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Foreign exchange trading and Chinese Buddhism Zen words ten classics

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Classic one: everyth rebatesinforexg best forex rebate illusory language out of the Vajra Sutra: all phases are illusory; all the laws of being like a dream bubble, such as dew is also like electricity, when the view of the beautiful rebatemeaninginforex, moving love, turned out to be illusory! The sincerity of Liang Shanbo rebateinforextrading Zhu Yingtai, the fidelity of Romeo and Juliet: one is a legend, one is a novel, the poignancy of the cowherd and the weaving maid, the romance of Snow White and Prince Charming: one is a myth, one is a fairy tale, cashback forex the unreal love is also the most beautiful! Like falling in a dream, close to the eyes, but can bestforexrebate touch; distant is always the most beautiful, because the unreachable, full of imagination, but difficult to understand the real most beautiful, lies in the illusion created by the human heart this beauty, worthy of our mortals have been to pursue, even if it took a lifetime, to get a heartbreaking ending, but still in the longing (foreign exchange trading can make peoples dreams magnified 500 times, or even 1000 times this profitable industry) With the risk is proportional to the windfall profits accompanied by a windfall position eyes see the K line are not real, illusory K line to rise, not necessarily is the upward trend, but also may be in order to allow the short position better; K line downward, not necessarily is the descending style, but also may be in order to allow the long position) classic two: can not say a lot of things are "can only be understood not to say "! Buddhas many realms need your own to realize, to cultivate the heart, if everything relies on others to tell you, then you will not achieve the purpose of their own practice of enlightenment! The Buddha taught sentient beings to abandon their delusions and enter a state of non-thought and non-thought! Therefore, the act of "speaking" itself requires a delusion in order to practice, and therefore cannot be spoken! The reason why the Buddha had so many scriptures, so many quotations is to teach sentient beings have no choice but to do so, so Zen Buddhism is not clinging to words is this reasoning to see more love movies, more classic love novels are just confused, love is only their own experience will understand! Because love is also unspeakable into the love of people is demented, around the people will never understand the feelings of the people in the bureau! Because this feeling, such as people drink water, warm and cold know! Although 1000s of happy endings are the same, but the love experience is different! Only the lovers themselves know their little secrets, outsiders can not say! (forex trading experience, experience is also "can only be understood not to say", the worlds two most difficult things, the first, is to put other peoples money into your pocket; the second, is to put your thoughts into other peoples heads forex pan sense, experience, hold a single realm more need to understand, to experience, to repair the heart by others to tell (You, can never succeed) classic three: color is empty, empty is empty color is not different from empty, empty is not different from color from prajna paramita heart sutra! The whole sutra 260 words, short and concise, profound and profound, translated by Venerable Xuan Zang in the Tang Dynasty, the essence of Zen Buddhism! The full sentence is "Color is not different from emptiness, emptiness is not different from color, color is emptiness, emptiness is color, and so is the mind, thought, action and consciousness". "is all that the eye sees, probably refers to the material appearance! A woman with a beautiful face, will always get a lot of favor! But a beautiful woman, there will still be an old day! When you grow old, is everything that you once had still? It turns out that when the beauty withers, everything returns to its original face! All the scenery and prosperity, sweet and honeyed words are just a passing woman, find a person who really loves you, sleep with you! (forex trading to do with the heart, to see the essence through the phenomenon, see the trend of the beautiful K line, sometimes it will be a false breakthrough, the people cheated very badly only through the K line to see the trend, will be in the tombstone line at the top to do short; in the inverted hammer line at the bottom to do more) classic four: life in the world, such as in the thorns! The heart does not move, people are not delusional, do not move is not hurt such as the heart moves, then people are delusional, hurt its body, pain its bones, and so experience the world of all kinds of pain life in the world at all times like in the jungle of thorns, everywhere hidden danger or temptation only do not move delusional heart, do not exist delusions, the heart like water, in order to make their actions without bias, so as to effectively avoid risk, resist temptation otherwise will be pain around the body full of temptation In this world, is love really that strong? Love, is a flower that easily withers! And you are the most helpless rose in the morning wind when new temptations appear, the desire in the heart begins to sprout! It turns out that love is also a kind of original sin but, the punishment after stealing the forbidden fruit? The lost people have already been addicted and can not extricate themselves! Perhaps only those who experience true love, in the face of the five colors, can do the flag moving, the wind moving, the heart does not move it! (Foreign exchange trading, such as the tigers mouth plucked teeth, the head of the knife to add blood in the horizontal oscillation, to be brave to hold positions, dare to hold positions, Tarzan collapse in front of the face without changing color only withstand the storm, to usher in the rainbow; only withstand the oscillation, to usher in the long-lost trend!) Classic five: a flower a world, a Buddha a Rulai language out of the "Buddhist canon", in the old days, the Buddha took a flower, but Gaya