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On trading long-term profit and loss metaphor - the tortoise and the hare (below)

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To be successful rebatemeaninginforex forex best forex rebate, traders cashback forex to have the ability to make dec bestforexrebateions rebateinforextrading are not influenced by emotions so that they can contribute to a successful trading mindset so here we need to underst rebatesinforex the biological similarities that can cause us to make mistakes when trading, but at the same time can also be made through We do not ignore the importance of the psychological difficulties inherent in forex trading, but it is true that each of us also has a brain that can succeed Trading is a marathon, not a sprint/ In the previous article, it was mentioned that the "long term", which is the key point of this article. However, the ultimate judge of a traders win or loss is not the ability to gain capital in the first month of live trading, but the ability to maintain discipline and patience in the face of the constant temptation not to overuse your trading account, in other words, in the process of trading the process of trading, you need to constantly make adjustments to yourself the tortoise moved slowly but eventually beat the fast hare, which means that people clearly underestimate the importance of thinking skills the hare squandered all his managers in the early race, overconfident to the point that he fell asleep halfway through and thus lost many traders tend to focus on the short term and then sprint full steam ahead to the finish line, the early wins make them overestimate After getting multiple wins themselves, they are often prone to incur great losses like rabbits, becoming frantic and overexcited instead of staying calm like turtles thus causing them to start raising the risk of each trade, which eventually leads to destroying their trading capital You have to keep the energy to win, that is, you need to preserve your trading capital instead of gambling randomly Also You need to know that trading is a long term activity, like a marathon, "sprinting" has no place, you need to play steadily to win the marathon The tortoise reaps huge rewards/ A large trading account, and a small traders account, after 3 years of operation, you may will find that the smaller account may have far more capital than the larger account This situation is quite common in the market, it does not matter how much money you have, your ability to trade and manage your emotions and money is the most important to laugh at the end You need to have enough money as well as enough time to become a big winner Many traders lose a lot of money at the beginning of the year, and even at the end of the year it is not easy to turn around Therefore, you need to Minimize trading, be more sure, and make yourself an overall lower risk, higher reward "trader" Reptile domination/ Like a reptile, slow but patient enough to wait for prey and then act with confidence (like price action) being solid and steady is the key to winning The key to winning is if you learn how to trade like a tortoise, not like a hare, then you can achieve long-term, lasting success in the market

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