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How to avoid the risk of foreign exchange investment

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In fact, it best forex rebate still the same old topic, foreign rebatemean bestforexrebateginforex investment no expert scholars rebateinforextrading professors can understand to tell you what you have to do to make money, to make more money, if there is, probably you are met with a liar due to the special nature of the financial rebatesinforex, there is no invincible divine law, here are two small suggestions or mainly from the perspective of risk avoidance and improve the success rate  The first, light operation Because the foreign exchange market is almost 24 hours a week continuous operation, Monday morning, the Australian market to take the lead in trading, the evening after the New York market, other markets will continue to take over, so a separate time period of market analysis seems insignificant, after all, the ever-changing foreign exchange market to give us too much surprise and helplessness based on the special nature of the foreign exchange market trading, some people say that heavy positions will lose In fact, light positions The same can cashback forex be guaranteed to win and not lose, is completely wishful thinking perhaps because of the special nature of the financial market, there is no invincible legendary law, no matter how good the trading system or trading method, as long as the operation is not appropriate, failure is inevitable light position operation, up a little is also up, but down the loss is naturally the less the better in the simulation of the exercise, many friends of the exchange is a great achievement, so fantasy After the heavy position, wealth can accumulate rapidly Just everyone ignored a problem, after all, the simulation position is only a digital concept, even if you carry out the real operation, but inside you know that this is a rehearsal and the real position is the real wealth fluctuations, the capital market will make you greedy, will also make you feel fear, and both emotions will make people make the wrong operating instructions, or even a mistake, which leads to different Second, grasp the overall trend is very important to grasp the overall trend of the market is very important, unless the market trend is very clear, and they have enough confidence and wisdom to enter the market after entering the market, to learn to establish foreign exchange account positions, because the choice of the appropriate level of exchange rates and the timing of the establishment of positions is the premise of profit At the same time, but also to learn to establish a stop-loss cut positions and profit closing points, the main purpose is to Prevent losses are too high and take out of the position stop measures and in the process of profit closing should also be flexible in response to the link between buying and selling, you can properly refer to the principle of buying up not buying down foreign exchange trading and stock trading principle is similar, because the process of rising prices only one point is to buy the wrong, that is, when the price rises to the top, in addition, it can be said that other choices are correct and vice versa, in the down channel In the first time to buy a currency, the currency exchange rate rises, if you want to increase positions to increase investment, or should follow the principle that each time the number of additional positions less than the last so that the number of additional purchases will be less and less, after all, the higher the price, the greater the possibility of approaching the rise, the greater the danger is also beware of high places oh but never add positions when you lose money, when encountering the market suddenly in the opposite direction When you encounter the market suddenly to the opposite direction of the rush, there will want to add positions and then do a fight, which is very dangerous, because you do not know where the bottom of the downward in the end need to add a point is that many times foreign exchange and stocks are very similar, there will be a lot of gossip, true or false, and even some but the dealer laid a trap for these news, do not go with the flow, after all, foreign exchange investment is not the place where most people can make money small Funds to do a single suggestion: 1, survival first, development second 2, only do intraday short 3, daily operation not more than 5 times, daily profits of more than 100 yuan after trying not to do a single 4, only do 1 variety per day Second, find yourself a few guiding philosophy suggestions: 1, establish the concept of opportunity every day, wait patiently, waiting for the rabbit 2, establish the concept of a protracted war, to overcome the impatience to win  3、Establish the concept of not losing that win, the reasonable use of stop-loss 4、Establish the concept of bagging for peace, the appropriate time to turn the floating profits into real profits Third, the use of a set of fixed profit tactics suggested: 1、Find a mean you are most familiar with as a guide, grasp the intra-day direction 2、Only do a trading direction, in your mean above only do more, in your mean below only do short 3、Find your most profitable time period every day, try to In this time period to give full play to their advantages 4, daily summary of experience to continuously improve your method of warfare, abandon the high and low ignore the short and long a goal to accumulate positions

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