 hands (depending on the market at the time) Fourth: do not stare at the plate more than 4 hours a day stare at the plate too much will be disturbed by the miscellaneous waves in the market, especially newcomers Fifth: try to single Take some long, rely on time to earn space instead of relying on money to earn profits expensive people are not expensive: from Sanya back after more confidence, feel clearer ideas than before also more patient, but back after the problem came before your people want to cooperate with me, he provided funds to me to manipulate, the first to provide 100,000 U.S. dollars to let me operate I agreed to the account or quite smooth, should be two months to earn 5w I dont like to fight or grab, the only thing I really do is to break the rules I didnt say anything to stop the account operation, the 10,000 U.S. dollars I didnt ask for, as a repayment to your people actually do foreign exchange as people, small-minded, calculating, playing smart people is very difficult to survive in this market This market survival, here is not to attack people, more is to remind it do foreign exchange to do a good I see are broad-minded, calm and calm people if like some rural women in order to save a few cents with the vegetable vendor bargaining can do a good job in foreign exchange is entangled in the market more than a few points, more than a few points of loss is not a very short-sighted good foreign exchange first good people calm, calm, not happy not sad may be the right way to write here let me I think of Zeng Guofan, he was to become the first minister in the rise, Mao Zedong also commented that: the only service Zeng Wenzheng Gong. He a student, the examination a country test actually took four times before the examination (patience, tenacity) since the beginning of politics, constantly save heart, nurturing the nature of smooth and do not lose the general when things do not rush, decisive achievement of his a famous minister to do foreign exchange is not so, to have patience, more decisive execution not happy not sad to achieve great things set up a studio: 2011 and your man after the breakup set up their own studio, the previous earned 8w out of the rent, renovation, office furniture spent about 5w, there are still 7w I took out 3w to open three accounts began the studios operating career but this time Europe and the United States in a big shock cycle tossed a year account did not earn money other two accounts as a result of my other short cycle to do a single, earnings are good studio year results okay, but also increased my confidence but very scary is my own single met a bottleneck, the account fluctuates between 8000-15000 to the high point but it is difficult to break through again up tossed a year a little bitter smile 10 years or can, but not as good as I thought, someone asked me foreign exchange this thing is reliable? Is there hope? I sometimes really do not dare too hastily answer I can only say that it is very difficult to earn and lose is the norm, if you really love it, take it as part of your life you will go to persevere if you are to earn money or earn fast money, please stay away from it not to say earn money, is the next three to five years you are struggling in the uncertain future, but also can not see the future in fact, this process is a very painful process sometimes drill into The market is as silly as the people, every day in thinking about why so go, why so go stay up late is the norm, less social communication ignore the family If you are rich, you can do, because in the 20s age you do not have to worry too much about your own car, housing, raising children you are not afraid of no future road because someone gives you more retreat but you are a working man, my advice is to play it small. Do not go full-time (a good year will likely be wasted) part-time to do, do not take him too seriously I know I said these some people will not understand, but also said that this is his dream I want to say that this market is not gambling, is a professional speculation needs to have some talent in this area or acquired efforts to be successful people are not everyone is Liu Xiang, and not everyone will become Jordan this dream may be a wrong dream I A few months ago received a small apprentice, very good to learn, but also very smart, is a little bit on the kind of one time he did Europe and the United States burst he was very painful and did not dare to say to me, called me about the situation in fact I am quite happy, this is experience and wealth without sharp pain which came to change he opened a 300 U.S. dollars account every time is 0.05 open positions, earn 100 points will be added once according to the system, the single do The quite smooth 2 weeks later did 1165 U.S. dollars in Europe and the United States a few days ago after that wave of decline I suggested that he rebound high point to do short, but he was too anxious, every time a small high point to add positions (losses to add positions) we guess added to how many hands?0.6 hands, because I was in Beijing also did not contact me in time, these days also did not care about his single breakthrough of the pre-oscillation high point, he took it for granted that all the short single all closed out, immediately backhanded to do 0.6 hands. Immediately backhanded to do 0.5 hands more, the results we all know the night data let him explode if he does not close out? Many people say earn a lot, in fact, wrong, this is a mistake in itself he went against his own principles in making a single, has lost the rational gambling psychology prevailed I let him write a summary a few days, I want a psychological summary I think it is very well written, but also in line with the psychology of the time I share to you first: a few days in a row to make money account from 300 U.S. dollars quickly up to 1165 U.S. dollars, they have drifted, think loss point does not matter their own. think loss point also does not matter they still earn, but the single really under into it will not think so, think is must not lose, must let the account fly again so the loss of additional positions gave him a fatal blow second: feel light position is too slow, especially the account light position took 400 points to earn $1000 feel like they lost, so want to be 0.5 