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Foreign exchange operating system is not good or bad depending on how you use

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operat rebatemeaninginforexg best forex rebate rebatesinforex very bestforexrebate, but by no means based on the fundamentals of the foreign exchange market we came here to survive to make money, rebateinforextrading then live a rich life is never for the perfection of the operating system, not to mention the foreign exchange market itself is not symmetrical balance know how to hold on to the defect to gain   many people in the system after continuous losses, they will begin to doubt their own system The system is a very important part of the system, and the system is a very important part of the system, and the system is a very important part of the system, and the system is a very important part of the system, and the system is a very important part of the system, and the system is a very important part of the system, and the system is a very important part of the system, and the system is a very important part of the system, and the system is a very important part of the system, and the system is a very important part of the system, and the system is a very important part of the system, and the system is a very important part of the system. ? Optimization here to add a condition, there to change a cycle to the original system to change the face, long away from the original concept of the system and some ridiculous people, repeatedly defeated, exhausted everywhere to visit the sage to find friends, at great expense to purchase a certain advertising claims "money machine" super system a time of eight immortals over the sea, the gods and ghosts retreat k line, averages, The Taoist, nuns flying all over the world to make the best use of intelligence and wisdom, giving full play to human initiative greatly reflects the "world is not difficult, as long as you are willing to climb" the valuable spirit of scientific research, after the heroes of all walks of life each carrying an original weapon, strengthen the version of the dragon slayer, heavy buy Katyusha gathered in the exchange market, and then fight the jungle unknown for some time After a period of time, the new weapons and continuous losses, let people depressed, the original system began to continuous profits, excellent performance So, a new round of scientific research and exploration and the culmination of the wind of courtesy and virtue again came really familiar with the way of the market, is not for the system of continuous losses feel uneasy, for them losses and profits are as natural as breathing any set of ordinary or even junk system, in their hands are They do not have a mysterious weapon in their hands, for example, involving a simple but classic trend system Larry Williams had made hundreds of millions of dollars in the speculative market one day, a man with a sad face found him and said: a year, I follow the discipline, timely stop loss, never trade chaos (this point is better than some of us), but the overall loss of my trading system Questions Larry said: give me a description of your system buddy said: this system is very simple, follow him to start describing 1, the days closing price is higher or lower than the highest or lowest closing price in the previous five trading days (to confirm the market short-term trend; use the closing price is to confirm the trend formation, not to be fooled by a random breakthrough, that is, to avoid what we call a false breakthrough) 2, in the days closing or the next days opening price to buy 3 The two trading days, regardless of losses and profits to close out the position on these, the man finished and added: one more thing, this is common sense, I set a stop loss of 30 points to protect my money Larry heard him say: this is a great trend trading system, fully embodies the concept of the trend, and concise man said: but I still lost money So Larry and he together with his statistics for a year of trading The records show that the man very faithfully implemented the rules of the system statistical results did lose an average of $ 25 per single (average per single refers to the amount of all losses and gains divided by the total number of single) Larry said I will help you look at, a week later you come back to the man left Larry the year of the species of daily K-line chart market records after a week, Larry put in front of him three simulated trading records at the same time, the same species The first and his in and out of the position at exactly the same price, but the average single earned $ 15 which is impossible, buddy said Larry replied: "Its nothing, I just lost three times in a row after each single bet on the basis of the original each single more than one-half just profit after the bet back to the original level, so repeatedly operate although the loss of points but made money "The second copy is still the same, but the average profit per single increased to $ 40 Larry said: this time I did not raise the bet, but I set your stop loss from 30 points to 80 points buddy asked: 50 points more loss instead of making more money? Larry explained: Yes, I avoided the random fluctuations of the market, and your 30 points are in the middle of it, when you lost 30 points to exit, the market resumed the trend for my profit of course, a few orders did lose 50 points more than you did the same third, the average profit per single to a staggering $ 85 Larry said: this time using a stop loss of 80 points, after three losses to raise one-half of the same system different The same system is operated by different people, showing different results of the system to turn losses into profits Larry Williams showed a deep understanding of the speculative market and skilled money management skills no operating system is difficult to make money in the market, its importance lies in regulating, stopping the blind trading of investors, rather than its high win rate and perfect of course, with the exception of the sixth sense of genius, but this feeling is too illusory, how to maintain it? If it is like Duan Yus Six Chakras, when it works and when it doesnt, wouldnt it be a big deal? Author: stationed in the deep cold

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