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Foreign exchange trading master Fibonacci retracement (golden mean) of the top use

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rebatesinforex rebateinforextrading, also known as the golden mean in the trading market, most of the technical indicators have a lag, resulting in traders in the use of not very good grasp but, Fibonacci retracement with advance, cashback forex be very good to help traders hang single operation, advance layout and the following will be introduced to the concept, basic usage and Fibonacci retracement bestforexrebate a very old mathematical method that involves a strange series of numbers 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233 ...... The series has a magical characteristic: any number is the sum of the previous two numbers. The ratio of the first number to the second number converges to a fixed constant of rebatemeaninginforex.618, making 61.8% the key Fibonacci ratio, also known as the "Golden Ratio". --0.191, 0.382, 0.5, 0.618, 0.809; 1, 1.382, 1.5, 1.618, 2, 2.382, 2.618 The most important of these two series are 0.382, 0.5, 0.618, 1, 1.618 five numbers, they are in the gold Foreign exchange analysis is very widely used and the effect is excellent according to the different methods of use, the golden mean in gold foreign exchange can be refined into five types of best forex rebates - Fibonacci retracement, Fibonacci extension line, Fibonacci time interval, Fibonacci sector line and Fibonacci arc of the five types of lines in the most widely used is the Fibonacci retracement line and Fibonacci extension line Fibonacci retracement line and Fibonacci extension line, and today will focus on the application of the Fibonacci retracement of the basic use of line drawing Fibonacci retracement line is commonly used to find the up market retracement of the support level and the down market retracement of the pressure level here we need to point out that the Fibonacci retracement line can also be used to find the target Fibonacci retracement line consists of seven numbers, respectively 0, 0.236, 0.382 The Fibonacci retracement line can be drawn in two directions: Down: Generally, the previous high and the recent low are selected, select the Fibonacci technical indicators, click on the price high, hold the mouse and then move to the low point to release the rising market: Generally, the previous low and the recent high are selected, select the Fibonacci technical indicators, click on the price low, hold the mouse and then move to the low point to release the rising market To the low point of release how to determine whether the retracement line is effective below we will take a look at the actual market trends, the use of Fibonacci retracement line the following chart is to rise in the way the Fibonacci retracement line is drawn, the two triangles are the lowest and highest point selected after drawing the retracement line, there is an important step is to test whether this retracement line is effective (whether there are success stories) Previously we have stressed The 0.618 line is the most important golden mean, so it is very important to see if this line can take up the support of the retracement in the rising market. The lines at 0.764, 0.5, 0.382 and 0.236 are all very supportive of the price, so you can basically assume that this retracement line can be used as a reference How to trade with the Fibonacci retracement line? Next, traders can consider the use of this Fibonacci retracement line, the next layout of the market trend in the chart, this article has circled the points that need to focus on, and for these points, the market trend behind the triangle 2, for example, traders have two methods of operation: 1, hanging short orders below the retracement line, this practice is to judge the price breakthrough of key support levels, down market will appear In addition, the stop-earnings position in the next retracement line, stop loss is set above the retracement line For example, in the circle 1 below the layout of the short single, set the stop-earnings in the circle 2, stop loss is set above the circle 1, and so on 2, observe the K line can effectively break through the retracement line, if the entity can not break through the retracement line, the backhand layout For example, in the circle B, the important support level of the 0.618 line, the K line under the draw piercing 0.618 line after a strong pullback, this time traders can consider the layout of a single, take profit can be conservative operation, in the above each retracement line are profitable to close a part but generally speaking, 0.618 line due to the powerful, above the space generally to the top However, can not blindly use this method of making a single, as shown in the blue circle in the chart, the upper shadow of the upper draw breakthrough 0.382 line then fall back, the entity Closed below, but this short, will be stopped above the 0.382 line, but in this way, the loss will not be too big how to predict the next trend? Now, lets predict the next trend of silver based on the Fibonacci retracement line drawn this time From the chart above, we can see that silver has broken through the 0.618 line, which is the location of circle C. Currently, after falling through the 0.764 line, it has rebounded however, from the current trend, the direction is still not very clear traders need to wait for three directions: 1. See if the K-line can rise back up to the 0.618 line, if touch 0.618 line can not effectively break through, you can consider the layout of the short single, take profit as previously stated, in the next retracement line gradually take profit, however, the minimum can be held to $ 15.61 / ounce, that is, the bottom of the retracement line; stop loss can be located above the 0.618 line 2, if the K line effectively break through the 0.618 line, you can consider the layout of more single, take profit and loss method as above 3, the K line again fell below the 0.764 line, you can consider the layout of short single, stop loss is located above the 0.764 line, take profit is located at the lowest line, but it is recommended that the best manual operation of the master practical method described above is the basic use of the Fibonacci retracement line, but in practice, there are some experts summarized down the practical method two Fibonacci retracement line superimposed use for example, in a market, while drawing the Fibonacci retracement of the uptrend retracement line, as well as the downtrend Fibonacci retracement line, you will find that some retracement line will overlap together at this time, traders should pay special attention, because these points will constitute strong support or resistance, once the breakthrough, the market will be flying down or a flight to the sky, but if stabilized above this point, you can counter layout the following chart, the yellow shaded part is the overlapping part of the Fibonacci The retracement line combined with the MA average use MA144 as an example, the MA144 overlay to the Fibonacci retracement line, you can find some times MA144 will be very close to the retracement line, or even overlap and this time, traders should also pay more attention to these points, advance layout, because generally these points are broken, it may trigger the market after the big market

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