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Money management in the eyes of the masters

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Position rebatesinforex includes the combination of rebatemeaninginforex varieties, the size of each transaction capital used, the number of additions, etc. The concept of most people are always looking for a highly accurate rebateinforextrading method, trading system, however, assuming the same trading opportunity factors, the most critical factor in the system best forex rebate the size of the investment amount at the bestforexrebate of profit and at the time of loss The average investor does not quite understand This concept, did not pay attention to the importance of position management To be successful must learn from the top investment gurus, learn their ideas, their approach, which is the best and fastest way to follow the foreign exchange through the editor to see how the investment gurus are looking at cashback forex management, I hope that the majority of investors can be inspired by Bruce. Koffler: risk management is the most important thing that should be understood reduce your position is my second advice no matter how many positions you think you should hold, first cut half Investment guru Soros: a good grasp of the fortress hit, you do right is not enough, you want to get as much as possible Soros successor, Quantum Fund Manager Draken. Miller said: when you a deal full of confidence, you have to give the other side a fatal blow, do the right deal is not enough, the key is to make as much profit as possible John. Murphy: If you want to be invincible in the long run, you need money management. Money management solves the problem of the traders survival, it tells the trader how to control his money. The only thing you cant do is throw away your capital at the wrong time in order to have a chance to make a big profit in a very short period of time. Schwartz said: more than 200 trading days a year, about 150 trading days are small losses and small gains, and in the other 50 trading days to get big profits, that is, 4/5 of the trading time to break even, 1/5 of the time trading time big gains Warren Buffett investment three principles: to protect capital, to protect capital, please refer to the first two implementation of the American William indicator inventor investment guru Williams said: money management is my The most important secret of investment life, in addition to this, there is no more important things These top investment gurus have illustrated that the victory of investors is from the investors money management, rather than the so-called magic analysis system or the mystery of divination successful trading will make money, successful trading plus top money management skills will create great wealth

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