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Foreign exchange investor mindset and skills

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rebatesinforexvestor mindset  (1)  foreign exchange investment should have the following points:   1, rebateinforextrading cashback forex frequent single  2, control position    3, mindset    4, short in conjunction with the basic skills, now focus on why investors will have a big loss of money The situation rebatemeaninginforex the focus they need to master and learn not to lose big money the most basic skills Do foreign exchange investment, especially the large capital of friends, often very powerful losses, a single loss of tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands, why? The first thing you should do best forex rebate to make a single profit of tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands of   first of all, occasionally a mistake in the case of a large loss, the mind must be stable, never a moment of fire anxious to move back to the loss, and thus once again blindly into the field to kill, so the end will be complete defeat know your enemy and know yourself a hundred battles will not be dangerous, when there has been a loss Reverse thinking to think about, is certainly the single idea wrong, wrong to save, the gentleman revenge ten years is not too late, as long as you are not burst, as long as there is still capital can set your mind to wait for the right time, waiting for the best time to enter to kill to recapture the land belonging to their lost, the most taboo with gambling mentality, gambling bravado to do single, this market no bravado, only careful, calculation, patience (2)& nbsp nbsp; we do foreign exchange, the goal is only one, make money profit, high returns accompanied by high risk, in the high yield at the same time to do steady, accurate, hard, first of all is the word steady, that is, first guard in the attack, at the cost of the smallest risk, to protect the original principal, has been the principle of profit and profit, the smaller the risk of loss the higher the return to prevent losses as the basis not to make money also difficult  in a 24-hour can be timely The new system of trading trading, there can buy up and buy down and is a margin trading model, it seems very easy to make money investment why frequent investors or lose money, I did foreign exchange losses are also very powerful, and then summed up a few points 1, frequent shouting operation advice analysts are not good analysts, short term individuals think that a day can do 1-2 times, or even 0 times, short and medium-term single January about nbsp;3, why do we do simulation can make money, the real plate on the loss, in fact, the mindset is very important, the mindset of the first technical second, many times often play off the stop loss can go back, instead of losing money, or even make money there? Here is a point to note why to bring loss, bring is afraid of a big loss right, this point is right though, stop loss must have, but stop loss is usually skillful, not analysts shouting stop loss is located there, to pay attention to the details, the so-called details determine success or failure (summary: heart quality to be hard, mostly loss after honing out, capital market persistence is bound to win)   ;4, every day to do a single earn point on the run, late inevitably eat a big loss (summary: short term medium-term to do with to do, small capital first do strong after big, no bite a fat man)   (3)  ultra-short term do single mainly focus on short and flat fast, referred to as fast, accurate, hard mainly to deal with oscillating trends and breakthrough patterns to trade, lets start with the oscillating trend operating techniques, oscillating trends we first look at the rectangular oscillation and Rectangular oscillation 1, rectangular oscillation situation look at the Bollinger band, to 60 minutes to see the trend, in 15 minutes to see the timing of entry, and then 5 minutes to catch the entry point, rectangular oscillation Bollinger upper and lower tracks are closed or parallel state, in the case of amplification will not produce oscillation trend, if there is also a false oscillation, here to pay attention to the next, for example, the trend 60 minutes bias, then try to do more in the 15 minutes of the lower track The 5 minute demand point entry, then such an oscillation more than a single should be the K- bestforexrebate towards the bottom of the run in the lower Bollinger track when the choice of entry opportunities, so that the point is good to grab, do not run to the lower rail in the beginning of the rally to grab, so often grab to the middle rail, in the middle rail entry points in the middle line, easy to cause up and down oscillation is not easy to take   2, triangle oscillation situation can not look at the Bollinger, to see K-line averages and time chart, triangle oscillation head a wave back and forth steady usually do not do, because we want to measure 2 angles, in the second wave of the third wave can go to trade, three waves after stop trading, because the triangle oscillation interval is slowly shrinking, shrinkage means that the interval is small profits thin, the smaller the interval the more likely to split the direction, so the triangle we do not do the middle of the head, tail and other breakthroughs, is to say later Breakthrough pattern trading, then the entry point and rectangular oscillation analysis is similar to also look at 60 minutes 15 minutes and 5 minutes to catch the timing and point 3, breakthrough pattern trading is a continuation of the oscillation triangle and rectangular oscillation after a trading pattern, such a single can be said to be aggressive, but also the easiest to catch the burst point of a single, often a single in 1-2 minutes profit 50-100 points of profit Then we talk about how to catch the burst point, to do the real fast and accurate, first of all, rectangular oscillation, here to use the law of line trading, in the rectangular oscillation, we assume a rectangular box, the high point on the high point parallel, the low point on the low point parallel, the K line breakthrough party, back to the parallel line near the test can intervene