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On the burst those things you do not know

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  burst th best forex rebate word for bestforexrebate cashback forex rebatemeaninginforexvestors are rebatesinforex unfamiliar, they have not burst will often hear of others burst, especially those who have just entered the foreign exchange trading novice is the most prone to burst we know that foreign exchange learning is to have a good mindset, must not Stay up all night for a long time, a long time staring at the plate energy will be seriously overdrawn rebateinforextrading thus affect the ability to think, make money when you try to maximize profits, and lose money if more than their own predetermined range of hedge decisively cut the meat, develop good trading habits for foreign exchange trading is very important for speculators, if you can not well sort out the market, the market has a clear and clear understanding of the transaction If you are not prepared to understand your own situation, for their own overestimation, overestimation will then fall harder, in the transaction will be too large positions and lead to a blowout do foreign exchange trading is very taboo impatient, feverish to make impulsive decisions, speculation in foreign exchange is not gambling, they have to do a sober understanding of the market on their own, know yourself and know their side can not be dangerous, to keep a clear head The first one is to measure the strength of the foreign exchange Why is it easy to blow up a position? The blowout is only a thing inside the margin What is a Forex blowout? What is a burst position? Blowout is when your available margin is 0, no available margin you can not trade forex trading blowout is a loss greater than your account to remove the margin after the available funds by the company to force the remaining funds is the total funds minus your losses, generally there is still a part of forex trading blowout refers to some special conditions, the investors margin account in the case of negative customer equity in the market conditions When a large change occurs, if the vast majority of the funds in the investors margin account is occupied by the transaction margin, and the direction of the transaction and the opposite of the market trend, due to the leverage effect of margin trading, it is easy to have a blowout if the blowout leads to a deficit and caused by the investor, the investor needs to make up the deficit, otherwise it will face legal recourse forex pass financial investment training said that the blowout is mostly related to Improper management of funds related to avoid this situation, you need to control the amount of positions, reasonable capital management, avoid full positions like those that may occur in stock trading; and foreign exchange and stock trading is different, investors must track the stock index futures market in a timely manner therefore, stock index futures is not actually suitable for all investors then why foreign exchange is easy to blow up? The main idea is to speak from the following three aspects 1, leverage - the temptation to make a big deal out of a small amount of people like to use leverage, not to mention the high and low leverage, not to mention that some people use 500:1 leverage, some people use 400:1 leverage, even 100:1 leverage is often used, I now do foreign exchange is rarely used below 100:1 leverage, because the habit is precisely because of the use of leverage, trading use of their own Invariably magnified many times, increasing the difficulty of trading profits, but rather losses become easier if you look at doing foreign exchange as a business, you would have been 10,000 yuan, but now come to do a million business, regardless of the results are losses or gains, you see 1 million, will not feel the heartbeat immediately accelerated? Because 1 million is indeed different from 10,000; you will prefer to think: if you lose 10,000 does not matter, you can basically bear; but if you lose 1 million, maybe you can not pay up this generation, the rest of your life will be in debt, you will be able to feel good nervous at the same time you will be very careful in every decision you make, you will become very hesitant, you will become very sensitive even if the original is a small fluctuations, you will become very sensitive. Now in your view, it is simply waves, or even waves then, you will quickly in and out to open and close positions, without realizing it, foreign exchange have disappeared most of the time when you look back, the capital has lost most of the time, you will lose your mind, this is the first time you will think, I was so much money, now only so little, not convinced ah, must earn back the principal So, all your You cant help but reposition again to gamble, until the principal is less and less, until your account burst position 2, short and long - two-way profit lure general people, see two-way trading, two-way profit can become very naive (I was so), the normal first reaction is: whether the market trend is up or down, I can profit, because I Can buy up can also sell down well, how the market how I go with it, if it goes up I will buy more it down I will sell short However, in fact, it is not so, or even the opposite if your direction is wrong, you buy more when the error, you sell short also wrong, is a two-way loss, is an accelerated loss Example: If foreign exchange gold from 1.550 to 1.750, you see the rise of 2000 points, almost will be retraced, youll be a loss. Almost will pull back, you will try to short, but it not only did not fall but also rose to 1.790, at this time you have lost 400 points, feel very stupid, obviously the market is rising, why do you want to short it? You will keep cursing yourself stupid in your heart at this time you see the market is rising, you do not hesitate to chase in the forex from 1.790 to 1.800, and then continue, you profit, you are very happy in your complacency, the market suddenly turned, from 1.830 down, soon to 1.730, this is you will be very annoyed: how can this? Not long ago you clearly made a profit of more than 300 points ah, how now becomes a loss of 600 points? No do not believe that the market is clearly in an uptrend ah you are even sure that the market will rise again, this decline is only a retracement of the only you will be suffering waiting, and eventually your losses continue to expand and expand, know that the funds almost, you can not stand, cut positions to end the ordeal and then in and out of a continuous, long and short two-way after a few rounds, you finally went to the destination of the burst position 3, instant trading - burst gas pedal literally, instant trading: if you want, you can open or close a position in every second you do each single transaction can be held for a