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How to determine when it is a homeopathic trade

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Foreign exchange basics, to know what th bestforexrebategs homeopathic trading, as the name implies best forex rebate to follow the current rebateinforextrading to buy rebatesinforex sell, for most traders, homeopathic trading is still acceptable, he is indeed one of the most commonly used trading methods in the current speculative market, whether in foreign or domestic foreign exchange trading to know what things homeopathic trading, how to judge homeopathic trading, as the name implies is to follow the current trend to buy and sell. Although there is no problem in understanding homeopathic trading, however, this is only the surface meaning of homeopathic trading in the actual transaction, it is cashback forex easy to start because there are many uncertainties, that is, the trend analysis and judgment because the same trend, for different traders have different views Second, for the choice of Some traders like to follow large trends, while others like to follow small trends. This leads to traders to chase the situation, and chase the same is a big problem, but whether you agree with homeopathic trading, but he is indeed one of the most commonly used trading methods in the speculative market, both abroad and in the country because homeopathic trading is closer to the side of the market, and the development of the market trend will often have a process, just some process is short, some process is long study The direction of the trend is to study the current market dynamics, recognize what the current market is doing and the win rate on the side of the market is often greater, at least I can think that the market will not often, suddenly change its current direction of movement, which is the trend of inertia and counter-market traders by virtue of the market more or less transformed they think the market runs a period of upward trend, will inevitably run However, what they may not have thought of is that a mainstream trend is not easily changed, especially a large level trend such as the beginning of the commodity bull market in 2004, especially copper, he started the bull market in 02 to 05 years today is still not the end of the trend and although the small level of the trend will be obvious some short and long transformation, but they transform the Strength is far different, for example, a rebatemeaninginforex uptrend prices rose 10 yuan, but the subsequent short-term downtrend of its strength is generally difficult to reach 10 yuan, or even difficult to reach 5 yuan and if the market itself is in a large bull market, short-term downtrend may end very quickly, so grasp the difficulty is even greater, the risk and reward ratio is not good However, if you follow the general trend, and against the trend of small levels and How about it? This to can be a try, and many experts will also use this method of opening operations, but the use of this must be noted that absolutely not in the case of losses continue to increase the code for most traders, trading with the trend is still acceptable, but in some details do vary, the following to see how we should follow the trend of the first question is how to judge the trend of the problem of how to judge the trend, which It is important if the trend is judged wrong, then there is little point in following the trend against the trend because you do not know the current trend, then how to follow it? The trend is still a lot of methods of judgment, there are averaging system, there is Dow Theory, there are trend theory, etc. But we must fix the use of a set of methods, that is, their own set of methods to determine the trend so that you can achieve consistency before and after the trend judgment here I will give you a method, this method or a combination of these classic trend analysis theory first we divided the direction of the trend for up, down and sideways, this is not much of a problem second is to divide the level of the trend, we generally divide the trend into a small level of trend, short-term trends, medium-term trends, and long-term trends small level of trend refers to the performance of prices in a short period of time, generally 1-3 days between the small level of trend often occurs in the short-term trend and the opposite direction, which is what we call a small level of rebound or retracement, but this has little impact on the The overall trend does not have much impact and once the small level trend is replaced by a new high or new low, is often a better entry point, either to open a position or to increase the short-term trend refers to the performance of the price in the short term, up, down or sideways we generally see whether his price is about 3 days to 10 days of new highs if so, then we can say that the current price of the short-term trend is up the same short-term downtrend is also the same The reason, only the price is the new low within the specified time Of course, if the day close can maintain this new high or new low on the best how to understand the 3 days to 10 days of new high or new low it? 3 days of new high is the third day of the high than the previous two days any of the highest points are higher, at this time we can be called 3 days of new high then 10 days can also be understood, the new low is the other way around well In addition to that We should also note that the short-term uptrend and short-term downtrend is alternating cycles, that is, between the two short-term rise, there is bound to be a short-term downtrend medium-term trend is the