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Forex traders mostly go through those good and dark times

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        The ra cashback forex, l best forex rebateing on the earths April day th rebatesinforex weather, suitably gloomy, so I write something melancholy and serious today, about the good and dark times that Forex traders mostly go through With exuberance and hope And come, loaded and return, is the purpose of your participation in foreign bestforexrebate rebatemeaninginforex endless trading opportunities, flexible trading policy, foreign exchange lifted the stock market on your fetters, life potential full stimulation I know that you love it, you really like to do foreign exchange, so give up the speculation I salute you! For your choice and courage!  Foreign exchange investors, long-term battle the global market eight or ten years later, the heroes look back at the white occurrence of everyone eating barbecue drinking beer, talking about foreign exchange trading, chanting a poem to comfort youth, this love lasts forever, long make heroes tears full of lapels this, only called true love First encounter, rebateinforextrading have a good time, foreign exchange is no exception Like first love, you know a new each other, but also realize a better self you first contacted the foreign exchange. Fall in love with it, began to become obsessed with the work time, every day thinking about the euro pound; watch the news, world peace no longer has nothing to do with you; after work, can not wait to open the MT4, began to trade up after one oclock in the morning, only reluctantly forced to close the position Just fall in love with a thing, is a good time for a person you will take the initiative to read a lot of foreign exchange books, soak a lot of forums, add a lot of WeChat group. At this time, you are hungry for knowledge, learning like crazy and with it, your knowledge is greatly increased, the exchange rate, the international situation, political and economic environment, the Fed, Draghi, are beginning to enter your daily life you feel very high, more knowledge than the people around you, from time to time will send a non-farm analysis in the circle of friends to show off this time you, like the sun at six oclock in the morning. You will keep warning yourself that trading is disciplined, the entry is to follow the trend, the single is to set a stop loss. At this time, you will take the initiative to read the memoirs of the stock trader, research waves and Gann you will think about the good and bad of the left and right side trading, research how to do a good job on the non-farm payrolls, but also to fuck Yellens You will find that although you will sometimes have a small loss, but the time to earn a lot of full count, there may be a lot of earning your money curve, the overall is oscillating upward occasionally a little frustration, will not be a big problem is important, your account will not happen major single loss, because you know how to stop loss in time to exit will not have exhausted feeling, because you also You know how to rest, not stay up all night So you are more and more into it, and even feel that the blue sky of the foreign exchange, is for you to make this happy time, may last for two years But, life is not always good, just like the freshness of love, will not exceed 18 months, the same through the initial two or three years of trading career, basically figured out the ins and outs of the market, accumulated some trading experience, you began to enter the trading tug-of-war period This will be a long and lonely time plateau period, which is a foreign exchange trader to lay down a lifetime of trading skills with years of time, it is possible to feel the pulse of this market and trading techniques, ideas, money management, accumulate a lot of trading experience this stage, you will find that your trading into a plateau reaction period, it is difficult to have a breakthrough, performance is sometimes good and sometimes bad, sometimes you will experience some single flash crash you will You will let yourself constantly reflect, and sometimes because of catching a big wave and complacent These long hours, you will many times think you are already quite experienced, trading system mature and perfect you set yourself a trading profit target, the rate of return from the initial monthly return of 20% to 10% you will tell yourself that you can easily earn at least 10% every month (in fact, your goal is at least six months to double) At this stage, you will not reject the use of medium and heavy positions to do you know that this is not the best way to manage money, but you will comfort yourself, you have experienced three or six years of market baptism, what big wind and waves have not experienced you will think, 10,000 dollars, the maximum under 3 standard lots of Europe and the United States will not be a big problem, and, from time to time, you will often cross this line You are not considered a success, but also not a failure Nor is it a failure everything is still persisting, you define this as: the suffering marching trader, always with an ascetic soul calling!  The flash crash is the fate of most senior traders, very few people can escape either quit, or depression to persevere, have achieved legendary persistence for many years, you think you are going to start flying looks like everything is ready for the east wind experience, technology, knowledge, experience, so many years of training, so you think the time has finally come to do a big job! So, you began to mobilize a large amount of money, loans, mortgages, raise the money you can get, run into the market Spring wind blowing, the drums of war, millions of funds into the field urgent life in this battle! You feel in foreign exchange to earn back millions of dollars not much, not less than a billion, glory and wealth, the holy grail of trading is no longer a dream The lure of trading and human greed, not in a linear multiple in the magnification, but to the exponential level in the magnification! Your first experience of such a high profile trading life, the depths of your human disadvantage by the exponential level open even after six or eight years of long trading, can not erase these weaknesses large capital flash, often only in the 0.5% probability I know you will be very careful to operate, admonishing themselves to discipline and position are strictly controlled but, a fatal greed, so that all your efforts in front of you go down the drain No The next time, you will be the most painful memories of your life insomnia, depression, and even thought of suicide all thoughts, can not be interested in everything, regret entering the foreign exchange market, regret contacting the financial pressure of large amounts of money, is you as a small retail investors never experienced before, even if you countless times rehearsed the same money management model you The flash crash, is the fate of countless senior traders are unable to escape This time, you will miss the good when you first encounter foreign exchange you face two of the most significant choice, is to continue to adhere to, or exit the market Many people choose to adhere to another year and a half years later, forced by a variety of pressures, it is impossible to break through their inherent weaknesses, slowly let go, exit the foreign exchange market, retired from the jianghu Eventually, only a very few people always In the end, only a very small number of people continue to adhere to this, a few lucky people wait until the day of complete enlightenment complete enlightenment, also once again rejuvenated trading The road to simplicity, foreign exchange complete enlightenment, nothing more than a light position, follow the trend, more sleep The three realms of life, look at the mountain is a mountain, look at the mountain is not a mountain, look at the mountain or mountain do after ten years of foreign exchange trading, through countless market ordeals, and eventually you start to return to the track of easy money, nothing more than these points. Light position, follow the trend, learn to rest mountain or that year you just entered the foreign exchange market mountain, people are the people after the epiphany, the method or those most simple methods You do not take foreign exchange trading too seriously, which is right your desire has been elevated to a new level in no desire, spiritual sublimity to promote your self-discipline, the baptism of the soul cleansed your desire No desire, no demand, only to have what you want The way to simplicity, the unity of heaven and man Source: Hui Shang Lang ea

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