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today to give you a brief talk about the bestforexrebatedicators with the highest success rate in trading, the bright light indicator first of all, explain what best forex rebate the bright light you enter a casino, you do rebateinforextrading know how to play when you hear two people chatting: "table 2 of cashback forex wearing glasses fat man, simply unlucky to the plate yesterday until now not win" you suddenly realized, to table 2, smiling to that unlucky fat man said hello The fat guy at table 2 is so unlucky that he hasnt won a single game since yesterday." You realize it and go to table 2, smile and say hello to the unlucky fat guy and sit down. After seeing you bet against him once again, the fat man was furious and stood up and yelled at you: "Youre taking me for a light!" (This is what I call a bright light indicator, that is, when the market does not do what it should have done, this is an extremely reliable signal or when the market fails in some kind of behavior that should occur, this is a bright light for you to light the way you should go what, still do not understand? In more vernacular, when the indicator signal fails, itself is a signal about what signal the indicator appears when the original market should have what kind of trend, this belongs to the beginning of the traders problem, this problem rebatesinforex be solved by those famous masters of the classic trading works I can not do better, here I will not talk about it, I hope that comrades learn for themselves this bright light indicator does not have a specific object it can be MACD, it can be KDJ, it can be Booster, it can be the MACD. It can be KDJ, can be Bollinger bands, can be Dow Theory and so on and so forth only need to meet two prerequisites: one to have a signal to appear two can be classified by the appearance of different signals on the trend, explained, is that there can be different signals, while the market to come out of different trends to MACD for example someone commonly used MACD rebatemeaninginforex, then for beginners, in a trend often appear Several divergences, and only the last one is valid in the plate how do I know that this is the last one? According to the definition of the bright light indicator, lets study the case of divergence failure divergence means the markets turn, divergence failure means the markets turn failure simple enough, vernacular, that is, after the divergence failure, the original trend must (great probability) continue, then all you have to do is simply continue to place orders in the direction of the original trend as Figure 1: AB two points have undoubtedly diverged, but the trend in the retracement (in this case, there is a More complex retracement, 4 waves of complex extension), and began to rise this time the failure of the divergence is not to provide us with a rising trend will continue to signal it subsequently appeared again the divergence, the market turned down (using the theory of the rushing sea, you can fish for not too much fun) the advantages of this indicator in which? Its simple, the market can appear n times after the divergence to turn the trend in which you can see n-1 times the bright light indicator, 1 time the divergence success which trading opportunities more? Secondly, in the previous article, I have argued that the probability of success of homeopathic trading is greater than counter-trend trading (the same time period), which is the trading signal of homeopathic? A little deeper, the market after the divergence, represents only the markets downward strength weakened, there may be a retracement, who told you a divergence to turn the trend? After the weakening of the market trend, is not that we take advantage of the pullback to enter the trend single great opportunity to do it Some people say that the indicators of this stuff, with more people will fail, because the market will change I agree with this, I should say, I would like the market to let this indicator failure, then we will be a divergence to catch the start of the reverse trend, that the market is not too simple ah So, some deep-seated things are the market also So, there are some deep-seated things that the market can not avoid or change, we find the right point, it will increase the winning potential for our trading  The use of this indicator has two key points First, the divergence appears in the trend, consolidation in the divergence failure indicator is not very reliable (in fact, in the consolidation of the divergence failure indicator can also be, but that is actually not the failure of the divergence gives the direction of guidance, but the Dow theory of "failure" given) Secondly, how do you identify the failure of the divergence I hope to have friends to put forward their own views, and I now identify the way to effectively complement each other (without looking at the two averages in my chart) while giving a signal to do a single using the failure of the Bollinger band, do not look at the MACD, I hope comrades can find out in the chart & nbsp; In addition, "sufficient necessary conditions" and "cause and effect" of the two things many novice forex traders is not understand this truth, will try to only use the indicators to guide the transaction, the indicators are the fruit, the trend is the cause of indicators is after the trend is First there is such a trend (such as rising), there will be such a signal (golden fork), not such a signal (golden fork) followed by such a trend (rising) to give a simple and not necessarily appropriate example, Beijing people are Chinese, Chinese people are Beijing people? 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