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Candlestick chart is the essence of technical analysis

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In the capital market, bestforexrebatevestors survive the magic weapon: 1, stop-loss Why stop-loss in the first place, experienced investors are very clear, I often painstakingly told friends (especially just entered the market investors), must remember to set a stop-loss, but many people are not willing to l best forex rebateten to my advice, rebatemeaninginforex finally eat a lesson, later remember the importance of stop-loss 2, capital management This is frankly position control, especially in the varieties of leverage, must calculate their positions, according to their own funds to choose the right leverage, and then use 5% to 10% of the account to trade and invest, the maximum is not recommended to exceed 15%, this is a basic little common sense, just do the real position of investors must remember that there are some aggressive type of Investors will use 85%-90% of the funds to operate the unilateral market, such investors must find the margin ratio of 100% automatic closing mechanism of the platform to do, otherwise it will lose a lot of money, very bad ......  3, to establish a suitable trading system Everyone successful investors his style is different, each failed investor must have some kind of defect, if not overcome can never become a mature investor, can not be stable profits in this market, can only see or hear the legend of those mature investors to make money Whether experienced investors, or inexperienced investors, as long as you Want to become a mature investment, should be very clear about the importance of candlestick charts, so many people will be in Baidu know above the question newcomers should read which books, there is a very unified answer, that is, candlestick candlestick chart is the Japanese Tokugawa Shogunate founder ---- Tokugawa Ieyasu invented (frankly speaking I dislike the Japanese, but as long as it is the essence of things worth learning, who will have an aversion to making money). And then later in the financial investment, played a vital role Candlestick chart is also commonly known as the K line, the K line at the top of a thin line called the upper shadow, the middle of a thick line for the entity below a thin line for the lower shadow When the closing rebatesinforex is higher than the opening price, that is, the stock price trend is up, we call this case of the K line for the positive, the middle of the entity to blank or red indicated that this time, the The length of the upper shadow represents the spread between the highest price and the closing price, the length of the entity represents the spread between the closing price and the opening price, and the length of the lower shadow represents the gap between the opening price and the lowest price (inside the platform, the color can be adjusted to your liking or customary way) The common calculation period of candlestick charts are the weekly rebateinforextrading, daily K-line, 4-hour K-line, 1-hour K-line, 30-minute K-line 15-minute K-line, 5-minute K-line, 1-minute K-line Weekly K-line refers to the opening price on Monday, the closing price on Friday, the highest price of the week and the lowest price of the week to draw the K-line chart The same can be deduced from the definition of other cycles K-line In my 3 years of professional financial career, there will be many people ask me: teacher, in the process of operation, I should look at how much time period? I do not know his operating style, will ask him two questions: one is this position you intend to this single profit how many points? Second, this position you intend to close in how long?  From the profit points we can know how the single take-profit point and stop-loss point should be set, the ratio is usually between 3:2 to 2:1, in the long run, 10 single profit inside 5 single, loss of 5 single, your account is also in a profitable state, and in the real account of the operation process, not every time in accordance with the stop-earnings and stop-loss price to close positions, if you find that when the market is close to the stop-earnings price appears If you find that when you are close to the stop-loss level, the market has changed, you can consider manually closing the position, and insist that it is also in a profitable state, of course, the more profitable you are among the 10 single, the greater the profit you get From the time of the position we can derive it about how long it is suitable to see the candlestick chart, usually the ratio of the time of the position to the time period is 1:1 to 1:4, how to understand this sentence, the distance to explain, if you hold the position of time is an hour, I suggest you look at the 4-hour K-line or 1-hour K-line, if you hold a position for 30 minutes, it is recommended that you look at the 1-hour K-line or 30-minute K-line, the reason is that when the next K-line if you do not go to the graph you want or the answer you want, then you can only choose to continue to wait or early exit, most investors will choose to continue to wait, choose to wait there will be a certain amount of risk In order to avoid the existence of this risk, we have to avoid it at the beginning of the entry, people have no long-term concerns, so a mature investor will certainly look at the long term at the beginning, which is one of the elements of his success

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