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Short-term cultivation of the core content

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Short-term said rather than a technology, rather than a cultivation, personality type, bestforexrebateternal cultivation best forex rebate external technology three levels and aspects of the full match, in order to bring you into success and sustained and stable success personality has different types, cultivation of course, there are different types of technology must also have different types of different types are rebateinforextrading comparable, the same type to have the level of the difference between high and low Foreign exchange traders in choosing their own path, do not just look at the efficiency of capital growth to take, but should look for a style that matches their own personality and cultivation tendencies, th rebatesinforex topic is here Short-term cultivation of the core content of the following aspects: 1, a long time to maintain a sense of smooth excitement: short term trading must have a moderate sense of excitement, the lack of excitement is like a car with little oil, rebatemeaninginforex not run much farther cashback forex stop The whole person is in a kind of stagnation, watching the market, but can not act sensitively. Excitement is too strong trading, like sprinting, may be very fast in a short period of time with high efficiency, but will soon make you physically and neurologically debilitated, the same into a situation where it is difficult to trade resiliently a child excited a moment lack of excitement, the results will not be better than the previous 2, keep the physical state of the smooth: psychological and physical state is closely related, the two have a strong correlation in addition to the impact of psychological state, the short term traders, moderate sleep time is very important, you can not be in a fatigued You cant trade in a state of fatigue or sleep unless you are fully accustomed to the short term, this person can quickly get the body into shape. There is a simple criterion to determine whether the body has reached a smooth state: do you feel the flexibility and elasticity of the body, neither feel the stiffness of fatigue nor feel the tension of the body full of strength? Are you barely aware of the presence of any particular part of your body and just feel very relaxed and at ease? Only this physical state can support a long period of frequent, non-dependent on the prior trend judgment of the transaction 3, never remember all the transactions you have done (including what you did in the last round): all your transactions are forgotten by you, or never entered your memory, just executed and passed in the memory of the transaction, very easy to take you away from the current market reality It seems that most people are very important to experience and The essence of a truly valuable experience is simply an adaptation to the market, not a renewed value in historical reenactment, the market has a definite and amorphous (this aspect will be a topic later), the value of experience is too limited, good at forgetting than remembering certain experiences better to say, watch TV, if you go to watch the previous film every now and then, always feel as fresh as watching a new film, but As if familiar, it is time to congratulate you, hahaha 4, frequent two-way transactions and the results of the transaction (even if the funds change again crazy) can not affect your overall state: to do the transaction is the transaction, and the results have nothing to do with one of the basic cultivation of the short term trading The trading process affected by the results and the intensity of the operation, can not be smooth, not smooth personal state, will completely make you lose the rhythm of the transaction, naturally it will The loss of benign trading results in terms of trading results, not only losses will affect you, winnings can quickly break your smooth state, many to a certain extent can no longer progress, often because they are difficult to accept the crazy winnings (this point will be discussed later) 5, you can have many ideas, but do not let it stay: people almost impossible to no ideas, you want to do is not to let yourself no ideas (then you are (then you can not trade), but let the idea of a flash (either implemented or not implemented), do not stay in the brain, the idea of right or wrong, the longer it stays, the more will take you to a bad situation, even if it does not make you lose money will greatly reduce the efficiency of these cultivation overall is transcendent and calm type of short term the most difficult part is: relatively aggressive personality, tendency to do nothing cultivation and high-frequency directionless operation three seem The convergence of contradictory levels ---- This is the reason why really good short term players are rare

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