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How much money should I take to do the best forex trading

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There are a lot of foreign exchange friends are particularly tangled, rebatemean bestforexrebateginforex investment, especially foreign exchange investment, in the end best forex rebate good with small funds or large funds, in the end is good to do long term or short term, is a light position good or heavy position good? And so on, then use my years of practical experience to talk to you! First of all, the rebatesinforex problem, I ask you a question, as if you do business, ask the money is good to make money or money is good to make money, if you IQ ok then certainly choose the former, money risk resistance is large, even if a business failure rebateinforextrading start again, you have the follow-up money well! I dont think we need to go over this! Secondly, lets talk about the long cashback forex short term problem! There are many newcomers, especially new and no money newcomers, super like to do short term, the account of $ 300 fantasy every day there are dozens to hundreds of points ranging from earnings, a month is a year is wow, the more you think the more Kaisen, three or five years later they are Warren Buffett second, you can marry a rich woman I want to say, you wake up, pro, not to mention your original capital risk resistance how, just say your fantasy of every day The investment market is open to your family? You want to take how much money from it to take how much money? Do you want it to fluctuate how much it fluctuates? The idea is very naive! Again, talk about risk and position, the size of the position directly linked to the risk! (Do not know what is the position, please Baidu) some people a heavy position, thinking that this one must be fishing pen big! This kind of only consider the return but never consider the risk of the mentality itself is extremely dangerous, but also an investment novice and veteran of the biggest, most essential difference! The investment market is a double-edged sword, can bring you happiness but also can bring you into hell, veterans, experts first consider is "into the market, how can first preserve the principal", first not to lose money, and then talk about earnings! So, they do a single of the first consideration is "stop loss", I can only lose this single up to how much! Because do the worst, even if I failed, I also have the capital to start over! The green hills are not a source of worry! The new hand, only consider the immediate, yes he may taste the sweet, 300 dollars doubled to 600, and 900, suddenly feel like Soros in the world! With the accumulation of funds, the position is getting bigger and bigger, yes, you can earn N 100%, account doubled N times, but as long as there is a failure, you immediately return to the liberation! Many newcomers in such a bulls-eye cycle back and forth! Account burst and then into 300, burst and then into 300 until you become a burst professional! The best blaster of the year! So, in summary, to give you advice: one, investment is the need for a certain amount of capital, $ 50,000 is the minimum investment! Investment market when playing money place, if you want to actually get some gains, or for us small and medium-sized investors, equivalent to the family more than one person in the money, can actually play some support role in your life! The original capital is necessary, the brothers advice is at least 50,000 U.S. dollars, for the word "investment", 50,000 U.S. dollars is more gluttonous, you go to ask friends playing stocks, 50,000 U.S. dollars, 300,000 RMB, people will probably laugh at you! But the foreign exchange market we have leverage, 50,000 dollars is the minimum investment! On the one hand you can place enough lots! On the other hand, you can resist the risk of the unknown! Its not like youre going to be completely GAMEOVER because of a few failures. Second, small capital to do not can not, if you say in the practice of technology, familiar with the market! Not to make money! I will give you a big middle finger, oh, sorry, a thumbs up! This is right, because when you are in the novice stage, do not know anything, the probability of losing money is infinitely close to 100%, so you small capital to be frank, the worst case you have lost, but also paid tuition ah, but you also learned the experience of the real world, there is no excuse! Is worth it! But I hope you can do every single time you can get something! But some people say what "small capital is to burst earnings, is to heavy positions", do not believe you walk and see, you are certainly the modern version of the best blaster! Three, do short term, do long term can make money! But it is to different people earn! Do short term, need big money institutions, professional investors! They are not short of money, sitting on billions of dollars of capital, a single order of 100 hands, 200 hands, as long as the market to earn a small fluctuations can generate great gains, 100 hands to earn 30 points, you do the math is how much? Even if people fail, it does not matter, because the foreign exchange market is not always up all the time down, even if people do wrong, but because of the huge capital, always carry the price back to the day! We these people may be? If your father is Jack Mas youll think I fart! And we small and medium investors how to do it? Only a certain amount of raw capital plus long-term strategy, which is the only way to profit for people like us: 1. with a certain amount of risk-resistant capital! 2. light positions, strict risk control! 3. patience, spring sowing, only to harvest in the fall, you planted to the ground today, tomorrow pull out to see if it grows, the day after tomorrow pull out to see if it has not grown? Do you think you can harvest the crop? Its simple, investing is like planting, you have to give the market time, wait for it to grow, wait for it to come out of its own trend! Even a fool knows that only in the trend market is the best way to make money! 4. the right way! And this is what I want to share with you most at the moment! Welcome to give me a message, criticism, correction! We communicate more together and make progress together!

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