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Foreign exchange EA reveal the decryption of Martin EA king of the road

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believe cashback forex many rebatesinforexvestors contact the first rebateinforextrading eight out of ten are Martin type EA, rebatemeaninginforex even used to go best forex rebate still Martin type mostly undeniable, Martin is still the most mainstream EA program on the market and its black powder is basically higher than the true love of the powder but the market is still Martin king, which at first glance is a very amazing thing, but it is also Quite in line with the laws of the market (Martin EA) as we all know, Martin is counter-trend position, after the pullback appears profitable wait for the opportunity to leave the field often less profitable, but the stop loss will be relatively large (conscience want to do a good job of their own brand EA party will set you a stop loss, if you encounter no stop loss Martin … you still hurry to withdraw it), of course, stop loss also half of the situation occurred less but in case Encounter the market is not ideal, Martin EA is easy to cause larger losses many investors have eaten a lot of losses here, and then meet Martin on the scolding and then scolded while using also some people really no longer use Martin, but looking around but bestforexrebate not find in his eyes than Martin better EA model if Martins counter-trend position is clearly the nature of the EA to do oscillating type of market, if doing oscillation does not work Then can we change our thinking and do the trend instead? Or with our daily trading technical side can also be ah (capital graph is too tortuous that is a failure product) then we first say that the daily trading technical indicators in the EA application to this aspect, then let me first ask a question, we manual do trading for so long, in the end is a loss or a gain? When we put the ideal that the technical aspects of the feasible EA, back-testing the data down several years, we often find that the results are not as expected, even if the final profit, the graph will be very convoluted then do the trend and how? We all know that you want to grab big profits, you must do trend profits a wave of big trends to catch, you can top the past several stop losses So trend EA, is there hope to replace Martins position? (You Ce gold trend 10 years back test chart) The above chart is one of the You Ce do gold medium and long term trend EA 10 and a half years back test chart, from 2008.1.1 years to 2018.5.30 from the back test chart, we basically feel that this is a pretty good, the effect is pretty good a trend EA without other trend EA graph so tortuous, and the capital growth effect is also good from 08 to From 08 to the end of May 18, 30,000 starting capital grew to 92,000, with an average annualized return of about 20.6% The EA that has withstood the test of 10 years of backtesting can basically adapt to most changes in the market, so this EA is theoretically feasible, 20.6% annualized return, which is not bad I thought this EA should be widely used in the UTSA, because it gives me the feeling that it is really feasible, and can withstand all kinds of changes in the market. However, when I asked how many investors are currently using this EA, the answer was actually 0! Because the users psychological comfort level can not be maintained, the market can not accept (if the market does not accept everything is meaningless) graph overall although very good, but zoom in on the graph you will find that January 2008 to mid-March, has been losing money, the highest more than 10,000 U.S. dollars in losses; if in the real market, such a running situation you can afford it? Then look at the period from 2014 to June 2015, a full year and a half of the capital graph are going flat, if we are in the real market, may boil a few months in doubt EA ability level and the middle of April 2017, to the end of May 2018, also in continuous loss, the total loss also amounted to 10,000 U.S. dollars (the more difficult the moment, the more fear of the future) no one can endure such a Long-term losses, but do medium and long term trends, you must be prepared for such a psychological This is a contradiction, difficult to resolve the contradiction so this EA is currently only for a few financial institutions are providing services, retail investors are currently unable to adapt to such an EA program So what kind of EA do investors like in general? Before answering this question, lets first discuss why the previous heat of the momentary jump back to fire do you feel that when playing the jump simply can not stop? Its like being poisoned, its nothing if you dont play, but once you play it you cant stop jumping. Because anything we do is eager to get a quick response to our fitness, weight loss, learning, it is often difficult to persist, because their response time is too long, we will gradually lose interest and patience when we do not get a response for a long time, and jump a jump, as long as your finger pressed the moment of release will immediately to the response and most of the time is to get a score The positive response (if no positive response to adhere to or give up?) Even the recent hot shake sound also has a similar nature, from the moment you open the shake sound, you are constantly getting responses, so brush shake sound is also toxic, but also let you can not stop then said so much, what is the relationship with EA? Now think about it again, the trend or other types of EA compared to Martin, the rules of entry will be more demanding? Does the exit wait longer? Is it possible to respond positively more than Martin? Does this clarify things when you think about it? (Very short response waiting period, many hot products are in line with this rule) Perhaps in reading this side of the article, you will also suddenly remember that just now you are still asking the EA company side, why my EA has not been ordered? We all know that although Martin can have no entry rules, but generally we will also give it entry conditions in order to control risk and as a result of doing oscillatory trading EA entry conditions are basically not too harsh, so after hanging on the EA, it does not take long to start to have a single plus Martin can basically do daily stable profit, stop loss is relatively small, every day there is a single profitable exit, to the user to generate a positive response. Therefore, in terms of the market, is a very good product if you play jump every successful jump is Martins stop gain, once the jump failed is a stop loss (also some junk Martin is directly burst), so a generation into, we can understand why Martin can occupy the EA market mainstream products for so long because it is indeed a product in line with the laws of the market (Martin and jump a jump) The funny thing is that we always say that the EA is to avoid the weaknesses of human nature, and in fact we have always been in the control of human nature, never out of

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