second to close the end of the position, you can also complete a transaction within a minute, as long as you like, you can indifferent to the opening and closing of positions so that people will feel very uninteresting, think foreign exchange is really crazy oh, almost Let you dream and laugh secretly However, in fact really is not so Example: foreign exchange, assuming that you trade 1 lot each time, with a margin of $1600 you have to pay $70 spread for each sale and purchase, $30 commission, and when you buy is to buy the highest price, sell is to sell the lowest price, during which there is still a spread, you have to give the real money to the trader for nothing and another $140 If you make a trade, if it is a minute to complete a transaction, whether you are a loss or profit, you have to first take out $240 out if you trade 50 this week? You have to give someone $12,000 to go out for a month? Youre going to give someone $48,000 or even $50,000 scary, right? Now you know why your account why burst it? Do foreign exchange people rarely a few years down are not burst, especially the real position of the above three points is precisely the broker tempted you to open an account to do the advantages of foreign exchange, of course, is indeed the advantage of foreign exchange, but you see yourself in what position above, and how to use these advantages they are like a sharp knife, used well is your tool, used badly is to send you to heaven on the express train as a trader, must be based on their own Trading principles to develop their own trading strategies, according to the plan to trade, give up naivety, more discernment, in order to trade on the road to profit more, go farther II, how to avoid blowing up the first, can bend and stretch, in the foreign exchange market, many people in the transaction due to errors in judgment and losses, but not and not willing to stop loss from the field, but choose to resist hard, although many times the transaction were able to carry back, but there is a Long-term unilateral trend, so that investors have abandoned their previous work, all lost, so speculation in foreign exchange is like being human, can bend and stretch, look at the market is not right, the timely termination of the transaction, so as to save the living force Second, improve their trading system, learn to trade knowledge, many investors look at foreign exchange trading is too simple, that is, simply buy up and buy down, but this is only the appearance, in fact, the most important speculation in foreign exchange is to learn how to judge the trend, how to use technical indicators, once you have a solid knowledge of foreign exchange, in the transaction can enhance their confidence, more comfortable to participate in the transaction third, read more books on speculation in foreign exchange, such as the "classic illustration of the K-line chart", "technical analysis essence - trend bias", "technical analysis essence - pattern chapter", etc., through a mature approach to speculation in foreign exchange, rather than simply rely on their Emotions fourth, choose an excellent foreign exchange platform, many investors speculate in foreign exchange burst is not their own reasons, such as in the United States non-farm payrolls announced, many investors set a stop loss and take profit when trading, but because some platforms exist slippage phenomenon, so lead to the final stop loss failure, resulting in burst, sobering, if you choose an excellent foreign exchange platform, can completely avoid this phenomenon, such as the United Kingdom The famous OFX platform fifth, frequent trading, heavy trading, both of which are the main reason for blowouts, we know that the heavier the position, the greater the risk, and to generate losses easily make investors lose their minds, emotional trading, and ultimately not lost to the market, but lost to their own frequent trading is also the case, we often say that speculation in foreign exchange can be bought and sold in a timely manner, 24-hour trading, which is not an absolute advantage. This trading rule is easy to make investors frequent transactions, the corresponding chances of error in judgment will increase Therefore, in the future of speculative career, to learn to avoid heavy and frequent transactions, according to their positions reasonable entry and exit three, speculative foreign exchange position summary of experience in the beginning of the foreign exchange market people are full of confidence, we have had the experience of position explosion, and at least two explosions, some people because there is no more capital was forced to quit, some people are turned to the stock market foreign exchange through financial investment training through those foreign exchange investors trading experience summed up the operating program, and speculators share: 1) at any time can not be full, the best control in 1/5 of the position 2) must not stay up late, a long time to watch the plate will seriously overdrawn energy, seriously affect the ability to think 3) generally 8:00 pm - 12:00 pm this time period Trading, avoid more than 12:00 4) to basically ignore the study of the fundamentals, such as the dollar index, non-farm data, oil, etc., these are basically of little significance to our retail investors, we are not strategic investors, as long as the daily plate relying on technology to earn some profits 5) do not look at some analysts proposed operation recommendations, these operational recommendations have no practical significance, if long-term reliance on these predictions to operate The real masters are based on real-time disk step by step prediction of short-term trends and then operate, never a day in advance to predict the next 24 hours of the market, the gods can not do that prediction 6) sometimes resistance, support levels have no practical significance, once encountered super strong market are easy to break through these resistance and support levels 7) try not to set a stop or stop loss, to cultivate the active plate 8) do not lock positions, I did not find any benefits of locking positions, only to raise the cost of the bad 9) earn as much as possible to insist on maximizing profits, lose if more than their own preset hedge range to decisively cut the meat, generally no absolute certainty on the technical must not fill positions, it is best not to develop the habit of filling positions 10) do not look at the 1-minute line operation, often look at the 1-minute line operation of people Sooner or later will lose all the capital of the foreign exchange investors to learn more foreign exchange knowledge, sum up experience and skills, there is no unsuccessful people only lazy people to maintain a good trading mindset, not fear, not timid, believe that their own trading will be successful

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