smile, and both step to bliss from a flower can realize the whole world, to ascend to heaven, the Buddha is the Buddha, who can have such a realm? Buddha said: a flower a world, a grass a paradise, a leaf a Buddha, a sand a bliss, a side a pure land, a smile a dusty fate, a thought a quiet this is all a state of mind if nothing can a flower a world, a grass a paradise penetrate these, a flower a grass is the whole world, and the whole world will be empty as flowers and plants! Now many people who love each other, will leave because of each others poverty! Is this true love? Some people may say the theory of love and bread! However, the old people in the past said that love is full of water. I also believe that: if you really love someone, although you are poor, but as long as you are with your beloved one, you just feel full of water! Love is such a state of mind: get love, it is as if you have got the world! When facing their beloved, no matter where they are, but also like a spring breeze remember the eight parts of the Dragon, the Western Xia selected by the side of a horse when asked: life, in what place the most free and happy? Hollow Bamboo replied: the bottom of the dry well, sludge place why? Because he got true love there! (forex trading, the K line is either up or down, so simple movement, but contains countless life philosophy; human world greed, anger, obsession, slow, doubt in the role of psychology, in the foreign exchange market was magnified 500 times, or even 1000 times forex that is, life human flaws, in the foreign exchange market has been painfully reflected and in the foreign exchange market stable win people, is the market for your personality continues to improve (The classic six: 500 times in the previous life to look back in exchange for a brush in this life Buddha said: to repair a hundred lives can be the same boat, repair a thousand lives can sleep together 500 times in the previous life to gaze, for a brush in this life this life The encounter in this life is bound to breed too many sweet or painful memories of previous lives. The chance encounter, looking back, destined to each others life, just for the moment of meeting eyes you say: fate is the mountain highwayman crystal snow, the world outside the fairy lonely forest I say: fate is the many miles to find her a thousand degrees, that person is in the light at the end of the night you say: fate is even though the two love each other, still can not escape the fate of the robbery I say: fate is inevitable flowers fall, déjà vu swallows return to the edge of the sadness and happiness is always relentless, a window drop to the morning The edge is endless thoughts and I, standing proudly in the desert quietly watching it karma (forex trading, after many days of shocks, after many days of trading summary bullish a point, but did not buy the trend but dial the bottom and up, a K rushed to the sky watching the K line gradually away from us; "nothing to do flowers fall" can only say that "(You have no relationship with this wave trend, patiently wait for the adjustment ") classic seven: great sorrow without tears, great understanding without words, laughing without sound Remember Forrest Gump inside the Forrest Gump all the followers of the runner to see him suddenly stop, thought the saint to make a big speech, he looked at the hordes of followers to say: Iamtired love is not It must not be a great love, but only the plain is true! The most envious of those dusk, holding each others old couple, they go home together, even if they did not say a word of love, but just a smile has been better than a million words! They have achieved the "hand of the son, and the son harmonious old" state of love, just in this calm picture! (Forex trading is not the pursuit of windfall profits, the pursuit of stable profits; windfall profits are often accompanied by windfall positions, only stable profits, in order to last) classic eight: the sea of suffering, turn back is the shore put down the butchers knife, the ground into the Buddha This is a Buddhist persuasion to change evil from good words metaphorical once the evil-doers recognize their crimes, determined to change, can still quickly become a good person language out of the Song Shi Pu Ji "five lights will be the first" volume 53: "wide amount is a murderer is not a murderer. "First of all, there is a story about an old man who had two birds, one male and one female. The old man would take them out for a walk every day, and the male and female would squat on the old mans shoulders, left and right. The female never left the old mans shoulders, and so on, day after day, many years passed, and nothing changed until that day, everything was the same as usual, the old man finished his meal and took the two birds for a walk. The male bird died of depression and hunger strike before he died still wailing more than many years passed, until the old man died, the female bird never came back only the long-abandoned nest, in the wind alone to witness that history after reading the story, I covered the volume long sigh so a male and a female, and the world is no different from men and women in real life men, often say they like the new not tired of the old, they are like playful children, always look at an empty sneak out to have fun. Tired of playing they will naturally go home outside, they can be flirtatious and happy; at home, they also want to be a good husband and good father their brain boundaries are very clear, wife and lover, it is best to kill two birds with one stone some of them even if they have lost their footing and changed their minds, but in the reality of the weight of the pros and cons, under the attack of the wifes tears, in the grim situation of friends and relatives, most of them can change their ways and The prodigal son returned, as the saying goes, and women, they often regard love as life, in their bones, the word love is sacred and inviolable and most women are nostalgic, if there is no soul-crushing experience they will never lightly give up, and once the woman decided to give up, that she had seen as a life of that love must have been completely destroyed, she