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th rebatesinforex article for the network article, very well written, very profoundly written to bestforexrebate foreign exchange for many years of experience feelings, hereby transferred to you for reference foreign exchange trading is a test of human nature, release human nature of the game, where the temptation unparalleled win or lose comes down to the ability to control the desire of the author of this article important Viewpoint: 1, if you did rebateinforextrading start doing foreign exchange, or you just started doing foreign exchange, it is recommended cashback forex you do not touch for life, this is the best advice for you 2, the author of this 11 years, experienced a lot of foreign exchange people experienced, losses, burst positions, frequent operations, rebatemeaninginforex even bankruptcy, debt collection, nightmares after waking up, the feeling of being close to death, perhaps a lot of you did not experience later, or survived, the author to Thanks to the people, is his forex initiation teacher, so that his later life has revolutionary changes, but the authors friends do not have such opportunities, chose to give up everything, including life Dear forex people: best forex rebatef you just started forex, or you do not do well in forex, you can continue to read, if you have been profitable in forex, you do not need to look at the other, please do not believe me I always advocate the heart like water, do not like to argue one more thing, I rarely write things, read more books, I think the writing ability is not good, I hope to express the meaning of clear can write these to you, is to remember my friend eight years ago, because of foreign exchange, he left this year to see him after, I think I should do something, maybe talk about my things, can make a lot of people Less detours, less experience I experienced these, if a person came early to him, perhaps he will not go this 11 years, experienced a lot of foreign exchange people experienced, losses, burst positions, frequent operations, and even bankruptcy, debt collection, nightmares after waking up, the feeling of being close to death, perhaps many of you have not experienced later, I came through, thanks to my enlightened teacher, so that my later had revolutionary changes, but he did not have such an opportunity, chose to give up everything looking back on the past, many fragments I no longer remember, open the diary, I hope I can try to recall and write something to you First of all, I have to say, if you did not start doing foreign exchange, or you just started doing foreign exchange, it is recommended that you do not touch it for life, this is the best advice to you look back at these years of the k-line chart, you may only see up and down, but I see a story of people who just started doing foreign exchange, most of them will be overconfident, they believe they will do better than others, but this perception is only self-confidence led to, very little objective basis to support of course, such people do not always lose occasionally earn, and then lose more, loss when the heart like a knife stir, and then reflect, summed up a set of so-called laws, which will earn 2 times, and later have a loss, and then find that the law needs to be amended, and then find that the law needs to be amended. And then found that this law needs to be amended, and then earn some, and then start to lose … … these people hope that they can become a master of foresight market, but also believe that there are such people exist, there really is such a person exists? Of course there are, but not you and I, the proportion of such people is very small, there are many unique factors that determine the existence of such people, intelligence, emotional intelligence, judgment and feeling with a clever combination, but, such people can long-term profit, I doubt that foreign exchange really need high IQ talent can profit? I used to feel this way in the first 3 years of my ignorance, and felt that at least to have, when I met my enlightened teacher, only to find that high IQ people are sometimes not suitable for foreign exchange, but, on the contrary, the general emotional intelligence of people is somehow better I have many such examples around me, and now some of them already have tens of millions of dollars in assets, and long-term profitability My enlightened teacher is a gentle person, always a face Mr. smiling, low-key, do not like others to mention him on the foreign exchange Mr. think emotional intelligence is very important, teach me the first thing is endurance, is Mr. let me have their first one million, and later 10 times the earnings and then later, I became Mr. trader Mr. and my profits are rolled up I think it is all arranged, in my desperate time met Mr., the longer I know Mr., I have more admiration for Mr. admiration for the more a point, to be honest, just know, I was skeptical now I have not given Mr. trader a few years, but occasionally will also visit Mr. a person is lonely, sometimes need company, this I deeply appreciate the money is not the most important, but the only purpose of doing foreign exchange is for the money please ask yourself, you do foreign exchange is for the process? As for the results of how unimportant? If so, then you are not doing foreign exchange, is playing it, entertaining in it, entertainment is consumption, do is pay in return, please quit entertainment do return if you think you are around someone doing foreign exchange than you, then you let him help you do it, because you as long as the