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Forex trading how to avoid blowout

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as rebatesinforex traders most want to see bestforexrebate to be able to stabilize profits but, best forex rebate forex rebateinforextrading, we are often worried about rebatemeaninginforex even face the situation of cashback forex, the first control of risk in order to stabilize profits, so we will discuss the causes of forex blowout and how to avoid and prevent the phenomenon of blowout in speculative forex a, the causes of blowout in forex trading investors in the process of speculative forex encountered a lot of reasons for the blowout Although some of the reasons are not man-made, but most of the root cause of the blowout is the investors operating (trading) habits in foreign exchange trading habits are very important, the correct trading habits produce the correct trading results, the wrong trading habits produce the wrong trading results Reason one: carelessly, do not set a stop loss This happens mostly in foreign exchange investment novice, mature traders know the stop loss The reason for this is the trading mentality and trading habits, the mentality is reflected in the fluke, after opening a position fluke artificial price can move in the direction of their own judgment, and habits need to develop a law, forex stop loss is used to save lives reason two: heavy trading, frequent in and out there are some eager, eager to get rich overnight traders with a large percentage of leverage heavy position, so the risk faced will increase, its risk resistance is very poor is the main reason for the blowout, to avoid the method is a small position, stable income forex trading the essence of making money is to make money with compound interest, rather than making money with burst interest there is a trader, indeed, a small amount of light trading, but because of frequent in and out and blowout such cases of forex investors tend to have no plan before trading, often emotionally placed orders, the odds are very high, and therefore Slowly lead to a blowout forex trading can not be emotionally swayed, to follow the market trend for reason three: counter-trend, not good summary of the trend, of course, is to enter with the price trend, but the price trend is only the appearance, to promote the price of the forces behind the essence of only the essence of the potential to have an estimate, some expectations, some understanding of the trend can be done, but this trend and the trend has a fundamental difference that is you follow The macro trend and not unconditionally with the price trend in the case of a better market, the entry single with profit, you can 0.5 hand a plus a plus to do, the position should not exceed 2 standard hands, on the contrary, if the entry single in the loss, do not add code against the market many foreign exchange investors once the wrong direction, it can not be made on the spot after the lessons learned, and next time make the same mistake II, how to Avoid forex trading in the explosion of positions to the above points in summary, we want to make money in forex trading, to achieve stable profits must pay attention to the following points: 1.

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