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Lock Orders

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Basic Def">rebateinforextradingition Lock Orders HedgePositions: The best forex rebate order function ex bestforexrebatets only for investments that can be traded in both directions and is usually used to hedge cashback forex positions. If you do not click on the lock Hedge, but directly in the opened position to do a reverse of the same currency group, it will lead to the relative elimination of the original part, for example: the original has a bite of USD/EUR buy parts, if you open a bite of USD/EUR sell parts, it will lead to the relative parts automatically eliminated If you use the lock, the two parts of the two-way will exist at the same time, will not eliminate each other, In general, the use of lock orders to lock the current losses or profits, until the appropriate time to deal with the operation of the lock order operation in the following two ways, in the desired lock orders on the chart with the right-click, and select buy or sell, and then in the pop-up window to check the lock options, if not checked the lock options, the same currency group of two-way parts will be eliminated each other or in the right-click on the open position parts of the Click “HedgePosition”(Lock Order) in the pop-up message window. If you have more than one open part, you can once all or less than the number of open parts lock rebatesinforex settings, as long as the pop-up " lock single " window to enter the number of mouth to lock single can lock single different forms 1, strictly speaking, the lock single refers to the same price, the same number of lots in the direction of different open single, but few people do so in practice, unless the new under the wrong single 2. The general lock single is to prevent the next day the opening of the market huge fluctuations in the first day before the close to find a relatively existing position at a more reasonable price to lock the risk, the next day after the opening of the market according to the unlocking of this method is generally large funds operating practices Example: February 1, the market is bullish, do a 2500 buy position, the afternoon before the close of the price rose to 2550, is expected the next day or up, decided to hold the position Overnight, but worried about the night CBOT plunge market, affecting the next days trend, so in the 2550 position to do a sell position, lock 50 points of profit, if the night CBOT up, the next day opened for up, then the sell position closed, if the night CBOT down, the next day high open low, then open close the buy position 3, arbitrage also use the lock single method; such as cross-month arbitrage, cross Species arbitrage, here I will say only one for example When a variety of far-month and near-month price divergence, will line into a much larger or smaller than usual spread, such as soybean 805 and soybean 809 because of fundamental and other factors appear 700 spread, then we analyze the price is very unreasonable, the spread must have returned, at least 300 points of profit, then we sell a lot of soybean 805 to 2570, in Soybean 809 to buy a lot of 2500, when the spread returns to about 400 when the position is closed The real justice of the lock single is to avoid large operational errors, to get the maximum benefit

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