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In the waves of the foreign exchange market not drowned are worth learning

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I myself best forex rebate just a small ordinary trader, rebateinforextrading outst rebatemeaninginforexing do almost ten years, there are some feelings, on the record because they have experienced the process of figuring out, know cashback forex bestforexrebate is very difficult, it is easy to get lost, if the wrong path to make the effort, both loss of money, and waste of time to see some friends, very much like the year itself, so If I write something beneficial to them, then it is very gratifying thing of course, because the level is limited, so, to position themselves is to inspire newcomers - ahem, can only be mixed in this level on the topic of trading techniques, I rarely say, not to keep it secret, but really lack of good I use the techniques, a John Murphy seniors In fact, its not that complicated at all. Its mainly the use of averages and range breakouts, also refer to volatility in technology, I really am a little uninspired. Manual operation, as if a craftsman it we this type, often think that technology is not the key to success this thing is only the appearance the logic under the surface is the most important, that is, the trading concept concept, as the name implies, reason, belief, that is, the rebatesinforex that you can hold a firm belief in the truth of this truth, for you, is the truth first to find the truth, followed by faith in the truth, with a firm belief in the truth Then the question becomes clear: First, is the truth you have discovered the truth? Second, is your faith in this truth? In fact, everyone has his own truth! Only, not all truths are truths. For example, my father, he is an old stockholder, his performance is not very good his philosophy is: the Chinese Communist Party will not sit back and watch the stock market fall! So, the stock market will definitely rise even if there is a fall, but also temporary short of one year, long of three years so, buy stocks to hold, hedge also to hold, more than three years of the cycle, there are opportunities to unwind! Where does this idea originate? From his life experience, and the review of the history of the trend of this is the truth? It is really difficult but he is very firm and sure of it, loss on the set, set on the hold so we need a set of criteria for judging the truth if there is no standard, how do we know the truth we have found, is it the truth? If it is not the truth, but the sophistry that would be tragic, the stronger the belief, the more wrong, the more outrageous, the north is then what is the truth? It is generally believed that the truth means the correct reflection of objective things extremely laws, that is, the more close to the objective reality, the more able to reveal the properties of things, laws, the essence, the more the truth For example, from ancient times to the present, people on earth believe that the sun is red, rising and setting every day, will heat, will shine Is this the truth? This is not modern scientific proof, red is the visual effect of the combination of the eye and light, not the suns original, undeniable properties of the east and west is also a subjective feeling, rather than its true law of operation, the real law is the rotation of rotation as for the light and heat, only part of the right, not deep enough, scientists will tell us that light and heat from nuclear fusion, this statement is closer to the essence of the truth Can be divided into absolute truth and relative truth I am discussing, are relative truth relative truth is subject to certain conditions, in a certain context, such as the Earth we live under the background, or to the background of human society, to the current human understanding, the level of science and technology for the conditions Why add these restrictions? Because there are some admirable philosophers in history who have engaged in some studies, I really do not understand their search for absolute truth, serious, do not break the sand pot to the end is not to rest I think that the thing beyond our existing conditions and background, we can not understand, just like the blind to identify the color, very difficult for people if the color is the absolute truth, then the blind can not identify, the truth will not be meaningful to the blind, right? If color is an absolute truth, then the blind person cannot discern it, and that truth is meaningless to the blind person, is it not? Does the blind man have to stop living because he cant distinguish colors? Just because he has not lived the truth? Of course not. In the world of the blind, in their civilization, there is another set of relative truths that apply to them, and it is much more important for them to follow the latter correctly than to try desperately to figure out the meaning of colors. This question may have been thought of by many people I came from my mothers womb, mothers womb is the ancestors came, ancestors are monkeys came, monkeys are the ocean came, the ocean is the combination of hydrogen and oxygen came, the combination of hydrogen and oxygen is the birth of the Earth came, the Earth is the solar system came, the solar system is the galaxy came, the galaxy is the big bang came, the big bang is the singularity came ...... Where did the singularity come from? No matter how back, the beginning of matter is always earlier matter, so where did the earliest matter come from? If there is an earlier matter than the "earliest" matter, that is the paradox: who is the earliest? This question can not be so dog wagging the tail to go on later "Tao Te Ching" gave an answer: from nothing, I read it, and kneeled Yes, it must be so Yang is initially Yin, Yin is initially Yang can only be so, otherwise it will fall into the paradox of a thing, the most most most at the beginning, must be generated from his opposite later swallowed a bit of quantum mechanics science, about the content of microscopic particles let me very In other words, the consciousness of the observer is part of matter. In other words, consciousness is a part of matter. To put it more seriously, consciousness is a material for building matter. What does it mean? I increasingly agree with the Buddhas point of view, that is, for what the origin of the universe ah, the end of time ah, the nature of matter ah, I actually really have no interest in exploring a sentence, I am there, they are not they are my opposites we can say are separated in the yin and yang - we care what he does! This side of the matter is not yet clear, and still worry about the other side! Explore the truth, no problem, thinking is not a bad thing but, everything is too much, overthinking, is not a good thing if questioned: does absolute truth exist? Do humans have the ability to discover absolute truth? If what is discovered is not absolute truth, does it make sense to follow relative truth? I think, this is all ...... amount, how to say it, idle around a big circle, or talk about trading it from the above definition of truth, to discover the truth about the futures market, that is to answer the following three questions: 1, the basic properties of the market? 