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Foreign exchange investment theory of the six core

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foreign exchange rebate rebatemeaninginforexforextrading the rebatesinforex among the six core best forex rebate mainly the core of the mindset, gain cashback forex loss core, technical core, control core, tracking core, as well as the core of the short position, the next I will introduce the six core one by one: the core of the mindset: in the investment theory is not proposed to trade each stock period, how to set the right mindset, and to do the line and heart unity, is the investment theory can play the system The first condition of trading two: gain and loss core: different starting point of funds, there are different gains and losses three: technical core: the market profit pattern on three, oversold rebound, bestforexrebate throw low suction, strong chase high 1, oversold rebound, oversold super to what extent must rebound? The bounce, the bounce to what extent must fall? 2, high throw low suction, high throw high to what extent is high? Low, low to what extent is low? Suck, suck is a time or multiple? 3, strong chase high, strong what period can chase, what period can not chase? Chase, high to what extent can still chase? The overshoot rebound different people have different analysis base, then, define this ultra, you can use historical statistics to achieve for example, the high point down more than 60%, and in the form, volume distribution and so on technology, have reached the appropriate, then, this ultra, is the definition of the must reverse the historical statistics should be very high success rate is right, if, or very low, then, this is not super high throw low suction small, from form, it should be the product of some kind of channel, to reach the upper track of the channel, throw, to reach the lower track of the channel, low suction (in your system there is the use of Bollinger Bands to operate, but must analyze the entire trend in what state if in the finishing trend is a very viable technical analysis indicators, but if it is clearly in an uptrend or downtrend, then the use of trend lines and channel lines is wise The lower rail of the channel is always below the K-line, with a small probability of being above, which should be the signal for a bottoming system The upper rail of the channel is always above the K-line, with a small probability of being below, which should be the signal for a topping system The signal and Bollinger Bands have the same thing strong chase high when the index formed an intermediate market, only to chase high, this is safer can also chase high in the descending channel, but this depends on historical statistics IV: control the core: in the investment theory appears signal period, because there is bound to be uncertainty, it needs risk management to reduce the uncertainty (even called risk) to the maximum controllable degree, this is not technical The content of the investment theory assumes that a technical investment theory that can achieve a success rate of 70%, if you add risk management, can be raised to 80%, then the success rate of this technical investment theory is 80%, not 70% V: tracking core: in the investment theory appears signal period, and trading intervention after the market trend tracking system whether there is the possibility of turning the market exists, if there is, that is, immediate stop-win therefore Therefore, a good investment theory, there should also be a supporting good trend tracking system exists to determine the end of the trend, in order to, let the profits run six: short core: when the investment theory no signal period, whether it can reach the psychological quality needed to short positions, which is also a major issue of success or failure of the investment theory Thus, it can be clearly seen that the technical investment theory is only a part of the investment theory, but not all when The technical investment theory signal period, not the system in making decisions, in fact, is a comprehensive human behavior in making decisions a good investment theory, including the mentality, technical investment requirements, patience, control, etc. Therefore, the investment theory is a comprehensive analysis of the system to solve in the right what time, choose the right what object, the right behavior of the decision-making system

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