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Foreign exchange trading how I set a stop loss

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Q: the price often sweep you stop loss, and then go back, rebate bestforexrebateforextrading problem rebatesinforex how to solve it, best forex rebate am in this stage is currently struggling to think of ways for this, I hope to point out? A: This problem, is quite difficult, when I had a period of time, is also the case, then I was in a hurry, do rebatemeaninginforex set a stop loss, do not set a stop loss, often able to, miss the shock, no original set a stop loss pain, but as long as encountered a large reverse market, the account faces the danger of injury, and even huge losses, burst positions later, I choose the entry point on the effort, to give you a little advice, you place a single hanging in the cashback forex The original stop-loss position, ha ha In short, this need, slowly feel, comprehend but one thing, I remind you of, do not set a stop-loss because of the sweep stop, or that I often say, stop-loss can save the vitality of your account but I am afraid that sometimes I can not wait for the stop-loss position, it went in the direction I expected, so I looked chagrined and if the set stop-loss range is too large, the risk-reward ratio is not very considerable again Should I give up on some quotes that I cant tolerate? Or is there a better way to do it? This problem I have also encountered, the role of their own internal greed and fear, fear of not placing a single, and miss the opportunity of this band two methods: 1, not to their own view of the appropriate entry point, do not place a single, so miss the market, miss after all, there is a saying, called rather miss, do not make a mistake 2, the second approach, I think it is still quite good, I have also been using it after all, we are not a god, it is difficult to grasp Each time the entry point then calculate the proportion, using the average sell high or buy low strategy, (there is a prerequisite, have their own total stop loss,) for example, the original plan to their entry point, under 10 hands, then now spread it evenly, the first two hands, if the price towards their expected direction, do not add positions (except to the conditions of the profit increase), if the price towards their original plan to enter the point, then in batches Add positions when the price broke their own stop-loss level, all stop-loss above is based on my own experience, the recommended for reference only In addition, this on the stop-loss line set the problem of distress, probably when the end of the 3 stage and the early 4 stage, continue to cheer this distress after the past, a period of time is to develop the habit of compliance with the trading discipline, this compliance is not to suppress their own acceptance, is slowly Formation of natural in this process is also the process of forming their own trading style of trading system in the fourth stage, if you are hit hard again, or burst positions then will bring their own damage and pain, much greater than before this stage slowly go, you will have a feeling, such as account losses of 20%, (the vitality is still there) then you are very sure, adjust the mindset, after summing up the lessons, the loss will eventually back (you know you can do) but if the account wounded vitality, the blow to your own very big to this time you have walked in the fourth phase of the end ready to think about the fifth phase into then this time you may encounter a bottleneck (perhaps everyones state is not the same) you vaguely feel the feeling of that bottleneck, a bit like the k line up in the encounter resistance level like my advice if encountered, in this period of time I suggest that if you encounter, in this period of time, do not rush, slowly, do not rush to break through, give yourself enough time to make your own k-line in this bottleneck part of the heavy support, for their future into the fifth stage, lay a solid foundation at the same time in this period, but also for the future to avoid, that pit kill traders chasm attached, I think the sign of entering the fifth stage to the fifth stage of the road I think is this way to go The, with your mature trading system, through time, your account accumulated to a certain size author ugly see: 1, a profit can be smoothed out 9 losses 2, the maximum continuous loss shall not exceed 5 times (can be pushed) 3, a profit can pay for their own consumption of a month (can be pushed) 4, each single transaction does not always have to stare at the plate, most of their time has been freed from the transaction mentality, floating profit Floating losses are all floating clouds Author:

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