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that year bestforexrebate w best forex rebateered in the stock cashback forex, struggling to find the way to financial transactions every day back from work, feeling only a new start to the day open the speculative software and financial websites, busy reviewing, thinking, a word a paragraph carefully read the news   I think the best state of learning in life than the days before the age of 30 when crossed the year of standing The family and work chores will divert ones attention so, for those who come later, if you want to join the financial industry, I suggest to rush before the age of 30 to lay a solid foundation, read more books that hit the bottom, rather than just pursuing trading skills After rebatemeaninginforexing a few years of stocks I began to contact the rebateinforextrading rebatesinforex market with many friends who do foreign exchange trading, with a strong desire to get rich and came to live a The day and night to do foreign exchange than stocks to hard and boring a lot, but also more opportunities stocks can only buy and sell once a day, up to make money, buy the wrong day can not sell only four hours a day trading stock time, to the evening time wasted   so I came into contact with foreign exchange after being hooked foreign exchange is a 24-hour market, and from Monday to Friday all-weather trading. I remember when I first speculated in foreign exchange, the face of the green K line is at a loss to distinguish why it will rise, why it will fall, and do not know how to analyze my wife after dinner, like to move a stool to sit next to me, to the computer I think its a good idea to take out a coin and flip it heads and tails to decide to buy up and buy down In retrospect, this is also some of the fun I experienced speculating in foreign exchange after losing two thousand dollars, I feel that this thing is too difficult to grasp, there is no rule, and quit to do the stock again to my wife but addicted to foreign exchange, every day she came back from work to eat dinner and started to speculate until the loss of More than 20,000 U.S. dollars in it, I no longer allow her to participate in foreign exchange trading I continue to do more than a year of stocks, the stock market is too difficult to do in those years, the market is not as good as a year, around the speculation of stocks are losing a lot of money, feel a god to also speculate not good so I looked for another way back to the foreign exchange Experienced some years of trials and tribulations in front, this time back to the foreign exchange market feel a sudden I realized that the foreign exchange market still has a lot of laws to find if you look at the daily trend of foreign exchange, and stock trends are similar speculation to see the subject matter, look at the news broadcasts to do foreign exchange to see the face of the Federal Reserve, look at a variety of economic data technical analysis methods, stocks and foreign exchange are connected, such as the red three soldiers foretell the market is bullish, the bottom cross represents the market to reverse The broken head guillotine shows that there is a big drop in the market, and so on and so forth analysis method of the same lineage & nbsp; foreign exchange also has jumped high and low, and the frequency of occurrence than the stock market to more than the stock market, especially the data market, back and forth sweep single, so that people can not distinguish the direction of the old stockholders know, back and forth sweep single, is the main force wash action, as long as the phenomenon to see the essence, not be confused by the main force, go with the flow, you can be invincible & nbsp nbsp; do foreign exchange can go up or down, these years to do down the experience I have accumulated a lot, think the main profit method there are two points first, can not be greedy greed is the culprit of speculation and foreign exchange losses, the main force is to create all kinds of traps, so that the small set in which you want a greedy, trapped in it can not get out second, I think the main thing is to do the wave, follow the trend to eat fish do not eat the whole, as long as you can eat A wave of the trend of the fish body can be, the fish head and tail can not grasp, do not force As an old stock market, from the stock market to foreign exchange, expanding my horizons foreign exchange gives a lot of opportunities we, since the previous few years speculation foreign exchange loss of more than 100,000 yuan, I learned some failed lessons from the stock market and the foreign exchange market, speculation stocks with the party, speculation foreign exchange with Yellen, the right direction, the mindset does not go wrong, speculation foreign exchange is still very Have fun a thing now I do foreign exchange earnings each month can also reach 10%, my wifes previous losses to earn back the earnings and I do the monthly goal of the stock is the same, although that can not earn every month, but has been able to do most months to make money, losses are not much I have read some books on asset allocation, and constantly learn financial knowledge money do not put in a basket The money used for stock and foreign exchange investment, not more than 30% of the total assets to hold the degree, peace of mind, the investment will do better and better in addition to do some stock and foreign exchange investment, are their own personal manipulation, do swing and trend now will accompany the wife and children to travel abroad once or twice a year, also developed some other hobbies, in short, is a matter of mentality mentality, will be good up

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