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Do intraday trading should understand the points to note

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foreign exchange marg cashback forex rebatesinforexcause of its high bar rebateinforex bestforexrebate 24-hour non-stop trading, by the day traders like the following intraday trading should understand the points to rebatemeaninginforexe:  1, open a position method  intraday trading has a short time, fast results, so open a position with the trend trading has a big difference, the trend operation using the inverted pyramid mark-up method and the average mark-up method Better, and intraday operations should be fast and accurate for the principle of taking a trial position method and a position method Trial position method best forex rebate applicable to the operation of the signal accuracy is not too high (less than 90%), first with 5% of the position to test, if the development of a period of time stop-loss level is not broken, the basic trend is not broken signs, and the price is basically still in the cost area can be added on the basis of risk assessment, this method can effectively circumvent the larger losses caused by mistakes in watching the disk, and basically can achieve stable profits   a position-building method requires the trader to have a very high ability to watch the disk, basically to do not miss the point, note that here is to watch the disk not miss, rather than operating on this basis after a short period of time to build a position in place, the best part of this position-building method is simple thinking, do not have to think about increasing the size of the matter   nbsp; the above two kinds of position building method requires to do fast and accurate, fast needless to say, the level of development to the advanced stage of the trader may often feel, sometimes slow thinking for a second, good chips will be snatched away by others, because the market in the high level of the trader a lot, there are many people will simultaneously stare at a certain price level under the single As for accurate, that is related to the accuracy of the signal, if to achieve 100% accuracy, the trader must control the cost of the price within the stop-loss range, which requires a strong expectation and judgment of the process of signal formation 2, the signal in line with the operating principles of the signal appears to be the basis for placing orders, do technical people know what the signal is, there are people who can improve the signal accuracy to a very high level, so here is not too much elaboration, but there is a point to be reminded that Beginners should first learn a signal, the signal is characterized by a relatively high frequency, and relatively easy to catch, while other signals should be familiar with the signal and then slowly learn 3, stop loss This is a life-saving element of the trading system, but many people understand the stop loss is too simple, thought that as long as the strict implementation of the stop loss, the risk will be reduced to a minimum, which is One-sided, successful stop-loss points can not only help the trader to reduce risk, but more importantly, can help the trader to seize the market belonging to their own, a good stop-loss point can not be separated from the following elements:  A, accurate signal each signal stop-loss point is different, some signals four or five points on it, some to seven or eight points, but some special signals can reach more than ten points, all this requires The trader has a deep understanding of the operating varieties in order to be foolproof B, avoid frequent operations again and again good stop loss can not be used again and again in a short period of time, otherwise small losses will soon become huge losses, so the trader must know the number of times a day can operate, set a good operating plan should never be easily changed, successful traders tend to place a single in one direction, after the profit will be out of the market, but individual times the opposite direction is also the same. But individual times the opposite direction will also appear a good trading opportunity, which also requires a deep understanding of the trader trading varieties C, transition points in general, if a signal stop is five points, then the operation should be set to the fourth and sixth points better, because two-thirds of the market simply will not touch the five points, after the order profits will soon appear, but Some signals are not obvious, or pull the cost area too large, it is likely to be extremely close to the stop-loss point, then when the trading volume is relatively large (such as thousands of lots), the trader needs to set up a transition point, gradually retreat to reduce the risk of doing so also has another benefit, to a certain extent, to reduce many people to the stop-loss point also gambling mentality 4, stop gain There is a saying The proverb says see good, which is the element that brings profit in the trading system, and stop-loss, as different signal take profit point is different, some rely on the average, some rely on location, and some rely on indicators, usually, rely on indicators take profit can catch more ideal market, but with the same stop-loss, take profit must also be used to gradually retreat strategy, which is the biggest difference with the trend operation, the principle of intra-day operation is The more to the end the smaller the position, which can ensure that the principal is not threatened in the case of stable profits, so as not to be greedy too much caused by the disappearance of the profits in hand 5, the direction of operation This is the most important aspect of the trading system, the wrong direction of operation will cause disastrous consequences, both in terms of wealth and trading psychology, to judge the direction of operation should be combined with their own style of operation, someone prefer to operate within an hour after the opening, because an hour after the opening is the most active trading time, but requires the trader best to judge the direction of operation a day in advance or within ten minutes of the opening, note that it is the direction of operation, not the direction of market development; some prefer to avoid the turbulence after the opening, which requires the trader to have strong patience and eyesight; others prefer to operate in the afternoon, because the afternoon will generally have a not too big or small The market, and the market sentiment is basically stable, which is suitable for a solid trading style 6, trading plan Develop a trading plan is a must for every successful trader homework, you can not imagine a stable profit just by the feeling of the plate can be obtained, the amount of capital may work when small, but when you operate hundreds of hands thousands of hands feel a bit unreliable, so a good trading The plan is the psychological basis for the operation, when the market and operation of everything within the plan, manipulation mentality is very good, even if a certain operation stop loss loss a little, but also within the plan, for the continuity of the transaction and does not have any impact on the trading plan to develop ideas to follow if … … then the way, which should include a variety of possible ways to occur in the market and response measures, after the stop loss response strategy and so on

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