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Forex fundamental and technical analysis which is better

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Foreign rebatesinforex best forex rebate can be divided into cashback forex analys rebatemeaninginforex rebateinforextrading bestforexrebate analysis of two kinds of foreign exchange fundamental analysis is the use of various countries and all go to the economic, political and other factors to analyze the trend of the currency market, and foreign exchange technical analysis is the use of a variety of technical indicators to predict the fluctuations in the currency market So, which is better foreign exchange fundamental and technical analysis?  Forex fundamental and technical analysis which is better? I believe it goes without saying that investors can know what we are going to say, forex trading will be the best combination of fundamental and technical analysis (except for forex ultra-short term trading) forex fundamental analysis of the countrys economic indicators, asset markets and political factors to focus on the main including growth rate (GDP), interest rates, inflation, unemployment, money supply, foreign exchange reserves Such data reflect the countrys economic development prospects. If the economic outlook is good, there is a potential for currency appreciation, the exchange rate has the potential to rise, that is, demand increases, and then the countrys currency has the potential to rise. Forex technical analysis is the analysis of past price data to determine the future price volatility, which includes a number of principles, such as price action, confirmation and deviation, and support and resistance Technical analysts or charting experts use a large number of tools to help them identify potential trades however, it is important to remember not to over-analyze, each role leads to the opposite (although not necessarily equal or just the opposite, that is physics not trading) Technical analysis is a science that identifies the behavior of the crowd in order to join the crowd and take advantage of its momentum which is the phrase often used by people: " Control your emotions", comes into play where you should be sensitive to what is going on in the market, while not succumbing to the popular mentality The best analytical approach to forex trading is to combine fundamental and technical analysis with each other First use fundamental analysis to make an accurate judgement on the general trend of the exchange rate, and then use forex technical analysis to come up with the trend over a certain period of time In general, foreign exchange long term trading focus on fundamental analysis, foreign exchange short term trading focus on foreign exchange technical analysis, and if the foreign exchange ultra-short term trading, investors can directly use the foreign exchange ultra-short term trading

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