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My forex trading method selflessly share

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to their own experience summed up perhaps so little: best forex rebate, determ cashback forexe the r rebatesinforexk 2, implementation of the stop loss rebatemeaninginforex, according to the system bestforexrebate profit 4, the market anything rebateinforextrading happen 1, determine the risk, they can bear the risk of loss can continue, live small capital is not an exception, but need to have work support, or the cost of time is to determine the risk of a 2, implementation of the stop loss, 3, according to the rules of the system profit, the market anything can happen 3, according to the rules of the system profit, the market can go hard and live. Market anything can happen, not according to determine the risk of stop loss or early stop loss, alive is very difficult 3, profit by the rules of the system, the market can happen anything, not according to the rules of the system to close the profit, will go very difficult and difficult to sustain 4, the market can happen anything, in their favor, there are also unfavorable to their own, according to the rules of the system rules are briefly described as follows: First of all, explain a blue box construction method premise 1, in the MT4 interface, right-click and select "Properties", select "Common", "Show time interval" tick (this should be known, not (Screenshot) 2, 1 completed, then 1 hour interval is 1 day of the K line in Figure 13, 1 day there are 24 K lines, for any platform is this way, right I divided the 1 day into 3 parts, the blue dashed line is the average segment why do so, I said in that post, this is only a tool, you can choose other tools to choose what kind of tool with their own ideas, so do not need to agree with and understand my tools, need to find their own, that is the most suitable for their own such as Figure 24, if the 3 time periods in 2 K-line range by another time period K-line range included, then it is a blue box, in order to express clearly, I marked the interval on the 123 number such as Figure 3 figure in the blue box on the construction is complete then explain the rules 1, breakthrough do single 2, stop loss general blue box half 3, tracking Stop loss, profit blue box half, flat protection 4, the target general blue box range below the example of foreign exchange academy tips: the rest of the article needs to open a membership to continue reading Oh! Login now

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