results, not want the process if there is no good results, then stop the process, because only the process without good results of the transaction is not what we want  I have thought of many ways to enrich myself, such as traveling to Venice, Spains countryside, Amsterdams red light district, Bali, Pattaya, San Francisco, but always feel the lack of something lost is very difficult to come back, so After graduation, I looked for a job, then the poor quite bitter, after graduation, my parents cut off the relief, saying what let me feel the pressure earlier, in fact, I can understand, after all, the family is not very good, after all, do not dare to count on how the family so think of a job to live, must find a job as soon as possible, then the wages are not high income, stay a month, finally I found a job, dont look at the Japanese abomination, but the salary is higher than private enterprises, 2635 yuan per month, that is really higher than other private enterprises, I am quite ruthless Japanese, thinking, steal some Japanese things and run, now think, in todays words is quite naive quite cute also here, I met my friends, including my wife, later had a child, life can be said to be a light meal, money just enough to spend, renting 1000, life other, wife save some, but also live ordinary dry 2 years later, found that such a life is not what I want I am a person who is not willing to be mediocre, such a day does not belong to me, especially when looking at those rich rich second generation to our factory one female workers cheated, I can not understand, why I go to work early in the day, after dark at night After work (Japanese companies often work overtime), see the rich second generation to drive a car back to bring out the second wave of entertainment Chinas wealth gap is what is going on who deprived me of the right to get rich So I took only a few million yuan to open a milk tea store, opened a restaurant, did other small business, although not much loss, but also did not earn much really hard work and do not make money occasionally, listen to relatives say that the neighbors What third aunts second cousins son fried foreign exchange earned a lot so the word foreign exchange came to my world began to do foreign exchange, I do not know anything, but also do not dare to do … … at first also hold a try mood, and even doubt that money is so good to earn it, go to open a good account, deposit good, bought, to be honest, the foreign exchange are not yet how to understand, will only buy, no sense of risk. At that time looked at a big wave of the market in the end, bought 2 lots, also did not care, the results of half a month to look at the net income of 3,000, which is a rhythm, only how long, only how much input, my God, this is 60% of the profits, more than my monthly salary So, I began to pay attention to foreign exchange to spend time to learn the K-line chart, the first profit is just a coincidence, the next is a loss, soon 2 months Later, the loss of more than 10,000 I think many people began to be such an experience so they stopped and began to think, why will lose, and then summarize a set of their own think appropriate program, and summarize the mistakes they made, and develop measures to avoid making mistakes and punishment program to now it seems that all this is useless, because do not know where their own problems occurred as a result of the tragic 2 years that occurred after Losses, bankruptcy, divorce, the departure of friends, these here for me is relatively heavy, but also for everyones training does not help, I do not want to mention the details of some people listened to my things, feel like a story novel inside, in fact, when you reach a certain age, whose past is not a story then I began to grief, almost everything away from me, but, I still want to continue to live , I was afraid of myself into the confusion, said I people in the continued, but the foreign exchange stopped, I can not be washed away by losses, I know, if I am bent on the pursuit of turning over, want to lose lost hundreds of thousands of dollars to earn back, will only make me lose more, so I stopped, stopped, not because I was afraid, but because I want to stop and think about that most of the year, I did not buy foreign exchange again, and did not I go to work I know that the reason for losing money is not the market, not the market, not the MACD line, but myself, how can I blame the teacher for bad grades, how can I blame the doctor for being sick, how can I blame the knife for not cutting the material, how can I blame the company for not having high wages? How can you blame the traffic police for bad traffic? How can you blame the chef for the bad food? Some people will want to say, do not see it, I can only say that they are not the main cause, the main cause in their own this, bad grades is not hard enough, sick when they did not take care of themselves, open blunt is not well sharpened, wages are not high is not well improve their own, traffic is not good blame the traffic police is too impatient, the meal is not good is their own point … … foreign exchange people require to be very good The self-cultivation, because doing foreign exchange will expose many personal character weaknesses, these weaknesses, sometimes precisely the root cause of failure, ignoring their own problems to blame other is not desirable Some people will say, or not necessarily, I am surrounded by people who are always profitable, but eating, drinking and gambling around the body problems I can only say that the foreign exchange people I know have a very high quality, you