has long been no way back so Once a woman has changed her mind, she will never turn back, just like the bird that flew away from the masters shoulders, never return to the womans love, because of loyalty, so determined (forex trading if a steady loss, or even a short position, we must quietly take stock and find the reason for the mindset is determined by the account win-loss, then a good mindset, if the account loss, the mood will not be good to where; if (account loss of most, not to find the reason, but also in the non-stop trading, the beautiful name of "good attitude", then really need to go to the hospital to see) classic nine: bodhi this is no tree, mirror is not a platform, there is no thing, where to cause dust five ancestors Hong Ren asked everyone to write a verse to determine the successor, the highest call for the championship Shen Xiu wrote is "The body is like a bodhi tree, the heart is like a bright mirror platform, every day diligently wipe, do not make the dust" ... At that time Huineng is still a handyman, can not read, found a small Shayi to read once, and then said the now well-known verse (also had to find someone to help write on the side of the original work), the Fifth Patriarch read and lightly said "the comrade has not yet enlightened, erase it", but in the middle of the night called Huineng to a small lesson ( A bit of the meaning of the Journey to the West), and then in order to avoid strife, passed on the degree let the sixth ancestor quickly took the mantle and slipped away! These four sentences are mainly about people knowing how to let go, which is what the scriptures say that all four are empty, but not clinging to the empty! The first two sentences are about the bodhi tree and the mirror: dont cling to things, and the second two sentences are about the state of oneself, obviously wanting to attain the Way, but clinging too much to the Way, but getting further and further away from it. I remember Feng Gongs comic strip said that women cant get enough of the words "I love you" in their lives, and that Du Mei in the "Addiction" took a knife to Fang Yans neck just to hear him say these three words! Yes, many women love to hear these three words, and is never tired of hearing every woman wants someone to love her, but in fact, these are just forms! The real love is often very deep, is to put love in the heart! This kind of love, is quiet; is a kind of deep, timeless and deep love it is not a flash in the pan, no "mountain without prism, heaven and earth, but dared to be with the gentleman" the magnificent vow This is a real, real love; is hand in hand together slowly grow old, together with the sunset and sunrise calm love This kind of love, is flowing between the fingers of the soothing and relaxing The love is a kind of love that flows through the fingers, cleansing the restless soul, stretching the chaotic mood, sorting out the quiet and calm life too passionate love is always easy to wither, while the calm and quiet love is the dark fragrance lasting, the heart fragrance eternal when the flaming love turned into ashes, when the tide of love slowly fades, watching over there, is still a generous and loving heart, accepting and soothing the bruised heart of course, quiet love It is not a dull love that is the heart of the watch, is a deep-seated heart of the true attachment like the breeze, such as the moon, beautiful but not kitsch, calm but not mediocre, calm but not dull through the clear stream of love, you will see the fine grains of stone, see the fish swimming happily in the stream to swim around this quiet love contains the beauty, is to spend a lifetime to read with the heart, in order to read in the bland real vivid and moving ("Bodhi is not a tree, mirror is not a platform, there is nothing, where to cause dust" in forex trading, I think these four sentences is a state of mind to hold a position, so that the heart and calm to hold a single transaction profit is a "by-product", as long as the trading model is (Scientific, cultivate the body to reach a certain level, making money is a matter of water) (forex trading can not pursue money to win, but to cultivate the body to make the trading model more scientific) Classic 10: I do not enter hell, who entered hell when the Bodhisattva could become Buddha, but he saw countless suffering souls in hell, could not bear to leave, so stayed in hell, and made a heavy vow: "I do not enter hell, who entered hell. "I do not enter hell, who enter hell, hell is not empty, vow not to become Buddha!" So there is a origin of this phrase, belongs to the Buddhist Mahayana remember Kimura acted in a movie once interpreted "love", said love someone is when he is happy you are happier than he is, when he suffers you are more painful than he is ...... actually give others happiness The fact is that if you want to be needed by others, it is something that can bring you a lot of satisfaction and happiness, at least I will enjoy the attachment of others to themselves, but also attached to others, this is the way I talk to the outside world, and would like to believe that living this way is considered a complete and pure life, right After reading "Palace", I like the inside of the law he grew up without anything, lost his father, lost the crown prince, lost But 14 years later, although he could have won the throne after his mothers struggle, he chose to sacrifice himself in order to protect the people he loved and his conscience He took the place of the trumped-up charges of the letter, and also took the place of his mothers secret crimes So, although the royal family restored peace and everyone was happy, however, Ruth, still left the palace with nothing, even Im afraid that the biggest wound in his heart was the non-acceptance of Caijing, and I always felt that his eyes were full of melancholy and his face was filled with a thoughtful look, but perhaps he was feeling happy because he was sacrificing for love and he had made so many people whole (if I can succeed in forex trading, I would like to offer my trading tips, experience and trading models to help more people)

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