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How to judge the resistance and support

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best forex rebate and rebates rebatemeaninginforexforex up and down the space of the two forms of expression, the gold bestforexrebate chart cashback forex a clear evidence of the contrast between the strength of the two sides, multiple strength when going up, short strength when going down, so simple as a person climbing and skiing, climbing rebateinforextrading encounter obstacles, affecting the upward speed; skiing will also encounter resistance, so that the slide does not go down, the gold market will evolve into resistance and Support a, resistance short force strong, long force weak place on the formation of resistance in practice, because of the consistency of public expectations, the following areas often become obvious resistance area: 1, the day the gold price opened lower than the previous close in the process of climbing up will meet resistance here, this is because after a night of thinking, more than short sides to the previous close reached a consensus, the opening of the day, if the gold price opened lower, indicating that the selling intention Very thick in the process of gold price rebound, on the one hand, will be ready to be hit by new selling, on the other hand, when close to the former closing, the morning accumulation of selling will take effect, so that the long easily over this pass 2, the day after the opening to go lower because in the opening price at a large number of selling, so the rebound back here will encounter resistance 3, the reason why the formation of the former high point, because here there is an obvious selling backlog, when the gold price in this blocked back down Once again, once close to the former high, there will be new shorting forces involved, the long side will also become cautious in the trend chart will form a clear M-head pattern, and most of the time the right side of the high will be lower than the left side of the high 4, due to the psychological role of people, some integer mark often become an important resistance when rising The purpose of the identified resistance area is to sell at the highest point or the next highest point, generally can be in the entry Judgment resistance area before selling, or when the gold price from the high after slipping, in the second time close to this high Times sell Second, the support level can not fall down the place that is the support level, the common support level have the following categories: 1, after the opening if go high, back down to the opening price, because the buying deposit more, support force will be stronger 2, before the closing if the gold price from the high back down, before the closing support force is also stronger 3, before the low point last The formation of the low point area will generally become peoples psychological support level, its reasoning and resistance area is the same 4, the previous high resistance, once effectively crossed, because of the accumulation of more buying, again when falling back, will generally get support Judgment support level is to strive to buy in the low area, from the above analysis can be seen, support and resistance is a pair of contradictions can be transformed into each other, the original resistance level after the breakthrough in turn can become Support level, the original support level after the breakthrough can also become a resistance level The grasp of the support and resistance levels help to judge the market, such as rushing through the resistance area, indicating that the market is very strong, you can buy; fall below the support area, indicating that the market is very weak, you can sell

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