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How much leverage should a Forex trader use

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 The importance of best forex rebate use rebateinforextrading often underestimated when it comes to traders management of forex trading rebatemeaninginforex Traders should consider how to use the right leverage to ensure profitable trading over the long term Although the available trading leverage is very large, it does not mean that the maximum leverage must be used all the time Mitchell has a business school degree rebatesinforex has been trading in several markets since 2005 His articles have been widely published and he is a member of the Canadian Society of Market Technical Analysts and the Society of Technical Analysts. He is the author of the e-book, "Forex Strategy Guide for Day and Short Term Traders," which introduces traders to Forex basics, success tips and price action trading strategies Some brokers offer leverage of up to 500:1, and how much leverage to use is a common question. It is not surprising that most traders realize that leverage is a double-edged sword that magnifies profits and losses How much leverage is appropriate to use is determined by the size of the account and the type of trade But we should first set some basic rules for money management Money management and leverage The amount at risk should not Risk is the difference between the bid price and the stop price, and the size of the position will magnify it by several times For example, suppose you buy EURUSD at 1.30, with a stop loss at 1.29, 100 basis points below the bid price 1 standard lot of EURUSD is worth $10 per basis point change, 1 mini lot is worth $1 per basis point change, and 1 micro lot is worth $0.1 per basis point change Therefore, 1 standard lot of trading risk is $1 bestforexrebate (100 basis points times $10), 1 mini lot is $100, 1 micro lot is $10 If trading multiple lots, then the risk is multiplied If you dont understand what basis points are and how to calculate them, read the article Calculating the Value of Basis Points The amount at risk should not exceed 1% of the deposit In the example above, if the risk of trading is 1000 USD, then the account size should be at least $100,000 If the risk is $100 USD, the account should be at least $10,000 USD, and if the risk is $10 USD, the account size should be at least $1,000 USD According to some management guidelines, we cashback forex begin to consider the question of how much leverage should be used, depending on the size of the account and the type of transaction How much leverage to use The easiest way to explore leverage is to give examples so that you can understand how much leverage you should use for different account sizes and types of trades, here are some examples: $10,000 account - short term trader With a $10,000 account size, the trader can take a risk of $100 (1% of $10,000) if the trade risk (the difference between the bid price and the stop price) is 300 basis points, the trader can take the risk of $90 for a trade of 3 micro lots In this case, there would be no need to use leverage for this trade means putting in $3,000 (3 micro lots) and the account size ($10,000) is much larger than the amount of the trade If the difference between the stop level and the bid price for the trade is 75 basis points, you can take the risk is still $100, in this case you can make 1 mini lot (risk of $75) and 3 mini lots (risk of $22.5) you trade a total of 1.3 mini lots, that risk is $97.5, below the $100 risk you can afford 1.3 mini lots worth $13,000, you only have $10,000 in your account, so you need to use leverage in In this case, you need at least 2:1 leverage because then you can make a $20,000 trade (2 times $10,000), which is certainly enough to make a $13,000 trade If you hold multiple positions at the same time, you will need to use greater leverage, for example 5:1 and 10:1 each trade can have a different stop loss level, so it is better to set slightly higher leverage than underleverage Even if you can use more leverage, you dont necessarily have to If you are trading short with $1,000, see the article "Trading Forex Short with Less Than $1,000" for more details on trading successfully with small amounts of money $10,000 accounts for day traders Because the EURUSD currency pair usually fluctuates between 90 and 130 basis points, so traders will likely not risk more than 10-20 basis points on a trade single trade losses should be kept below 1% of the account value risk of 20 basis points means traders can make 50 micro lots or 5 mini lots with a risk of $100 in Eurodollar trading 5 mini lots worth $50,000, so leverage is needed (only $10,000 in the account) The risk is well controlled, so in this case, having leverage available is a huge advantage for the trading strategy Traders are very likely to open multiple positions at a similar level of risk If a trader holds two similar positions, it means deploying $150,000 in the market Therefore, a trader will need a minimum leverage of 15:1, but can even go up to 30:1 (a trader can deploy a $300,000 position) or 50:1 In addition to this, almost no one uses more leverage The same situation can be repeated for larger or smaller accounts If you only have $1,000 in your account and want to day trade, you may want to use 20 or 30:1 leverage Similar to the previous, you are risking $10 per trade on your position The size would be one tenth of the above example $5,000 account scalping insisting that the risk cannot exceed 1% of the deposit, the trader can risk $50 per trade (1% of $5,000) The scalpers risk per trade is usually smaller (basis point wise) assuming the trader risks 10 pips per trade This means that in a EURUSD trade If they lose 10 basis points in 5 mini lots, they will lose $50, or 1% of their account 5 mini lots cost $50,000, so a 10:1 leverage is needed to make the trade. This may be equally valid if multiple trades are made at once. :1 leverage, you can use 50:1 leverage to allow for leeway, but this is only necessary if you are holding multiple positions If you are taking one trade at a time, then 15 or 20:1 leverage is sufficient Why do brokers offer such high leverage?  Why do Forex brokers offer leverage of up to 500:1? The answer is very simple, it is to entice traders to think that they can $100 to make a desperate bet to make a profit in EURUSD for example, 1 micro lot costs $1000 and 1 mini lot is $10,000, so it takes at least $1000 to open an account, which means that traders need to use leverage in order to establish a minimum position most novice forex traders carry the delusion that they will risk Leverage provides the conditions for them to trade at much higher levels than 1% of their principal. Crazy high leverage makes people think they can make miraculous overnight profits, but this rarely happens SummaryHow much forex leverage should you use?  In the example above, you can calculate how much leverage you need to use based on account size and trade type Many traders may find that they dont actually need leverage, but its still good to have leverage available in your account, but if you dont need it, its not necessarily very much to use The market is always full of trades, so theres no need to throw your weight around and take a big risk on a trade If you have too much leverage, or use too much leverage for most traders, 50:1 is already too much leverage 20:1 is suitable for most day and short term traders Forex trading has a lot of risk and using too much leverage does not only mean huge losses, but also the possibility of blowing up the position Keeping the risk of each trade to 1% of the principal, traders will find less need for the huge leverage offered by brokers  This is a guest post by Cory Mitchell, a self-employed trader and chartered market technical analyst focusing on short to medium term technical strategies He is the founder of, a trader education and market analysis website

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