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Forex chart technical patterns of rectangular pattern

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rectangular rebatemeaninginforex When the best forex rebate rebatesinforex moving back bestforexrebate forth within parallel lines of support and resistance, the pattern formed is the rectangular pattern The formation of the rectangular pattern indicates that the foreign exchange price is caught in a period of consolidation, or indecision between buyers and sellers, because both want to control the market trend, but who does not have the upper hand  The price will test the resistance and support levels of the rebateinforextrading pattern several times before finally breaking out of it After a breakout move, the price cashback forex continue to run in the direction of the breakout, which may be up or down As the chart above shows, we can clearly see that the forex price is moving back and forth inside two key price lines We just need to wait for the price to break through one of the lines, and immediately Remember, when you identify the formation of a rectangle pattern, make sure you dont forget the moment the price breaks out of the pattern!  Bearish Rectangle A bearish rectangle pattern is formed when there is a short period of consolidation in the price in a downtrend. The reason for this pattern is that the sellers may need a little breather before pushing the exchange rate further down In this example, the price breaks below the bottom of the rectangle pattern and continues the previous downtrend If we set a short order below the rectangle support line, we may make good gains in this trade We have a suggestion: once the exchange rate falls below the support line, the ensuing decline may equal the height of the rectangle In the above example, the decline after breaking the support line is going to exceed the height of the rectangle, so there is an opportunity to capture more pips this time Bullish rectangle Here is another type of rectangle pattern Bullish rectangle after a After a round of upward movement, the price trend has come to a halt or experienced a small period of consolidation Can you guess where the price will run next?  If you answered up, then you are correct! The perfect upside breakout market is here!  Notice what the whole price action quotes look like after the price breaks through the top resistance of the rectangle patternIf we set up a long order above the rectangle resistance line, we may have made some profit As with the bearish rectangle, once the price breaks out of the pattern, its post-breakout rise will be at least as high as the rectangle

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