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Full-time forex trading for 5 years a little experience

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10 years into the industry, began the arduous journey some people say full-time technology best forex rebate a trip, now look, that is a prison sentence no one to teach, no one to take, but also in the study of indicators spent half a year spent 1w knife to buy a software to follow the deal, the conclusion is three characters: wqnmlgb! Finally one day asked a senior person for advice, he pointed to the dusty book on my desk rebateinforex rebatesinforex said "little Japanese child, candlestick chart" far away, near at hand, is rebatemeaninginforex turned that book ended my misguided until today there are still many people ask, the importance of "candlestick chart", put it this way, digger technology to find Lan Xiang, solve the plate to see the candlestick chart; this is the worlds third common language, English, sign language, k-line language do not believe you Try today to look back on what has become, the big borrowing market momentum, good luck, a slight surplus often cashback forex a few peers drinking tea and blowing water, nothing to talk about peers bestforexrebate to wave, wrap theory and other trading methods trading, I am the same for many years, support resistance enough to ask to earn or lose profit or loss, but seek to get an understanding in mind just say wave three years into a small, five years on the repair in my stupid, never understood the mystery and mystery here on a brief statement of mind, said A wave of the practice of trading views are more radical, I hope you will bear with the cold-blooded cruelty of the foreign exchange market, if you hold a warm and gentle heart to trade, hot you will die a very bad death when Qi Jiguang fight Japanese invaders once said a sentence, and rogue fight, the only way to win is to use more rogue than he respects the premise of the market, profit took on the run, how much can you take at one time, run a short period of time Dont turn back, shut down, recuperate and so on when you feel energetic when you go back to the currency market to look through the exploration there is no suitable for their own trading signals such as the daily cross of the U.S. index a few days ago you read it, it is for you this is not forced, it is with the trend, with their own potential, is your luck, is the fate of professional traders is easy not to move, moving is a large chance of winning they are waiting, waiting When the opportunity to drink more, and not afraid to say what the trading tips: only do their own look to understand the signal when you have enough patience and confidence in the market, and a deep understanding of "cherish every trading opportunity, each transaction is an investment" such axiom, it will become open-minded and optimistic above, but seek an understanding of Know how to earn money, how to lose a good single since the field, the subsequent period of time to earn more, retracing more or have no risk with just now you have no relationship with the history of kidnapping people, really pathetic things are bound to reverse, Shengji will decline against all have a precursor to the simplest cycle of instructions to open the plate bullish U.S. index, have a number of next analysis of their concerns about the product, from w see H1 do a good job related to the mark, and then go combined with the U.S. index to find the resonance on the graph to see if there is a key support resistance nearby, do pullback, see breakthrough, do a good stop loss, shut down and drink tea trading is not about objective strong pull into a subjective process, trading is not and continue to look for things to convince themselves, trading is a constant dialogue with their own process black and white potential of perseverance, more or less after knowing the release; yin and yang is different from the main Mo debating, in and out are no nightmare trading is very beautiful thing, is very natural thing, is art, Picassos brush, is Chopins piano

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