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How to install MetaTrader5 (MT5) software on top of WindowsVPS host

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Step 1: Preparation (purchase a WindowsVPS host) Because MetaTrader5 (MT5) PC version is required to be installed in the Windows system, so we need to have a Windows system VPS Here I I used SugarHosts merchant WINVPS (SugarHosts c best forex rebatey host WindowsVPS installation system / speed / performance experience) domestic VPS recommended to choose Ali bestforexrebate rebateinforex rebatesinforex (Ali cloud server coupons, Ali cloud server vouchers to receive, Ali cloud latest promotions) or Tencent cloud server (Tencent cloud server latest promotions) The Tencent Cloud server coupons Tencent Cloud vouchers) foreign VPS server is recommended to choose the very cost-effective Vultr ( rebatemeaninginforex directly to the purchase page)  Step 2: Download MT5 software MetaTrader5 software can be downloaded at your foreign exchange service provider or directly to the official website of MetaTrader5, usually we can choose the latest version of MT5MetaTrader5 offers a wealth of trading features to foreign exchange and exchange traders: a full range of trading orders for flexible trading of foreign exchange and stocks two position account systems: unilateral positions and locked positions with an unlimited number of charts and 21 time periods and one-minute market history; technical analysis with more than 80 built-in technical indicators and analytical tools basic analysis built on Powerful algorithmic trading and built-in MQL5 development environmentThe most professional and comprehensive trading application store in MetaTrader Market trading signals allow you to automatically replicate the trades of successful tradersBuilt-in Forex VPS alert system is used to track all important market eventsStep 3: Install MetaTrader5 (MT5) Click on the MT5 installation file downloaded in step 2 and follow the instructions step by step to install it Choose the installation language and click cashback forex Read the advice of the trading platform developer and click Next On the next window, carefully read the license agreement If you agree, then check Yes, I agree to all the terms of the license file Click Next Choose the folder where you want to install the program If you want to use the suggested folder If you want to use the recommended folder, just click Next. If not, click Browse to select the folder and click Next. On the next window, select Groups in the program menu and click Next. MetaTrader starts the program immediately and then click End. You can also start MT5 by going to Start-Programs-MetaTrader or by clicking on the application shortcut on your desktop and start your journey to MT5 Forex EA hookups!

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