hands can earn $2000 it a second wrong idea will make the account directly burst this is not a joke, a second of error flash will appear continuity of error, which is the most deadly third, heavy position is actually not earn big money, remember, heavy position must be not earn big money, because the psychology has been wrong, the market slightly in the opposite direction a go may hundreds of thousands of dollars, normal go will also let you close out to make money it, earn a little hurry to want to fall into the bag, the The structure of the heavy position determines your loss and profit ratio is not proportional and some people have lost a lot of confidence, anyway, loss, broken jars broken results is to watch him burst the fifth: human weakness is not overcome, most people tend to make money when they enter this market, after analysis you will find that newcomers tend to be light operation, long take a wave account will quickly grow but the final result is how to burst the position why, because after a big profit human weaknesses in this market infinitely expanded up pride and disobedience occupy you, wrong plus size, heavy position once the market so that you are full of losses since you can not control the need to experience this pain, this pain is not experienced, you may have always believed in their own luck, but this market luck are to those who are ready for the old people new people must believe that the first. Never take a heavy position, 10000 U.S. dollars, 0.1 hands to go under you can also make a lot of money rely on space to make money, and so you make money and then add positions your principal what risk Second: When you make money continuously, or can not wait to place a single time, must stop a stop, this is the time has been irrational, stop a few days to see the market go Third: must learn to take a few days of the market, do not fall into the bag for peace of mind Fourth: I want to say in fact, at the beginning of the basic finished, I wrote so long their own things are in fact basically finished, the next is that we look at my story only my things without reservation, without reservation to listen to people will conclude that their own things are only a few on enough, do not listen to people when the story to see, pay tuition to learn these things eventually or these things trading is not so difficult, difficult is to change their own solidified thinking Finally, I ask everyone, 0,03 hands you can exceed the profit of $80-100 how many, earn a few dollars on the run and how many? Think about it, trading is very simple, I said above is all my things to say about the studio why I set up a studio, not to find more customers I found something human weakness, rely on their own, rely on the system to control the basic impossible so I found a few like-minded friends, I am responsible for issuing a strategy, (not shouting single) other people after analysis approved to perform there is a special to go to the single, there is a special to close the position, there is a special to close the position. The process is actually a very complex process in which there are many things to correct, make mistakes, and then correct the period because my strategy is not in place, risk control is not strictly enforced also appeared in the account of 40% retraction but I know what the reason is, or calm because I know that to really do a big, on my own is absolutely not possible, but cooperation requires a grinding process This process to use tuition to practice grinding for more than a year, now are familiar with a look a smile they can know what I am thinking why happy, bitter smile, happy team is the initial growth but this tuition we pay at least 10w U.S. dollars want to be bigger and stronger I think it is best to have a team to operate, the human weakness to decentralize the foreign exchange taught me life: the foreign exchange market is a Infinite expansion of human nature of the market, human nature will be placed under a magnifying glass to show the human greed and fear will be fully revealed I have done so many years later some ideas are also deeply integrated into my life here to share with you a little: for example, I found that I am no longer impatient, no longer in a hurry to get things done can be more calm, the normal mind to see things need to be practical, can not speculate on life to eat A small loss is no longer complained about, this may be like stop-loss, one day will be rewarded before I see than my strong people I will badmouthing or hate (jealousy) but now I will welcome each other with a smile, each other more open heart become friends again, such as wife, plus peoples nagging, friends of the back stabbing, now will be a momentary annoyance, but will soon be digested, no longer like before to quarrel non-stop must be distinguished The life and trading like there is right and wrong? Why so serious meet begging old man and woman I will give a few dollars, not to distinguish the true from the false, because it reminds me of my grandparents who have passed away, now think about it will also shed tears, the love of relatives need to give back in time, so perhaps not to leave regrets it see the general direction, do not care about some trivial things may live a very happy life, work will be a lot of you and me, openly and secretly fighting this is the market in the Fluctuation only see the general direction of the people can take a break from the entanglement to do their own happy forex trading is a systematic thing I write out may give many people ideas, but not many people can adhere to the ideas to carry out especially when there are losses and mistakes values, philosophical outlook on the formation of a time honing process and so they walked a road, lost, and then back on the road, lost again may be Consider this question do trading is to earn a momentary win or loss? Many people answer that it is not, but why are there so many people who have lost money to carry the dead not to admit defeat, the idea and practice is not unified is fatal, this is the problem of philosophical outlook into, out of the party always intended to continue to communicate, I am not a scavenger, nor a godfather I just want to give a little light to the lost people

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