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Big Brother share experience a simple lazy man mean trading method

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trading should be simple, laborious should cashback forex be the right solution here to introduce a simple lazy man trading method, very common, but think through th rebatesinforex reasoning quite a bit of effort first selected a cycle, selected a mean cycle depends on personal preferences mean slightly elaborate, the market comm rebatemeaninginforex used to compare the selection of a line rule: online only best forex rebate more, offline only short open point Only two positions, bestforexrebate is the price is effective and confirmed through the mean moment, the second is the price back against the mean moment, roughly that it will not be effective through the mean instructions: a, the mean is just a summary of the price form, not the best way to recognize price fluctuations, but simple, auxiliary effect is good two, the mean only one, never use more than one, not wrestling two rabbits (the essence of the golden fork is the price on the line, and why look again) (Golden cross, why look at more than one rebateinforextrading) three, assuming that the selection of the average had a 55% win rate this one may be very controversial, but do not want to debate without explanation, practical experience (average selection from 1 - 1000 try one by one, there must be a good) four, the opening position is very important, rely on the average position to do, effectively break the average stop loss, the cost is very small opening position can be improved 10% win rate five, the most important point to do more, for example, the average only consider doing more, never short reasons are as follows 1, concise, no trouble on the average no good to do more than one position on relaxation leisure 2, since the average line more than 55% chance of winning, then reverse the average line to do over 55% may lose 3, reverse the average line to do no theoretical support, open a position without theoretical support, stop-loss position no reference position 4, do A line with the average to do the volatility statistics and against the average to do the volatility statistics, the advantages and disadvantages of self-explanatory 5, any reverse do is greedy and can not resist the temptation, is the cause of defeat market never lack of opportunity, remove the cause of defeat to plug the loophole Finally: the first price before the average, so the average can only assist and reference, but the average is a simplification of the price, there is a strong guideline meaning only use the average can only do with the line but not can not reverse do, that is another Look at the price wave the method of movement and then finally: in fact, there is only one key point throughout the text, if you use the averages, only with do never reverse do, give up to get

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