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How to grasp the 5-minute chart

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   Foreign exchange market bestforexrebate changes, accord rebatesinforexg to the time of the different, can be divided into rebateinforextrading best forex rebate (tick chart), minute chart, hourly chart, daily chart, weekly chart cashback forex monthly chart, etc., different trend chart has its unique behavior character rebatemeaninginforextics, if not master these characteristics, the tools of technical analysis has lost its meaning most investors Do single are accustomed to look at the instant chart to do, instant chart a move, jump into the field, but also some people according to the pre-planned price after buying, the instant chart fell quickly, they hurriedly cut single, which are not understand the characteristics of the performance of the instant chart instant charts main role is only to accurately record the price level, the direction of its trend, at any time will change in normal circumstances, the instant chart fluctuations are relatively small foreign exchange price changes, basically Waves of ups and downs, in the rising waves, there will be a lot of down small waves involved in the interval Therefore, the hourly chart is basically up, the price level of the 5-minute chart may be falling, while the instant chart in 5 minutes may be up and down many times, therefore, experienced investors will not let themselves be led by the instant chart Some investors in accordance with the plan after the order, and consciously avoid looking at the instant chart, so as not to disturb the mood in the instant chart for After a detailed study, it can be found that in addition to its precise and easy to change characteristics, there are sensitive characteristics such as when the Australian dollar crossover rate is stronger than the pound, investors hold in hand to buy the pound single, when the pound price rises to meet the resistance point, investors may refer to the Australian dollar instant chart, because the Australian dollar is stronger, its instant chart may be the first to break through the resistance point, when the pound buy orders can be closed without haste in addition. In addition, when according to the plan into the single, but the resistance point price is not found, there have been dozens of points of loss, you can closely observe the instant chart, the price of a new breakthrough, that is, it is appropriate to consider cutting losses single than the sensitive and changeable instant chart, the 5-minute chart seems much more calm, 5-minute chart is characterized by the price of resistance points, support points are more sensitive, suitable for catching the timing of the single, single strictly speaking, many methods of technical analysis Used in the 5-minute chart, its reliability are to play a big discount, because the 5-minute chart is characterized only by resistance points, support points sensitive, and its ups and downs usually do not have the trend direction of the implication of just rely on the 5-minute chart to find the resistance points, the strength is usually not much most investors are accustomed to doing short term, especially the day before the close of the market to close the short term operation for such investors, they The best tools for making orders are not instant charts, 5-minute charts, but 15-minute charts, hourly charts

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