say this kind of people, his problems may only be you see him the external never be knocked down by the difficulties of the character saved me, more importantly, I will be in failure to detach from the self, heart and soul to reflect, and seek the results of my reflection is the right answer after trying again nearly a year, I go deep and simple, as a foreign exchange people, I am sick, I need to find the formula, sick to find a doctor, practice martial arts on Shaolin, learn to drive a car to the driving school, where I want to go, I do not know, really no one can tell me? So I began to read books, read books for six months to calm my heart a lot, so much so that I now have the habit of reading books to read a person, the power contained in the book is powerful, I know greed and fear is the fatal weakness of foreign exchange people, see the pain brought about by the busy trading of countless people, and learn the story behind the success of many master figures I began to slowly understand the reason for failure, see the direction I began to humble, began to give way, began not to count, not to extravagant expectations, not to dream that winter, I spent 1500 yuan airfare, 3000 registration fee to listen to a lecture, in fact, the lecture is nothing, he said, many I have heard, but suitable for many just into the foreign exchange learning base reasoning my goal is to target a friend invited by the lecturer, this friend is usually rarely seen, and even many people do not know him I simply did not put the mind on the class, he went to the toilet I also went, noon meal are not eaten to follow him, but unfortunately there is no opportunity to follow, and finally I want to give up when you guess what, I…… although a little nasty, but my sincerity impressed him, so get the way of communication and this way of communication, later changed everything I…&hellip hellip; this person is the gentleman I mentioned before, sitting in the first row of the third seat, like us, listened carefully to the lesson, from beginning to end did not say a word, know the age of life has gray hair, thin and quietly sitting listening to the return, I immediately sent him an email, but the next week no reply, I continue to send, or no reply, I began to think that the email address is fake. That winter was very cold, and ice storm, my heart was also cold a month later, I wrote a two-thousand-word email to him, I told him my past without reservation, my past, including my experience doing foreign exchange after sending I regret more, such a long email, who would want to read it But, I two days later I actually received a reply although only two sentences, but at least prove that this email is right later think about it. Later, I saw him several times through open classes and other opportunities and asked for foreign exchange advice more and more emails. Later, I also sent a box of fresh prunes from my hometown to Mr., I heard he liked to eat so we kept in touch for a year but my foreign exchange progress was still not good. I told Mr. I came here to see friends, and brought a box of plums to him on the way, so I finally came to Mr. home and office, and then I simply moved to the city Mr. understand me very well I hope to learn from him the idea of foreign exchange, and by mistake let me into the office of Mr. work, five thousand a month, other than the package, responsible for logistics, such as utilities, computers, food ordering, external, and so on. I was happy to do all the chores at that time, honestly, the salary is not I am also happy to this office is not big, but also very simple, only 4 employees, 3 trading analysis, an order plus accounting, plus I 5, Mr. occasionally come over at that time it is difficult to imagine that these 4 people for him to manage hundreds of millions of dollars I although chores, but this is not painful and easy work, but also a lot of free time. I still have a lot of free time, spare free time, I will continue to do their own foreign exchange a few months later one day, Mr. find me over, let me is to give their own foreign exchange account to the accountant, I am only responsible for writing investment reports, turn in reports to the accountant responsible for placing orders, I do not have the right to log into their own margin account I agreed at the time so, Mr. my teaching began I later concluded that Mr. teach me my main First of all, Mr. let me write a more detailed past trading recollection report, mainly about my recent months of several typical trading day after Mr. took away my report, and asked me to start making orders, every day the order report to the order clerk, our order clerk Xiao Yan will be based on the report to the fastest speed or According to the required price single a week later, my account funds fell about 10% Mr. told me to stop, and from Xiaoyan to take my single report a few days later, Mr. I made the following diagnosis, 1, single frequent, an average of 8 times a day 2, 40% of the trend to do a single, of which 30% was shocked out of the loss – short term, 10% overnight profit 60% counter-trend to do a single The average stop loss is 35% after the single, 10% short term profit, 5% overnight profit, 10% overnight loss Conclusion: the analysis of the general trend is reasonable, intraday trading does not follow the trend trading mostly, irrational trading mostly, short term trading 85%, overnight trading 15% 3, stop loss point normal distribution: -0.2%, -2%, -1.05%, -0.5%, -0.7% …&hellip hellip; average stop loss point -0.9% overnight position: 80%, 90%, 40%, 30%,95%. Conclusion: stop-loss