2, the laws of operation of the market? 3, the nature of the market? The word "market" is very rich in meaning and has a very wide extension. The most important thing for technical traders like us is the price movement of the market, and if you handle it well, youll be able to handle the market. This is much simpler and less ambiguous. Here, I am not going to expand on my answers due to space limitations, but I think traders can ask themselves to see if they have clear and definite answers to these 3 questions. In my market view, the basic property of the market is uncertainty, so my trading method must be based on the prevention and control of risk, while in the market view of some traders, there is some kind of microscopic certainty of opportunity, then his trading method, style, and I must be very different. -I would like to say that it is not important what this truth is (because practice has shown that many traders have different truths, but are very successful - remember, there is no absolute truth, but there is a relative truth for different people and different market conditions). The most important thing is that you have to convince yourself that you really believe and are willing to entrust yourself to it Therefore, the process of discovering the truth, it is very important Buddhism says that there are 3 ways to practice, the first is to read, the second to think, the third is to practice reading from, the most shallow; their own thinking, for example, I discussed the origin of the universe above, although very rudimentary, but their own brains ah, to get the I can see with my own eyes how the chain of logic is deduced, the understanding is still a lot deeper ultimately, as the saying goes, on paper, you will find it shallow, know the matter to do what others tell you, after all, not your own things - people, to believe wholeheartedly in a thing, is very difficult because believe means to trust, trust means to let go, let go means to undertake. Trust means letting go, letting go means taking the risk of losing control people, in the constraints of survival instincts, the most reluctant to give up is the right to control Lets say that a person is sick, he heard that someone is a good doctor, a little believe; see him cured other patients, more believe; their own personal experience, take the medicine, get better, you really believe and will recommend the doctor to others philosophy reasoning The belief that both reason and belief in not finding the truth before we have been exploring after finding, if still exploring ...... must be a bit wrong human nature is sometimes very good at self-deception he found a lot of reason, are not satisfied, are not considered the truth, or at least is not true enough why such a problem Why this problem? Because the starting point is the wrong definition of truth, lets revisit it: to reveal the essence of objective things and laws So, in the process of exploring the truth, what must be the core ah? Around what? --Objective things! But the human heart sometimes changes its concept, instead of starting from the outside, it replaces the standard and makes the "ego" the ultimate standard for judging the truth. I know a local program trading friends, fat, big glasses he is always doing optimization of the system, but also always in the loss of money I think he is much higher than the general level of personal speculators, but also can not understand what he is going to ask him, what you are not satisfied with the program? He said, I hope to develop a program consistent with their own views on the market I was laughing at the time he did so many years of programmatic research, but did not understand the essence of programmatic trading, or objective trading method - to put down the ego, no ego sense is too strong, or rather, the sense of self importance, too strong, really should not be programmed is to take the The reason is that, in its default, people are a negative factor, because of human nature, so people in trading, is a minus point to take out will be better and my friend, simply can not take out that is to say, he developed a program, testing, looking at the win rate, profit and loss ratio, frequency, Sharpe, etc. and put into practice, but concern: this single open, whether and my view of the market If the view is not consistent, he will be difficult if the single is to make money, he also difficult, can not wait to close the bag if it is a loss, he will be more difficult! Can not help but yell at the system is a stupid, originally they can make, but called the stupid to do a loss! --Switch systems! Change the system! This kind of persons world, the whole galaxy is revolving around him if you have to let him retire, or step aside, it is to pro-life to put it bluntly, is the fear, is insecurity, is no trust to anyone, any program, any trading laws, any reasoning can not be trusted - he only trusts himself sadly, their own master to Do trading, and still lose, so even he can not trust himself or rather, want to trust himself, but can not, but do not dare, but also refused to give up So they indulge in developing trading programs every day, hoping to develop something that can both meet their own views, to prove their own bullish, but also to meet their own desires - to make a lot of money The mistake he made , is not to profoundly review their own trading ideas, as well as dissect their own character flaws truth is not outside, to look inward, are inside themselves Author: Mao Dong

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