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MACD slack bottoming method (a) the basic points

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  MACD best forex rebatedicator rebateinforextrading the most famous trend indicators, its main feature is robustness, cashback forex indicator is not overly sensitive characteristics of the short term certainly have too slow disadvantage, but this is also decided that it can be in a longer period, the number of data in the market to give a relatively safe trend point if so, will MACD in the relatively long week time chart such as 15 minutes or more, especially in the trading day at lunchtime, can be turned into a short, rebatesinforex become an excellent tool for short term trading within a few transactions. Investors can change to 10 and 22, but the basic difference is not much, so, after the attention has not been paid to the indicator divergence principle is the essence of the use of the MACD, but also the accuracy of this indicator is higher where the subdivision of the top rebatemeaninginforex and bottom slack its basic points are as follows: 1, the principle of the formation of slack: often in the market more than the air side of the run after a longer period of time (the image that DIF and DEA cross-openings after a period of nearly parallel running in the same direction), because this represents a stronger force, in this case, often easy to go over the head, this asymmetry of stock prices and indicators formed a slack! Such as the market in November last year to the beginning of the double-headed process there is a clear top slack 2, the slack of the original value is very important, emphasizing the need to have a clear high (low) point sex! Note that to take the value in the same up (down) trend, and in the highest (low) point after running a period (generally at the end of the decline, the stock price and indicators appear the third wave low) before the origin; 3, the principle of continuity note: 1, must be used in the reauthorization price indicator; 2, the suspension phase indicator movement failure; 3, the stop indicator failure slack is a process of energy accumulation, only oscillatory trading to conducive to the accumulation of energy and conversion! Therefore, the suspension period MACD indicators are prone to failure! On the formation of the way to see, only the stock price shock pan up (down) the way the formation of the slack has a higher judgment top (bottom) signal, the kind of indicators after the formation of the slack (down) is often a rebound (retracement) market because only the gradual shock of the way to be completely released energy and establish the top (bottom), but the way the riot has expanded the scope of play of the market side, after which there will be at least a number of slack before the real reversal

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