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How to Get the Most Out of Sirius XM Live Chat

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Sirius XM is a name synonymous with satellite radio, but the company also boasts an impressive array of online services. The company is located in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. In order to take advantage of their offerings, it is best to call up their customer service line and inquire about what they have to offer.

You may want to consider signing up for a free trial or subscribing to their coveted service. If you"re new to the SXM game, you"ll need to know that there are several different subscription packages to choose from, including free, paid, and premium. Depending on the package, you"ll be charged a one-time activation fee, a monthly subscription, or an annual rate. For your money, you"ll receive access to Sirius XM"s dozens of channels, including sports, music, comedy, news, and more. Those who opt for the paid service also get to enjoy the benefits of Sirius XM"s subscription perks like a personal assistant. Unlike its competitors, XM subscribers are also offered unlimited data on select devices. Interestingly, Sirius XM"s website has a surprisingly robust customer service department, if you can"t make it to the phone. Aside from getting the most out of your subscription, you can learn a lot about the company by reading reviews, chatting with customer service representatives, and taking their online quizzes.

For example, if you have a subscription to the aforementioned SXM service, you"ll be privy to a number of cool perks, including Sirius XM"s Guardian program, which will allow you to be alerted in case of an emergency. Furthermore, the company"s Uconnect system will allow you to connect to your favorite shows and listen to your favorite playlists in the car.

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