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From the practice of Go to understand the way of financial futures trading

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Futures best forex rebate cashback forex are complex games with simple rules, just like there are no two identical rebate rebatesinforexforextradinglands in the world, the nature of Go and bestforexrebate are also unpredictable, the so-called ancient no same game, no game can be compared with it There is a consensus in the futures circle is that people who play Go have a special kind of heart, and futures operations are extremely consistent, Go Some people will say that playing Go has rebatemeaninginforexhing to do with money, the psychological pressure is not that big, this is not good enough, look at the international chess matches, even if you do not go to say what to fight for the glory of the country, the prize money of the chess match is not a real money position? So we need to think about the significance of Go to improve cultivation, to see if there is really a common ground with futures trading. 1. Go can make people consider the problem thoroughly. This habit allows us to develop the habit of being prepared before placing a single, do your homework and make a well-thought-out plan for the transaction When playing chess, we often say that one move is not careful, all the plates are lost, a flicker may lead to the reversal of the chess situation Doing futures is not like this, even if you are a master, with the increase in the number of successful operations, blind pride may make you step on the wrong rhythm, so repeatedly A few times the pace will be messy, messy several times will spit out the previous profits, and even be cleaned out of the game 2. playing Go can make people focus on doing futures staring and placing orders need to focus, playing Go is also such each move should be carefully observed, evaluation and judgment before making decisions, and in the process must not be distracted often play Go, you can develop the habit of maintaining attention, very good for futures trading The professional players basic knowledge is similar, but the difference in playing ability lies in the understanding of the basic theory and the application of innovation, but also in the long-term focus on the futures market is the same, we are also facing the same market, using the same tools and market information, the difference in the level of manipulation, from the difference in concentration and personal training 3. We have observed an interesting phenomenon, that is, futures experts have an amazing memory for trading data, even for a certain price level of more than 10 years ago, but in fact, their memory in other areas is not necessarily better than the average person playing Go, of course, players can not play indiscriminately, just like futures can not be placed indiscriminately, Go has many patterns need to be familiar with, only in this way, the actual battle can be based on the development of the game to be used flexibly. In order to integrate into the game, when playing Go, players are accustomed to remember every move of both sides. It is interesting to note that both Go and futures use the rules of the virtual world, and both have many unscientific components that cannot be simulated by computers, such as the big picture view of priorities, etc. They are very similar in operation. That is to say, such as the chess player played regardless of the immediate interests of the strange moves, its real demand is the pursuit of greater benefits of manipulation is also the same, because sometimes the fundamentals and handicap information that the market is upward intention, but then the actual market is biased downward, until most of the retail stop-loss out, the market began to start as desired to deal with this type of market, you need to be on a good big picture, this kind of mind can be learned from playing Go Whether in the world of black and white or red and green, the big picture is very important, so to play focus on each move have to do the overall consideration, do not compete for a money a purpose gain or loss, otherwise you will sit on the well and miss the opportunity. 5. play Go can improve the ability to react quickly to the game is not a simple repetition, it is impossible to follow a fixed chess path, just as the futures trend can not be developed according to a certain rule of play need to be surprised to win In order to take the initiative to grasp the development of the game, this ability to respond to a certain extent, in the face of changes in the market, will be at the right time to make the right response, the level of manipulation will change day by day Go on the rapid response is to respond to the immediate, the second is to retain the follow-up means, futures trading is no different!  6. Learning Go can cultivate patience and perseverance under Go is not only a battle of wits and courage, is a comprehensive ability of confrontation, high-level players often need several hours to talk about a game, the game not only brain high-speed operation, but also need physical cooperation, without a certain degree of patience and perseverance is not good under this and do the same futures, not only is the confrontation of manipulation skills and tendons, its essence is the confrontation of human nature, in the In this level of confrontation, patience and perseverance are often decisive. 7. The securities and futures market amplifies the weaknesses of human nature, victory and defeat is not only a common thing in the military, there is a moment because of the exposure of their weaknesses and the market slapped a number of times, sometimes good earnings are pleased with it, may be a reversal, the end of the world has come, so by learning Go to improve the ability to deal with setbacks and pressure, can allow the trader Many strategies of Go can be directly applied in the futures market. There are many writings on this subject, so you can find them and try to understand them. (3) Attack the enemy and take care of me; (4) Give up the pieces first; (5) Save the small and save the big; (6) Give up in case of danger; (7) Be careful not to move lightly and quickly; (8) Move accordingly; (9) Protect yourself from the strong; (10) Take and take the solitary and these ideas are in line with the requirements of futures trading!  Therefore, we suggest that futures people, in the spare time of trading or should read more traditional cultural classics, whether it is strategic and tactical, or cultivation and cultivation, will be beneficial to the transaction most of the masters in our circle have the habit of reading traditional culture, many of which have become the essence of the verbal language, invisible deepening in the concept of trading, for example, win and not proud of defeat and not complaining, good Jia not for folded reading not city: in the In the futures market often hear the complaints and regrets of some people, when if how, now you can earn how much how much! In fact, futures investment is the way of those who have the right to be frank and honest and those who do not have the right to be long and relative, after all, the past is not admonishable, the future can still be pursued, so do not complain about God, but always put your energy into the next time to grasp it; and, more than the gentlemans dashing intention, broken retort did not care: that is, everything regret is not beneficial, futures investment also needs this spirit of broken retort did not care, do not fall into the self-blame for missed opportunities, which is consistent with the treatment of sunk costs This is consistent with the wisdom of dealing with sunk costs, and it is worth thinking about; have confidence in yourself, dont get frustrated, dont shrink from trading futures, and understand the deep meaning of not taking responsibility for the past and not caring about the past, it will help you to do a good job in every transaction seriously, and over time, you will be able to achieve great success. We should know that there are two main qualities of futures masters: tactical manipulation and personal cultivation. Therefore, some people even say that futures is a game of money flowing from the pockets of the manic people to the pockets of the quiet people. It is equivalent to comprehending the whole of things through practice, and eventually reaching the highest realm of boxing unintentional, which is the real great wisdom Original excerpt from "From 10,000 to 100 million

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