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Forex traders should not miss the turtle trading rules

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A journey of a thous rebates rebatemeaninginforexforex miles begins with the first step, only after the trader has enough knowledge of the system cashback forex really have the bas rebateinforextrading for transformation into a successful investor Today we recommend the book is written by the United States Curtis Firth turtle best forex rebate rules The book tells the story of the United States futures investment master Richard Dennis to open a class to teach apprentices, Dennis will use his own trading model for many years to a group of trainees These apprentices, who received the true teachings of the investment guru, were called turtles, and many fund managers emerged from this group of apprentices, while Dennis trading method was honored as the Turtle Trading Rule. He is one of the pioneers in the field of mechanical trading systems and software, and currently leads the research and development team at TradingBlox Ltd. which specializes in trading system analysis and development software The Turtle Trading Rule is actually very simple, following the trading principle of stage high and low breakthroughs, such as buying futures contracts when the price breaks upwards through the highest point of the previous twenty trading days, and if the long position is profitable, when the price produces a ten-day low When the price falls below the lowest point of the previous twenty trading days, establish a short position, and if the short position is profitable, close the position when the price produces a ten-day high. It is bestforexrebate the learning of the investment master Richard Denniss trading method, but the thinking pattern of trading revealed from the method First of all, from the core of the trading pattern, the Turtle Law follows the principle of high and low breakthroughs, if you do not think deeply at first glance will think that this method is too simple, but in fact this method is full of Richard Denniss profound knowledge of the nature of the market, his trading is His trading is based on the objective laws of price movement, if the reader can understand this point is really beneficial from the book we can see that the turtle trading rule is a trend trading system, is profitable by trading with the trend of any trend trading system is the first to solve the trend of how to define and judge, in this point Richard Dennis can be said to understand the wood, deep into the essence according to many According to many technical analysis books, the trend is judged according to the so-called trend line, such as uptrend, is the price fluctuations of the low point of a straight line, if the straight line is upward sloping, then the uptrend This evaluation method is very common, but does not capture the essential characteristics of the trend, like many oscillators, the price of the low point may be constantly raised, but the price of the high point may not be constantly raised, the formation of a triangle oscillation in the turtle trading rules, the definition of the trend is actually this: the uptrend is a constant process of creating a stage high, and the downtrend is a constant process of creating a stage low for any uptrend, it must be a constant process of generating highs, otherwise it is not an uptrend, on the contrary, any downtrend must be a constant process of generating lows This is the objective law of market price fluctuations Turtle trading rules is obviously based on such a price operation law, Richard Denniss success shows that there are certain laws in the financial markets, investors can discover these laws, the use of these laws to establish trading systems and long-term investment in stable performance "Turtle trading rules" to Another important message revealed to the reader is: just having a trading signal is far from enough, investment is actually a systematic project, we should use systematic thinking to build a complete trading model This trading model can be divided into the following six parts: market entry refers to the method of opening a position to establish a position, the turtle rule follows the principle of simple and effective high and low point breakthrough market entry is the first part of building a trading model, but not the most important part Part, but not the most important part, this is the opposite of most investors, most ordinary investors do not have a complete trading model, the market is all their stop-loss refers to how to close the position in the case of a loss limited loss method, and exit refers to how to close the position in the case of a profit harvest way, in the turtle law, set a complete, strict stop-loss and exit way, in Trading to be able to do with the collection and release, in and out of the species selection is also very important, for trend trading, those price fluctuations more trend characteristics of the species more suitable for trading, on the contrary, often in a state of shock, the trend is not suitable for the species verification refers to the use of historical trading data on the trading model to review the test, to see whether the trading system in the real data simulation trading can achieve a positive expectation value Revenue position refers to the allocation of funds in the trading species, also commonly known as capital management, position management is the core part of the trading system, "Turtle Trading Rules" on the importance of position management and the way to set up a special narrative, many investors in futures trading ultimately failed largely because there is no scientific and strict position management, in fact, even if you use the worlds best trading methods In fact, even if you use the worlds best trading methods, if there is no scientific position setting, sooner or later, there will also be a blowout with a trading basis and systematic trading model is far from enough, futures investors also need to have a calm mentality and firm perseverance "Turtle Trading Rules" tells us that even if the same use of Richard Dennis trading methods, the Turtle apprentices performance differences are still very large, through the examination found that many apprentices can not be firm In the book, the author also tells us that any trading method can not be a hundred percent, there will always be setbacks, such as the turtle law in the shock market can not achieve good performance. In fact, Richard Dennis himself experienced a serious investment downturn before he retired, when the market frequently signaled false breakouts, leading to a period of loss for the Turtle Rule, but many of Richard Denniss apprentices followed his trading style for a long time afterwards to achieve long-term results. And there are many become well-known investors in the financial market, I believe that if Richard Dennis himself continue his trading career, out of the investment recession to continue the glory is also inevitable with a pair of wise eyes to discover the laws of the market, coupled with a systematic trading model and will win the firm confidence, I think every "Turtle Trading Rules" readers can achieve the same achievements as Richard Dennis!  

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