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Lessons from $900

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The reason - to say it may best forex rebate be believed, I am now wonder rebateinforextradingg how I made such a dec rebatesinforexion - is to not let the IB earn 6 points more commission (the IB in addition to the normal spreads to charge me 6 points of commission, cashback forex was not mentioned when opening an account, bestforexrebate later found after the proposal, but has not been resolved, so decided to change IB, but has been hesitant to (did not change), so in order to not let IB earn that 6 points, I lost more than 900 U.S. dollars to my lesson is: when opening an account must find a suitable IB, at least in terms of trading commissions to be fair previously seen in a book put "find a suitable broker" in the first rule of investment, at the time read not thought, now Of course, the most important thing is that at the beginning of the profit of more than 300 points, the heart of pride later operation based on one of my indicators to determine the rebatemeaninginforex will fall, so the establishment of short positions, but the subsequent development of the market makes the initial basis of the indicators appear the opposite signal - long signal, should have stopped the original position, but the time structure to adjust to the upper level of the trading session, check the indicators of this period signal for short, so continue to hold the position; later to the preset stop price, the indicators of the trading session signal is still long, but the higher level of the time structure of the indicators still show short, so continue to hold the position until the stop price is far away, at this point there is one of the greatest weaknesses of speculators: hope (or fantasy) I hope that the trend will eventually fall after some more up, so in the unrealistic hope of counter-trend again Put short a few times (at this point should have unconditionally stopped the original short single), and finally in hope and surprise (actually did not appear expected to fall; actually the opposite direction signal appeared after the original single word did not stop; actually to the stop-loss price did not stop; actually counter-trend put short) in the violent position to sum up, $ 900 lessons are as follows: 1: find a suitable broker before opening an account, at least the commission aspect to be fair; 2. Establishing a position requires a reason, but when the subsequent trend makes this reason does not exist, at least the original position should be stopped, as to build or not to build a reverse position, according to the individuals other rules to decide; 3: Do not add to positions that have incurred losses - do not throw good money to the transaction has proved bad; 4: Stop loss must be preset, this is very important, but more important than this is. Pre-set stop loss must be implemented, never arbitrarily change the initial stop loss stop loss is one of the important means to keep you in this market; 5: do not have hope (fantasy), everything to the market performance of the signal shall prevail; 6: do not stubbornly see the market in all the time change, you should also continue to observe, according to this timely adjustment; 7: do not arbitrarily change your trading time structure, if If you open a position with a daily line, you should take the daily line as the unit of observation; 8: do not listen to the advice of others, to believe that you see the common sense phenomenon; 9: technical analysis to achieve consistency, do not enter the market based on kd, out of the market but based on MACD; 10: pay attention to capital management: the position should be light 11: to wait patiently for the completion of the signal before entering the market, if the signal has not been completed when entering the market, encounter the failure of the signal The possibility is much greater than if you enter after the completion; the above is summarized in patience, discipline, consistency is not very familiar? Is it something youve seen somewhere before? I think, as long as the market for a period of time in the people will have seen, or heard these elements; even newcomers to the market will know that at that time I have 2, 3 years in the speculative market, these things in the market when you have just entered by heart, but why in the trading process repeatedly offend it? Perhaps we can find some inspiration from Livermores words: "There were many times when I, like other speculators, did not have enough patience to wait for the opportunity to hit a hundred times I also wanted to hold the market position all the time You may ask: You have so much experience, how do you still let yourself do such a stupid thing? The answer is simple: I am a human being and have human weaknesses." Thats what this great speculator said, we may be able to see the true meaning of successful speculation: speculation does not need to look to the outside for universal indicators, universal programs and the like, but to search for the self, the "Holy Grail" of successful trading is hidden in ourselves. The "holy grail" of successful trading is hidden in ourselves. Patience, discipline, consistency - the lessons I bought for $800

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