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In-depth analysis of the four types of algorithmic trading systems in foreign exchange

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Ch rebatesinforexas cashback forex bestforexrebate derivatives best forex rebate market has not been fully opened, but the current participation in foreign exchange trading has been more than ten million people For Chinas financial market, the application of rebateinforextradingic trading is also just beginning But, algorithmic trading in the international financial market has been very widely used, its execution speed, efficiency rebatemeaninginforex liquidity management have played a In the application of algorithmic trading in foreign exchange trading, foreign exchange trading is different from stock, futures and options trading, it has its own characteristics, not every algorithmic trading can be used in foreign exchange trading Common algorithms include: time-weighted average price algorithm, segmentation order algorithm, black ice algorithm, price algorithm, balance impact and risk algorithm, minimization impact algorithm, cumulative allocation algorithm, trading Lot size percentage algorithm, weighted average price algorithm, reach price algorithm such as: balance impact and risk algorithm, minimization impact algorithm can only be used in U.S. options trading; black ice algorithm can only be used in U.S. spread contracts and futures trading, trading volume percentage algorithm is applied to futures and stock trading and can really be used in the foreign exchange market trading algorithm only accumulate distribution algorithm ( Accumulate/Distribute), reach price algorithm (ArrivalPrice), segmented order algorithm and time-weighted average price algorithm (TWAPTimeWeighetdAverageprice) four kinds of I. Accumulate/Distribute algorithm In foreign exchange trading, Accumulate/Distribute algorithm (Accumulate/ Distrbute) by cutting a large size of foreign exchange trading orders into a number of smaller size of foreign exchange trading orders, these smaller size of foreign exchange trading orders in the time period defined by the trader at random intervals to fill, and thus can help a foreign exchange trader in the case of not being noticed by the market, to trade the best trading price of the large orders The algorithm is also commonly used in foreign exchange In the process of using the algorithm, the forex trader also needs to decide whether to wait until the current order is executed before submitting the next order, if such a transaction is not desired, then additional orders can be sent out at randomized intervals, these orders will be accumulated in the transaction into one or more fairly large orders II, the reach price algorithm (ArrivalPrice) in Foreign exchange trading, ArrivalPrice algorithm (ArrivalPrice) need to consider the following factors: the average daily trading maximum size, risk aversion level, algorithm start time and end time, whether the algorithm allows trading beyond the end time and whether the algorithm allows the closing of positions before the end of the trading day, etc. Through the above factors set, ArrivalPrice ( If a trader wants to use the ArrivalPrice algorithm, he/she can set the maximum daily volatility between 1% and 5%, depending on the currency he/she is trading. The segmented order algorithm is generally used for larger trading size forex trading positions, or for risk-based considerations to execute orders in segments according to different price levels When the orders run in the right direction and reverse, the advantages of segmented orders really come into play In the segmented order algorithm, traders need to set a stop-loss amount ( OffsetAmount) is also when the worst-case scenario can be accepted when the maximum loss value if the exchange rate to the unfavorable direction, a component of the segmented order will not trade, until after the conditions can be executed segmented order trading IV, time weighted average price algorithm (TWAPTimeWeighetdAverageprice) time Weighted average price algorithm (TWAPTimeWeighetdAverageprice) in foreign exchange algorithmic trading is more common in foreign exchange trading, this algorithm is calculated from a foreign exchange trader from the submission of orders until the order is completed time weighted average price time weighted average price is not calculated from the time the trader enters a foreign exchange trading order until the foreign exchange market In addition, it is possible to set the algorithm start time and end time to determine when the algorithm will work and when it will end The time-weighted average price algorithm can be used not only in forex trading, but also in stock, futures and options trading As the internationalization of the Chinese yuan continues to accelerate, more and more ordinary investors are involved in forex trading, and among ordinary investors The vast majority of the financial refugees who have lost money speed up the popularization of algorithmic trading education and the development of algorithmic trading systems suitable for ordinary investors is a very urgent matter to benefit the country and save the people, Forexman since its inception has been committed to the research and development of artificial intelligence algorithmic trading, after ten years of efforts, has been awarded a number of national patents and national soft record of algorithmic trading systems, we also hope that through the development of algorithmic trading products can help more We also hope that through our research and development of algorithmic trading products we can help more ordinary investors. Algorithmic trading has improved greatly in terms of execution speed and efficiency, which not only brings convenience and stability of profitability to ordinary investors, but also significantly increases the number of transactions, and plays a positive role in the liquidity of brokers, which, of course, also brings a certain amount of increase in brokerage commissions, which itself is a certain fixed profit.  I believe that in the next few years, with the development of artificial intelligence, the application of algorithmic trading in foreign exchange will be an essential part of Chinas foreign exchange market

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