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One of the biggest challenges that most people encounte cashback forex when best forex rebate is the belief that bestforexrebate you have more rebatesinforex then you can make more money in the market If you measure your profitability in just one or two weeks, then a big rebateinforextrading can give you the luck to trade rebatemeaninginforex make a whole bunch of changes really quickly But if you put it all back, then what does it matter? Profitability should be measured over a longer period of time, at least six months to a year the point is, you dont know as much as how to make money with a small trading account then youre not likely to make money with a big account either having more money to trade doesnt mean youre going to be a successful trader any faster in fact, if you dont know what youre doing, it could mean just the opposite; if you have a small account, you can make money faster You may think that if you have more money then you can make money fast in the market and quit your job If you give a $100,000 trading account to someone with absolutely no trading experience, will they do well? I think you may also think that they will not do well and will be in a bad time for at least 6 months in fact they may drop to 50K or even lower in a few months. Its not because you "dont have trading experience", its because the essence of the problem lies with you. If you dont have a big trading account right now, then you should actually feel lucky for yourself, because learning to make mistakes and learn from experience on a small account is much less stressful than if you were to use a big account Change your mindset/what you need to do The first thing you need to do is adjust your mindset from "I want to make a lot of money trading" to "How can I make a lot of money trading", once you do that, then your path to trading transformation will begin Please use a small trading account to focus on Then you will stop thinking, "If only I had a big account" and you will focus and develop a successful trading strategy and plan instead of trading because you dont have a "big" account, you wont trade and will never make any money. The mindset needs to switch from "money" to process, as I said, if you want to be a successful trader, you have to focus on the process of trading, not on the money  so if you have a small trading account/if you are going to trade like a millionaire, then you will have to accept some realities: 1. 1. dont let your trading be repetitive, instead you should act like a sniper and focus on a certain target 2. you can trade small positions on a small account, if you want to manage your risk properly then you need to do this not only to build your account but to stick to learning the right trading techniques 3. money wont motivate you at this point instead, its still important to learn the trading process by learning a small trading account You cant keep thinking about recovering your losses, this is the wrong mindset and will only lead to more losses Why is it "hard" to build a small account/ As I mentioned before, you may feel like you are making progress, one step at a time but On a small account, you may not feel it because you think you will never use a small account but you also need to focus on the pursuit of profit not to get your returns back on the next trade because of excessive greed trading is it more tempting to get 1W on a 10W account or 1W on a 100 account? Trading a small account will not be a disadvantage to you, especially if you are a new trader how important is your trading account in terms of overall trading performance or trading skills of course if you have a bigger account you can trade bigger positions and turn more money, but if you dont know how to trade then no amount of money will help so please put learning how to trade first and focus on the method Dont rush to "make too much money" and "give up your job", the more you focus on it, the easier it is to get yourself out of balance.

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