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20 years ago he was a top foreign exchange trader, is now the government prime minister

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, bestforexrebate now the government prime m best forex rebateister.jpg "width="600 "height="400"/> He was a senior trader in the foreign cashback forex industry, then turned to politics rebateinforextrading served three consecutive terms as government prime minister, he is JohnKey, rebatesinforex rebatemeaninginforexs current national prime minister as a politically prominent figure. JohnKey has been living in the spotlight for many years however, his experience before he entered politics is little known exchange business last November interview with KVB Kunlun International director Huang Songyuan, he mentioned JohnKey, and quite admire him Huang Songyuan revealed that JohnKey was a very successful foreign exchange trader, turned to politics after being supported by the public, smooth sailing he voluntarily give up the Prime Ministers salary, because he has accumulated considerable wealth in the foreign exchange trading career, currently ranked among the worlds 18 richest heads of state such a legendary experience, aroused the interest of many readers  1980s New Zealand foreign exchange traders daily 1987 a television documentary that became BigDealer to People revealed the occupation of foreign exchange trader, and JohnKey is the protagonist of the documentary back then, foreign exchange trader is the most attractive occupation, the host introduced this occupation: foreign exchange trader work 12 hours a day, dealing with millions of New Zealand dollars of transactions, their lifestyle is at the same level, however, the risk is as high as the income they may go in the morning in a BMW To work, once the day trading a small error, the boss will notify them to take the bus directly back to the evening they arrived home very late, however, the sun sets in New Zealand within a few hours, New York and London has been dawn, the New Zealand dollar trading has begun so traders often get a call to work in the middle of the night, lie down not 3 hours, and have to go out into the dim morning light to start a new day of 12 hours of work & nbsp nbsp; JohnKey began his career in foreign exchange in 1985, becoming a trader at EldersMerchantFinance in Wellington, and two years later was promoted to head of global foreign exchange traders as a successful foreign exchange trader, his former colleagues believe that in the banking industry, which is most concerned with the theory of survival of the fittest, JohnKeys success Not primarily because of his forex trading skills, but his unique political and managerial talentsJohnKey was charismatic, liked by colleagues and clients alike, and had the ability to rally his staff AndrewKrieger ambushed the New Zealand dollar In 1985, the New Zealand dollar began to float freely and gradually became one of the worlds most popular speculative currencies in that In those days, the New Zealand dollar was a new, small and untested class of currencies, so it was very vulnerable Such challenging circumstances also provided great opportunities, and JohnKey grew to become a successful pricer who continued to set Elders New Zealand dollar prices, attracting a steady stream of buy and sell orders In 1988, he was seen by BankersTrust Group ( BankersTrust), and joined its Oakland Top 30 trading room to this point, JohnKeys annual salary and bonus combined is 30 times the previous  In BankersTrust work period, we must mention AndrewKrieger (please see "count the forex industrys most famous 5 traders" article) he is a legend in the foreign exchange trader industry, when he was in the BankersTrust New York office he focused on New Zealand dollar trading, and successfully ambushed the New Zealand dollar, so that the New Zealand dollar fell by up to 5% in a single working day, netting hundreds of millions of dollars for the company It is rumored that at that time his multi-million dollar transactions were carried out through JohnKeys trading room During the administration of JohnKey JohnKey said: "I dont think its a moral issue and should not be criticized for traders just executing orders, neither the trader nor the trading room should be condemned for this at the time, the trade reflects the basis of the New Zealand economy the market is infinite and no individual can manipulate  Krieger still regularly speculates on the New Zealand dollar through JohnKey and his trading room after this successful event, which has been described as one of the best financial trades in history The increase in business volume once again drove JohnKeys success and wealth leadership temperament outstanding JohnKey became a member of Merrill Lynch in 1995 ( MerrillLynch) global head of foreign exchange, and worked at Merrill Lynch for six years his top boss SteveBellotti had this description of him: he is one of the calmest people Ive ever met under pressure he remained unruffled according to peer news in London at the time, as a top trader, JohnKeys annual income of $2.25 million, according to the exchange rate that year Converted down to about $96,000 a week JohnKeys leadership skills in 1998 to 1999 was the most fully revealed Merrill Lynch by the Asian financial turmoil and huge losses, about three months of losses up to $1.5 billion to $2 billion, staff morale is low, a large number of good employees lost while JohnKey in the London office successfully Organize the staff, boost morale, his offices staff turnover rate is quite low, successfully passed the most difficult period later he conference, in the banking industry at the time of massive layoffs, the dismissal of less than 100 people  abandoned business to politics JohnKey decided to resign in 2000 to pursue a political career, this decision made the companys people quite shocked he The boss of Kelly even think JohnKey has met a mid-life crisis Fortunately, JohnKeys leadership skills in politics has also been fully reflected in the back story we are quite familiar with JohnKey returned to New Zealand in 2001, in 2004 as the spokesman for the New Zealand Ministry of Finance, in November 2008 began to serve as the Prime Minister of New Zealand JohnKeys life saga continues to this day

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