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Foreign exchange short term experts foreign exchange ultra-short term warfare

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    cashback">best forex rebatenvestment bestforexrebate foreign exchange friends among probably more stockholders origin, I am no exception (although I play gold but gold rebateinforextrading foreign exchange in the operation method rebatesinforex very similar, so I think my this investment experience will help you), 97 years of that big bull market I play warrants capital doubled 28 times, but I The capital base is relatively low, only 17,000 funds at the beginning of 08 years, the warrants market is very depressed, the money is getting worse and worse, and then through the introduction of friends to understand the gold, I first looked at the trend of gold for a few days, found that the daily fluctuations, I hated myself why I did rebatemeaninginforex know such a good investment market earlier, compared with the stock market and power market gold market money opportunities are too much, can do short can also be 24 hours trading, I am a stock market expert certainly. Im sure this stock market expert can make a fortune here   At first I put in 50,000 yuan to try, the result is just 10 days time funds reached 110,000, then feel gold is really good to do, but also planned to earn 10 million in a year, but then slowly found gold is not so good to do, a lot of warrants operating techniques in the gold market failure, such as I play warrants are generally full positions, but also often grab rebound to do short term spreads, sometimes 50 times a day operation, these warrants operation method in the gold market is a big taboo, pay a heavy price after I completely comprehended this at the time I look at the plate more than 10 hours a day, but also often stay up late, through a few months of trading after feeling the market confusion, very bad grasp, during this period I burst 5-6 times, the first time A day afternoon loss of 100,000 and burst after understanding the horror of margin trading, and then the second and third burst is to quickly make up for the previous losses and full of big bets, the results are immediately burst      Here is a brief description of my first burst after that afternoon I placed 2 lots of single, and then fell down some on the fill 2 hands, I did not expect the market continued to dive down huge, I fill 3 hands, the results are still all the way down, and finally I have found that this time it is likely to blow up, there were more than 30,000 accounts, I know that the possibility of blowing up almost 100% but really do not want to cut the meat, because the loss is too much, it is left to fate, the results finally blew up after losing too much people will lose their rationality, when The case of a blowout will soon become a reality (the possibility of a blowout can be judged almost 100%) is not cut, rational investors should immediately cut the meat at this time, how much loss can be reduced is how much, never let him burst later found that others are so blowout, for example, at the time with me to play gold more than 10 friends (all originally known in the warrants forum) have made such a mistake, one of them friend is specializing in foreign exchange, one night he asked me to help him advise, at that time she had lost $6000, the account still has more than $1000, I looked at the market and found that the position will soon be burst, he did is short single, but the market is climbing strongly, I let him hurry to cut the meat, he said he has lost so much to continue to gamble, I strongly advise him but he simply do not listen, the results burst, later She told me that he himself also saw that it is likely to burst, but can only be left to fate, this is the weakness of human nature      When we were more than 10 people are full of confidence into the gold market, currently continue to adhere to only me and another friend, we have burst positions, and all at least 2 bursts above, some people because I am currently playing stocks and warrants during the day, playing gold at night, through countless times after the transaction mastered a very good operating program, here for you to share, so that we earn more foreigners money 1) can not be full at any time, it is best to control the position of 1/5 or less 2) must not stay up late, a long time to see the plate will be seriously Overdraft energy, seriously affect the ability to think 3) generally 8:00 pm - 12:00 pm this time period trading, avoid more than 12:00 4) to basically ignore the study of the fundamentals, such as the dollar index, non-farm data, oil, etc., these are basically meaningless to our retail investors, we are not strategic investors, as long as the daily plate rely on technology to earn some profits I used to use 2 computers to watch the plate, the other A computer dedicated to the dollar index and oil, now basically with a computer 5) do not look at some analysts proposed operation suggestions, such as today in the 900-920 U.S. dollars range to run, 918 short 905 above do more, resistance 915, 918, 920, support 900, 905, 910, etc., these operational suggestions have no practical significance. If you rely on these predictions to operate in the long term, you must lose all your capital, we all appreciate the level of stock commentators, foreign exchange analysts are similar to stock commentators, experts exist in the battle-hardened retail investors, stock commentators and analysts in the real experts are based on real-time disk step by step prediction of short-term trends and then operate, never a day in advance to predict the future 24 hours of the market, the gods (6) sometimes the resistance level, the support level has no practical significance, once encountered super strong market are easy to break through these resistance and support level 7) try not to set a stop or stop-loss, to develop an active disc strain 8) do not lock positions, I did not find any benefits of locking positions, only to raise the cost of the bad 9) every night can operate only a few good opportunities, I Generally only 1-3 times, rarely more than 2 times, before but at least 10 times a day operation, huh 10) earn as much as possible to insist on maximizing profits, lose if more than their own predetermined hedge range will be decisively cut, generally no absolute certainty in technology must not fill positions, it is best not to develop the habit of filling positions 11) do not look at the 1-minute line operation, often look at the 1-minute line operation (11) do not look at the 1-minute line operation, often looking at the 1-minute line operation will lose all the capital sooner or later     clever use of the 60-minute line and 5-minute line to make money, this is the most valuable content of my post, I use this technique short term operation accuracy rate of almost 100%, tried and true, I currently rarely lose money, basically every day win some of the not require windfall profits, the long flow of water can be when the 60-minute k-line along the 5-day SMA down when you can determine the formation of short-term downward channel, and then when a red candle and hit the 5-day SMA down when short, this time the best 5-minute k-line formed a double top, in the downtrend never grab the rebound to do more, only until the rebound to the 60-minute k-line contact 5 day SMA or 10 day SMA or daily line hit the 5-day SMA when short, with 5 Minute line to assist in determining the short term buying and selling points in general downtrend in the relative low 1-2 relatively strong (longer length) after the red candle can also do short, but must earn a little immediately close the position, this time can not think about big earnings, otherwise it is easy to be hedged    60-minute line before the appearance of the double bottom according to the 5 minute line in time to determine the uptrend The first time to follow up to do more, such as the 5 minute line after 3-4 down waves (resistance down) to do more, this time once the 60 minute line strong breakthrough 20 day average that day can be a big profit I say so may some friends do not quite understand, look at the market software carefully ponder a few days if you will find the subtlety of it, depending on their own observation power       nbsp; I currently generally only do 0.5 hands, rarely do 1 hand, when I think about the previous newborn calf not afraid of tiger a day to operate more than 20 times, all at once under 5-6 hands of things simply can not even believe themselves, horrible, huh?

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