target is not clear, the position is seriously too high capital risk control awareness is not strong Mr. think my personality is impatient, psychological lack of patience, resulting in frequent orders, which is a psychological deficiency for the analysis of the market can also give some reasonable judgment, but no good judgment of the order, no more systematic order systematization program basis, capital management risk awareness is not strong So Mr. gave me a Several adjustment requirements first is not allowed to me frequent single, only be able to single 2 times a day, both buying and selling 2 times, flat open unlimited, more than 2 times, Xiao Yan is not allowed to receive the single report second is to give me a few games, requiring me to do these games every day non-stop more than 2 hours, practice patience third, due to my blind single, often due to short term losses resulting in losses and not tolerate, and counter-trend positions overnight, resulting in losses For my character can not be changed for a while, Mr. asked me to do only intraday, and asked me to do only one direction first, in the day report need to determine the direction of the long and short term trend, can only do with the trend of intraday short single, counter-trend will not be single, hold positions to 2:55 minutes later will also be forced to close positions fourth, for risk control, Mr. asked me to transfer 30% of the funds to the account outside, intraday positions can only 70% intraday short And each single entry, must immediately set a maximum stop loss of 0.2%, and Mr. also handed me a very good stop-loss design method so I can only be strictly limited to the single, due to such strict restrictions on the single, my first week are losing money, 2 opportunities quickly run out, not only no profit, but loss, after 3 hours of trading time watching the opportunity to profit missed a After a week, I slowly forced myself not to rush the single, even if I think I can place a single opportunity I will let go, until I think the opportunity is very high, I will start slowly, I surprisingly the previous week to earn back, and also a small profit and I slowly developed the habit of waiting for the opportunity, sometimes until 2:30 pm before the hand have so persisted for three months, you Guess how my profit situation?  Three months soon passed, the money did not lose, but made a profit, the first month earned more than 5000, the second month earned more than 8000, the third month earned about 14000, the original principal only 35000 I, three months later, there was more than 60000 position to be honest, the three months since, I sleep well every night, never insomnia, or Worried about the position loss and woke up in the middle of the night after Xiaoyan settled my accounts, I immediately took 2,000 to invite everyone to a meal, Mr. did not come, so we 5 people plus a driver who often help me busy 6 people went to Gao Dehui to eat, drink and have fun, eat dinner K songs, and then wash their feet money overspent a little, but play very happy later Mr. called Xiaoyan to summarize my single down this period of time. The first month strong flat 5 times, the second month strong flat 2 times, the third no strong flat three months a total of 139 open transactions, 96 stop-loss price shock loss out, 6 losses manually close positions, 37 profit closing, open profit rate of only about 30%, but still profitable, do you know why? I believe you can understand because of the low interest rate, Mr. and I entered the market judgment of some communication, and some of the conditions of my position adjustment, I asked me in front of some signals can not enter the position and the number of my daily open positions to 3 times so, I and conscientious in foreign exchange for 3 months, monthly open position profit rate fluctuates between 40%-60%, profits also continue to have a new progress Mr. did not say anything, just let me continue to do, did not have too much communication with me to 09 years before the Spring Festival, I have nearly 300,000 capital after the Spring Festival, Mr. began to talk to me to me to do overnight single thing in fact, the beginning of the first to do intra-day or first to do long term, no which is better, should be personal circumstances, but it is recommended to start only one there are people who can control themselves very well, can not do not The reason is that, to be honest, I personally think that the long term is better than the short term, the direction of judgment and the day is very different, on the contrary, if you often frequent, strong sense of the plate, you can consider the day, but I suggest that when you first start, it is best to do the day, never get involved in the overnight, the long term slowly into the day I personally think that the day is lower risk than the long term, so Mr. But no matter which, if you have no experience or foundation, no certain analysis experience, which for you are very dangerous risk awareness is always in the first Mr. told me to do overnight, the actual is to let Xiaoyan to control my overnight, when I judge the long and short term trends are up, and close higher, Xiaoyan will give me overnight, not allowed to close positions, but the position are lighter these single in After the overnight, there is a greater chance to continue to move up the fact that such a day I continue to do, Xiaoyan also helped me control the overnight single, overnight single to the next day, I continue to put them as the day to deal with, many times overnight single has played the effect of icing on the cake, so that