appropriate extension of the time period, generally refers to 20 days to 50 days or so, whether the short-term trend to create a new high or new low within the specified number of days this short-term trend and short-term trend in the days is a meaning, that is, we put short-term trend as a whole (that is, short-term trend in a day), and then see whether the overall price of the current new high to determine whether the current price is in the medium-term uptrend, then, the medium-term downtrend is the same reasoning long-term trend is the same reasoning, as long as the time period is extended some more on it, but this does not require a very detailed understanding, because the general trend can still be a glance Instead, the short-term, medium-term trends we can see is not very clear in addition to this method to determine the trend level, we can also verify the current trend according to the trend line to determine whether the accuracy of short-term trends with short-term trend line, that is, the price of the lows are connected in turn, to see if a straight line medium-term trends is to connect the low point of the short-term trend, to see if the line above the essence, the trend The biggest role of the line is to determine the strength of the trend development medium-term trend is composed of short-term uptrend and short-term downtrend and long-term trend and medium-term trend up and short-term (or medium-term downtrend) at the same time the development of the trend also has the problem of strength and weakness trend strength, one is to look at the slope of the trend line, up steep is generally up strong; one is to look at the daily combination, strong uptrend is generally The last is a continuous positive line up whether there is a general trend with the trend and so on if the trend is strong at the beginning, often later will be strong this is the trend strength of the trend relationship which is also more important for the selection of the opening point of the trend is judged well, there may be some problems can be solved homeopathic trading, in the end with which potential? First of all, I think we should follow the trend level is relatively large that potential, followed by the trend strength is relatively large that potential medium-term uptrend, it is best not to rush to do short; medium-term downtrend should not rush to do more, while the medium-term cross trend can not do more then the short-term trend and how to follow it? Although there are many traders in the uptrend in the adjustment phase to buy, so do is to follow the trend of the big level, but the short-term but against the short-term trend although so operating profit space is relatively large, but the adjustment in the buy must not buy early, or may not wait for the arrival of the uptrend has been a stop loss or liquidated out of the So, I think the short-term trend is best to comply with the compliance with the short-term trend can make themselves in a more flexible position, but as long as the homeopathic will have a problem, that is, the buy point in the short term too high, or buy after the price is subsequently adjusted slightly in order to avoid this problem, then we can buy at the beginning of the formation of the short-term trend then this can provide a profit guarantee for future buying, how to say? If you have some profit in the first position, then the second position next to a certain loss will not have too much psychological burden, to provide a guarantee for a smooth passage of short-term adjustments, and once the price regains strength, then you have gone into profit, for the price fluctuations can be disposed of without fear of holding a winning part is always more secure than holding a losing part, which is also the normal heart, so, this inside The best entry point is involved because this time the ratio of profit and risk is the most ideal in the homeopathic trading, the most needed psychology is to wait patiently although I give the opportunity to trade this way is not little, but will not often appear so in the trading opportunity to appear before, only wait patiently to be able to make a few less mistakes, will be able to more success, this is completely proportional to the relationship between 3 transactions to catch a big market and 10 transactions to catch a big market, which method do you think is better? No patience often leads to intervention too early, intervention too early to withstand the fluctuations of the market, because at this time has not yet fully developed up or may still be in a downtrend, and these situations you often can not hold out or your stop-loss plan will not let you continue to adhere to the rush to earn a fortune, often leading us to lose patience, impatient, too early to intervene in the market too late and too early corresponding to the Some traders have to see the trend very clearly before they start to intervene, and if the market develops to the point where everyone can see it very clearly, the trend will often start to weaken, adjust or even reverse, so too early and too late is not the ideal time to intervene. However, they may not understand that the spread of information takes time or the explanation of information also needs the spread of information takes time which we can all understand, some news may take some time to reach you what is the explanation of information? For a certain information, you may think there is no role, but the market that there is a role, but this role is slowly being explained, and when you are explained to understand, perhaps the market has developed a large part of the

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