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Keep a calm heart - for those who trade for a living!

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Once someone asked the rebatemean cashback forexginforex, what best forex rebate your dream? Every time the author thinks of Wang Hanbis sentence "What is the music dream" as twisted dream well, always used to dream of some dreams will never be realized, some dreams can be realized rebateinforex rebatesinforex do bestforexrebate let him go to achieve, dreaming is good, there is a dream of life has the direction of the author around a lot of forex trading for a living friends are aspiring to a cloudy, cloudy place to trade life. The author of "The Great Futures Writers Record", Easy Liu Qiang, went to Dali to live in seclusion for so long that he had decided to leave the market, and eventually also chose to commit suicide by jumping off a building because of a dispute over hundreds of thousands of dollars, which is saddening. Gold in about 1900 U.S. dollars every day market fluctuations are great, at every turn is a day hundreds of dollars of the market, especially in September 12, then Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke speech to promote quantitative easing, gold constructed a perfect double top, began a long bear market at that time the market is somewhat similar to the stock market crash when the A-share, is a plunge not rebound I was short all the way and increase positions put short, indeed In a short period of time to accumulate a staggering amount of capital and even one day, just sleep one night, the authors capital in one night turned over 3 times as much as the most time, just three months, the authors principal turned over 50 times which also makes the author young and frivolous, think the money earned especially easy, they are simply futures genius, just a few months can earn a lot of people can not get a decade of income hesitantly standing on the top of the Cang Mountains. The author was thinking that one day, I can go to the trading life in such a place where the clouds roll in and out and the birds speak and the flowers smell This is the life I aspire to People are not afraid to master the right method to lose money, but very afraid to use the wrong method to make money This will make you in a long time has been convinced that trading is to increase positions, profit plus positions, so that profits endlessly running, thinking that this is the holy grail of trading The holy grail of the However, adhere to the wrong method, will certainly cause very serious consequences time into the second half of 2013, too crazy gold market let a lot of retail investors hurt badly, including the so-called Chinese mom first bottom and all kinds of money exhaustion and fishing also let the market vitality, gold quotes changed overnight, out of the extremely ink shock market authors previous trading method overnight does not work The authors own confidence in trading profits seems to have been lost. The discouraged author came to Dali for the second time, the er sea is still the er sea, the chicken foot mountain is still the chicken foot mountain, but the state of mind is not as discouraged as before, the author remembered the year The author also supports the author to seriously re-examine their own trading methods and ideas, to adjust and improve, step by step with the little capital left, once again the profits back of course, the middle also happened a lot of many stories but the author from then on, understand, the clouds rolled, birds and flowers is not to say the external things, but let yourself whether in life or trading The other day, I talked to a friend about trading for a living even for a professional trader, trading for a living is also very difficult trading is supposed to be the reverse human nature of things long-term suppression of their emotions, it is really easy to cause some problems the majority of traders I know converted to Buddhism, I think this is also the soul A kind of relief it and trading ultimately can not get around the word money, when you a trading profit or a day account rolling numbers, is someone working for several years or even decades can not reach, you can still keep the clouds rolling, birds and flowers? The author of the later, traveled to many places in the country and abroad, simply to say that the scenery, than Dali too many good places, even the nearby Lugu Lake, are more beautiful than the Erhai many but the author of each year will more or less go to Dali to stay for a period of time is not necessarily a good thing is necessarily their own dream, not a dream must be realized but, we have been on the road to the dream, it is enough not to forget. The original intention, the party to get always, dedicated to all friends who love trading and life Author: Yang Feng

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