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Forex trading tips!

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Remember rebateinforextrading you first started trading, see the whole market best forex rebate a whole, like reading an ancient text without punctuation slowly, gradually learned to break the sentence, seems to vaguely know where is the starting point of the trend, where is the end of the then feel like the botanical cattle, just started to see a whole cow, slowly see the various parts of the cow bestforexrebate is a process from the whole to the local when You cashback forex break down the overall trend into a trend when you start to make money, but the time to make money actually can rebatesinforex learn anything, the most rewarding time is to lose money when the New Years shock of the market into a concussion, no longer distinguish where is the head, where is the tail This time in fact, the easiest way is to leave the field rebatemeaninginforex watch, the first time to really understand the " The first real understanding of the "quiet," "something for, something not for" the truth unfortunately at that time, the profit is wise, human weaknesses are fully exposed always worried, just a departure, the real market will appear, and indeed have encountered such a situation so the negative resistance, the results can be imagined remember when working together An old trader once said, traders are living in fear every day, when profits, fear of profit-taking, when losing money, fear of loss expansion In fact, this is human nature at work, making money when you do not want to leave the field, which is greedy; lose money when you dare not enter the field, which is afraid of so, human nature is not born to trade (of course, when to leave the field, when to enter the field requires a high degree of skill) in this At this stage, the best advice is "do not do not understand the market", "rather miss, not mistakes" because, if you can control their greed, in the case of uncertainty when the troops do not move, wait and see what happens, indicating that you have the opportunity to fight back. However, if you can not control their impulses, so that greed over fear, sooner or later, there will be a lot of investors is because they can not pass this hurdle, and eventually fade out of this market pain, still very painful so in the technical level and the psychological level began to reflect on the technical level, this time feeling swing operation method is like the blind man feeling the elephant, maybe you can get a part of the clear, but for this This feeling is reflected in the trading, when the trend of oscillation appears, the size and duration of the oscillation is not bottomed out, so when a large-scale oscillation comes, still think it is a small-scale battle, and therefore not able to withdraw as soon as possible to solve this problem, it is necessary to re Back to the macro level, go through a partial return to the overall process if the whole to part is deductive reasoning, this time it is necessary to inductive reasoning from the part to the whole Throughout the market, seemingly chaotic, chaotic and disorderly that is because there are no rules, so not a square circle This is like a randomly selected group of people, tall, short, fat and thin are different, but if we classify them according to different criteria, it is The form of the game can be varied, but the rules of the game must be determined by people. In short, the trading process itself is a process of "suffering their hearts and minds", self-experience: trading is a process of eating and vomiting, vomiting and The process of eating until you no longer feel sick

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