profits out of a big step, a month of summary shows that overnight 13 times, there are 9 times is profitable, of course, my day did not I have been smooth, in 09 financial crisis back up, diary records in May occurred more than 1 month of pullback, this months pullback I was dumbfounded, sometimes chaotic, although the trend is right, but the single problem, resulting in 25% of the capital pullback, a loss of more than 100,000, Mr. that is more free, to my intraday gave a great explanation, so that I have a more for intraday signal processing Clear ideas to be honest, before this, by the feeling of the majority, perhaps then the market has seen too much, the feeling is still quite good, but Mr. explanation, plate sense naturally important, but clever analysis, can be clearer to the market, more clearly avoid risk here, the other I can hardly tell you, but, when you are finished with the determination of a trend, and establish a good position at the same time, must be Think about the possibility of another inconsistency with your judgment, and to follow up the development of the subsequent trend is towards your judgment, or judgment in the opposite direction of evolution, you need to have a set of hedging measures and the evolution of your position in the opposite direction, do not worry about the loss of many of us will not consider this, after building a position, the psychological mind is thinking about the development of the direction of their own, more serious sometimes in the fantasy of their position will How much revenue, even when the market retrograde, there is still a fluke psychology, that the market will certainly rebound, and finally can not face this reality, and has been holding a losing position, which is the most undesirable Of course, I believe that there are still many people as I said, consider the rise and fall of the two programs, do a wise preparation to June, I made back the loss, to August, Mr. let me own control overnight single, I found that my self-control is getting better and better, surprisingly good choice of reasonable positions and good single for overnight to the end of the year, I have their first million in life and this one million, but my life another beginning, this beginning can be said to be a nightmare, can also be said to be relief one day Mr. found me, alone in the tea room chat, Mr. first said Some polite words, I also keep thanking Mr. this more than a year to take care of and teach Mr. spoke of my views, after I have a great compliment, proposed a contract to do his trader thing I did not expect Mr. will mention this with me, and did not refuse, so acquiesced then Mr. told me a lot, including will continue to guide me on my growth path, and trust me to slowly learn to manage I looked at it, it was a five-year trader contract salary commission is very attractive, but the conditions are also very harsh I was looking at it, my heart is mixed, happy is that I was recognized, Mr. before the equivalent is to examine me only, if my ability is mediocre, perhaps he has let me leave through my own funds to verify that I can still, I think this I think this is what he wants to see and worry about the five-year contract, for me is too long I told now I this idea, Mr. thought about it, added a condition in the contract, if this condition is met, the contract period cancellation So, we signed a new contract starting management account funds are not much, only five million Mr. want my personal account together with the merger so began my work of manipulation to know that I know do foreign exchange, are read many, many books, have a lot of theoretical knowledge, in fact, foreign exchange is difficult is that many people see it as too complex, and many people see it as too simple some people are eager to pursue perfection, eager to become the messenger of prophecy, the future is as clear as day while some people hope that each is a successful investment, each brings revenue, the occurrence of losses, must make it back These are unrealistic want to speculate tomorrow or the future trend of the practice, is not feasible so it is easy to lose yourself, so never to predict the future of the market some people will ask, not to predict the future of the market, how is it possible to operate this is our consistent concept we all know that the prediction of the future, is based on the facts of the past and present and judgment but in foreign exchange, because he has a very strong The ability to attract, it is easy for people to produce an illusion, this illusion makes it difficult to find, or even simply do not feel that there is, this illusion will allow us to directly only to predict the future market, and ignore the reality of the past and once ignored the past market, the forecast of the future will become unfounded so that we think, we tend to ignore the focus, often will only focus on the forecast, and forget the fundamental to look only at the past, the future The market does not go to predict, to think in vain, they are difficult to predict, can not predict, is the root of victory on the foreign exchange There are many people ask me, you think XX currency future trend, I said, I do not know this person will feel, you do not want to tell me it, think I am skimping on telling him in fact, otherwise, for myself, I really do not know then someone else said, if you do not know anything, how do you go to place orders, how do you know? Then how do you go to place an order, how to determine whether to buy or sell it? I will say, I look at the past, the past will tell me how to operate, the past since