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Execution forex trading profitability or not must also pay attention to it!

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The day before yesterday, the old k bestforexrebateg called me: Jianqiu, I developed a NB trading system, you come now I talk to you I said recently a north rebatesinforex south to run two places, best forex rebate too busy to get away, to talk on the phone to say can the old king but very unhappy: I invented cashback forex system is no one before, no one after, on the phone is rebatemeaninginforex clear, you must talk in person, and to talk for seven days and seven nights to say Understand I immediately felt a sharp rise in blood pressure, feeling the blood rushed to the throat - seven days and seven nights to understand, when I learned Einsteins "Theory of Relativity" also only used three days and three nights! I said to the old king: a trading system is NB, one measure is to see whether it is simple, whether it can be said clearly within half an hour If you think you invented a system that takes seven days and seven nights to understand, then this system is definitely not NB, probably NBA! The most important thing is that they do not know that the NB trading system needs NB execution master is a simple trick to practice to the extreme if you can do consistently, you also become a master and the biggest difference between the master and leek, is to see whether your execution NB we often hang on the mouth of "trading is anti-human" this sentence, refers to the trading system, but the execution is more anti-human from your The first obstacle to test your execution is the opening of your account, if you can overcome it, it is at least half successful Most retail investors in the early stages of the rebateinforextrading, thinking has not yet converted over, open a position before fear of wolves, after fear of tigers, always thinking " If ...... in case ......" this time the market is hesitant to go, you face the signal issued by the system is also hesitant, thus missing the best opportunity to enter the market when the market out of the hesitation phase, a strong breakthrough, the market after all kinds of The market is already a long way from the starting stage, and traders who didnt bottom out in the early stages are more hesitant in the mood of regret: breakthrough, or not? What if its a false breakout? What if its a high point? Tangled ah, hesitation ah ...... this time, in order to give themselves a reason, began to look at a variety of information at the same time online analysts and V also began a variety of performances, but almost the same, are indicating a strong breakthrough after the market bullish, the market is greatly but - -Pay attention to this "but", this is a variety of stock recommendation V the watchword - because the early market trend is too steep, pulling up too quickly, so there is a pullback finishing needs, please wait patiently, by the pullback low Buy so that the stock recommendation V are marketing masters, stock recommendation accurate not to say, can grasp the psychology of the retailer is to make money V at this time missed the initial market people, which one does not look forward to the market pullback? The question is, is this breakthrough the signal of your system or not? Are you executing your system, or are you executing the instructions of the big Vs? If your system is to do the trend, then catch a single-sided market is a common thing in the market all the way up, the position became the core factor to test the system is positive this time the test is the traders determination, not to be disturbed by the outside world many people in the big market still can not make money, the vast majority of the reason is because the position is not doing well in the market along the direction of the position, but can still hold the single, but As long as there is a slight wind, watching the floating surplus in the time of less, not egg fixed "if ...... million a ......" to tangle a few times, after the hand up, kill the chicken to take the eggs. The name is "stop gain" and then look at the market again and go away, chagrin guess what the stock recommendation V will say at this time? Well, nothing more than the following words: profit taking, waiting for opportunities, low into more, waiting for the market to clear ...... Oh, this ambiguous words, will always make you feel that there is a direction, but no direction This time the execution of NB traders can make a cup of tea, slowly sit and enjoy the performance of the various V. If your execution What if you are not good at execution? Well, human weaknesses can always be exploited, otherwise not the big V who recommend stocks? Stop-loss single-sided market is very cool, catch a trend is also worth blowing in the circle of friends for half a year things but there is no only down market, there is no only up not down market (well, this to declare: Chinas housing prices do not count, especially the big imperial school district housing) said the world trend, up for a long time will fall, down for a long time will rise (still standing guard on the mountain top of the shareholders of 48 yuan in oil do not take a brick to shoot me) the market sooner or later to the end of that One day, this is the last level of the test of execution, but also the most difficult to pass a level Why say so? Because the end of the market, the probability of the shock, this time, and back to the state of the market when the beginning of the state if you really NB execution, this is not a matter if poor execution, then the face of the shock market to lose the money, you will not be able to jump out of the cycle of suffering continuous stop loss down, the most test of execution at this time, human fear is likely to destroy your confidence in the system and when you give up will How about that? Go back and look at what we just said in the first section, the first obstacle to test execution is what you know why this sea of suffering can not jump out of the "do the trend of death in the oscillation, do the oscillation of death in the trend" This sentence is a very graphic illustration of the system that does not eat all the market weak water three thousand, only take a dipper drink if you dream of engaging in a seven days If you dream of making a system that cant be finished in seven days and nights, the system that eats all the short and long quotes, then dont discuss execution with me, first understand the meaning of the words "take, give" and then come to the right thing from the perspective of human nature, almost everyone wants to "get", no one is willing to give and The difficulty of execution lies in giving up the part of the part that should be given up may be some people are still not convinced: I am an iron cock, only to get not to give up, who can put me how? Ive heard of the five elements lacking gold, wood, water, fire and earth, but not the five elements lacking lightning ( This articles authors public number: vertical and horizontal quantification

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