in the transaction, stop loss on the parallel line below, so that the single stop loss point should be in about 20 points, often Stop loss small profit high, do single with loss, there is no hard and fast rules are 30-50 points, to see the support and pressure wrong to lose oscillating triangle breakthrough trading method, before we said, the first wave of the triangle is not done, because it is to measure the angle of 2 heads, the first wave of the head out, then the second wave of the head and tail will not be higher than the first wave of the head and tail, so that the angle and spacing out, with a straight line to measure the 2 heads to come up with a Triangle interval, so that at the end of the triangle after the K-line breakthrough up or down can do breakthrough pattern trading, such a single will often catch a rocket or waterfall, then the highest level of stop loss in the second wave of the high or low point  (4)  channel delineation skills  do short term trading using the channel to trade, will make you feel very practical, channel ideas, profit wide The stop loss is small, you can very accurately grasp the changes in the market, to prevent changes in the situation after the occurrence of investors who are still bent on trading in the opposite direction, to reduce losses and say NO to the case of a blowout! Channel line can be described as the market trend of a predicted future range of up and down support pressure chart, then we learn how to make a reasonable channel, how to use the channel to do transactions, how to find the change in time, channel delineation is a good tool to capture the trend trend, this tool needs to be our own tailored to the market, capture the market in the palm of your hand, see Figure 1 (down channel) shown below :  Then how to get this channel in the market has not come out of such a pattern, must be everyone wants to understand, then the formation of the market 1, 2 pressure level, available isometric channel (software have this tool) from No. 1 connected to No. 2 will be able to get the derivative line behind this, which is the initial pressure line, support line is parallel to the pressure line, as long as the opposing put below the K line bottom, extending the derived support line, the later market K line to reach the pressure line above, you can do short orders, the target is the support line below in the downward channel, we focus on the pressure extension line above, the pressure is empty, the closing line break on the pressure line is lost, (foreshadowing the change in the situation occurs) so the mode of operation stop loss is relatively very small, the profit point is considerable, so the downward channel to give up the idea of doing more, has been empty For the main last tip, according to the channel to trade, when the K-line breakthrough above the pressure line or below the support line, there will be a short-term unilateral acceleration up or down of the market a channel must have 3 patterns to treat, the market is not one-sided below are examples of predictions Figure a future 3 sets of trading patterns, so that each of them can not leave our hands 3 sets of boxing flexible response, do not make money you find me  The first set: shock downward  This is the first choice of this set of trading patterns, downward channel only do short, do not do more, meet pressure to do short, closing line breakthrough is out, the goal to reach the support level to collect money, not fetish The second set: downward broken   This set of trading patterns put the second, because the downward channel, broken support line will usher in a deep down, many friends like to resist the single, are fallen on such a break, the following analysis of this chart, the operation mode first or apply the first set of patterns encounter pressure to do short, encounter support to collect money, then this time we 3 position short single profit has been out over, do not do more principles for the wait and see, 5 for I mark is to explain the original support line here should be the K line top to 4 for, but did not continue downward again encounter support, this At this time between 5 and 4 is the shortage, the channel shortage is likely to go unilateral, so wait for the K-line breakthrough support line after the rebound to the support line 6 position in the short, this time the support becomes the pressure line, so that the single holding time is short, big profits, also known as the broken single   third set: upward breaking   this set of patterns we put in the third, because he appeared small probability, but also to Do a good job of preparing to deal with the work, so that when dealing with changes in the market can plan, said the loss of talk about how easy it is! Such a situation arises, we first apply the pattern or pattern one, high empty, do not do more, this market less earned do not feel bad, the chart 3 empty, profitable support line out, the back to reach the pressure line and then short, the market breakthrough up, this time in the breakthrough back down near the pressure level when the stop loss, so that the loss is very small, then in the fall back near the pressure line at the same time pressure transformed into support, then Can directly follow up more single, so as to seize the wave of rising market One thing must be understood, any channel always be broken, then the breakthrough time to change the way of thinking about the market, the pros and cons of the channel is that the point to grasp the absolute precision, the stop-loss point is the absolute minimum, according to a channel to do each transaction will absolutely stop a single, but a stop loss means that the market reversal, thus entering the New space to run, according to the channel overall earnings will definitely become profitable upward trend   three sets of models the first set of the main idea, the latter two sets of changes in accordance with the changes in the market to change, static braking, post-emptive, each transaction to do a thought 2 sets of emergency programs, which is called the opportunity is always left to the prepared person we pursue no program is no problem, no problem is no fishing

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