the fall, then I sold, the past in the rise, then I bought the past rise or fall is the same iron fact, and how I will doubt it This is the root of my single long-term so, short term a little different, but also do not forget this fundamental for loss, must have the right mindset loss is not terrible, but loss is like the loss of a sorrowful first love It is easy for you to keep it, can not leave always remember, quickly disengage, do not keep the loss does not belong to their own, do not forget the lost, to know to cherish the existing position, lost losses will not bring you anything, the existing position is your capital if you have been losing their positions, then you must first learn how to protect their own funds, even the most primitive a single also not down, is also a way to protect learn to protect the money is a great study when I manipulate the first few months, or ate nostalgic loss of loss six million into three and a half million, just a short three months maybe because I care too much about something, so instead of bad, the previous are their own, suddenly more than 6 times, the pressure is relatively large when the funds are magnified several times, your a A small mistake, it may destroy your hard work over the past few years I was how did not think about why then I, and still make such a mistake, so short time, I lost Mr. more than two million my hair in those months all of a sudden a lot of white, then they are fine will pluck off some, but they still feel that my white hair increased a lot, to I plucked off the white hair in a When I pulled down the white hair in a small grid can be made into a calligraphy pen, I stopped, half a month to take a good rest, to learn to put down, shoulders carry too much weight, it will be easier to lose judgment, more easily confused this is my life experience, sometimes awakened by this in the night dream, may you experience, there is no way to experience I still hope this lesson to help you in addition, do not give yourself set The goal, such as how much profit this month, how much profit in six months, such a goal must not want this is very unrealistic a thing such a goal is not any realistic basis we all know that good profit is based on good quotes and good manipulation of their own manipulation is not good first, good quotes are not always available, how do you ask yourself to achieve good profits in a bad market it so This will only add to the burden of their own, or to bring a beautiful fantasy some people will say, you have a few months profit of 300%, in this case, you can make a profit of 100 million in 2 years this is a fantasy no one can maintain a certain profitability to profit, I can not, you can not, even the old sow can not sometimes you lose money, you should probably go to celebrate, because you have been following your methods and systems in operation. Sometimes you make money in the operation sometimes, you should go to reflect, because you have violated the principle of operation, even if this operation brings gains, but it is appropriate undesirable, should be eliminated later in the day, I adjusted their mindset, reflect a lot even if the profit days, I am also the same to reflect on themselves, if the market occurred other changes, whether I can avoid the same risk and profit I based on Risk first principle, control the money with care so that the management of funds like daily life, the more uneventful, the more durable daily losses are the past, daily profits are also the past so adhere to a long time big grief not too much, profits such as ants moving, water drop through the stone slowly to Mr. earned a very good fortune for these years of experience, I do not want to say too much to everyone, I personally think, profit experience to share out rather than learning experience for everyone not too much benefit to be honest, these riches here, a part to thank the countrys four trillion Mr. such achievements should be satisfied, or will not use a greater temptation hope that I stay, but I have tired that year, the end of the world did not come, but rather a new beginning for me I left Mr., more than 3 years of trading life is a The grind is very bitter, bitter is not physical, is the mind but, indeed, learned a lot, to meet the purpose of Mr. collected me, but also considered to let me grow after leaving, I took their own that from Mr. that commission and their own capital to continue to do the pressure is not so great I will also go to reduce their own pressure and not to maximize the benefits as the purpose, only to some good long-term opportunities to invest the year before me I realized that I seemed to have autism, so I went to many countries, went to many places, no purpose, no end, wandering around for most of the year, accompanied by only a computer One day I came back and found the yard overgrown with weeds and a few dead fish in the small pool I realized that I had been away too long It was also then that I picked up the little black people say I share little experience, to be honest, I do not know what to share with you in the first half of the year, I rented an office, spent a sum of money to decorate a little, hired two girls to deal with some risky analysis and settlement purpose is to let themselves go out more, I do not want my world in addition to foreign exchange nothing to be honest, women are emotional animals, but when you give the rules to her after Im not sure what to write to you guys, but Im not sure what to say. I hope that all of you and your family members are healthy!

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