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How to correctly choose the long and short term of forex trading

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   The foreign exchange market accord rebatemeaninginforexg to the length of rebatesinforex can be roughly divided into four ways: ultra-short- best forex rebate operation, short term operation, medium cashback forex long term operation, long term operation specific time rebateinforextrading bestforexrebate strictly divided, which leads to many foreign exchange investors can not correctly distinguish between long term operation and short term operation, so fail to accurately grasp the timing, and finally win a small loss, can not achieve the ideal In fact, the short-term or long-term options are to consider a variety of factors, comprehensive consideration from the individual, calm personality, strong mental capacity, in case of panic, in case of busy, you can choose more long term operation because long term operation requires investors to have sufficient confidence and patience, pay attention to the reverse thinking, low intervention, high exit to wait patiently for the right time to capture the rich food like a lion as the saying goes The three years not open, open to eat three years and impatient personality, sharp thinking, strong win-lose concept, poor psychological tolerance, you can choose more short term operation, because it is about following the trend, enter at high, exit at higher, fast in and fast out, chase the price difference to do a gun for a child, flexible guerrilla, set less into more, set the armpit into a fur, and eventually can also get satisfactory results from the market, to accurately grasp the On the basis of the market situation, up potential down potential more long term, consider the focus on the trend of commodity contracts, technical analysis of more daily K-line chart, weekly K-line chart, wait patiently, looking for the best opportunity; consolidation potential more short term, consider the focus on the volatility of commodity contracts, technical analysis of more five-minute chart, hourly chart, fast in and fast out, inventory funds, fully reflect the time value of money if you ride on the dark horse or catch the The market, to gradually raise the stop-win point method of operation so that not only to avoid the risk, but also to obtain greater benefits and when the market popularity is scattered, many hedgers, people talk about the time, the price is very low, we all think there is no opportunity, the market volume is small, you can choose the long term trading, do not have to set up a stop-loss point, only set a profit point, patiently hold the foreign exchange contract when the market is crowded, the index High, the popularity of the time, the volume is dramatically enlarged, is the time for investors to obtain the results of victory from the price side, summarize a longer period of price fluctuations in the range of reference, compare the price of their entry, the price is low to do long term, do not see rabbits do not scatter eagles, a time to earn enough, in case the situation reverses can also be a small profit exit; price high to do short term, flexible access, earn money in hand is money, the situation is not right also Will not be high hedge whether long term or short term, have a good mental capacity, to carefully analyze the technical indicators, keen grasp, different from person to person, different from time to time, to avoid risk in the foreign exchange market, gain

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