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Single SMA and k-line trading system

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rebate rebatesinforexforextrading firmly believe that the simpler the method the more money you can make, bestforexrebate it best forex rebate true! But there are several points in a SMA, the first is, follow the direction of the SMA; the second is, the pattern with the pattern here I originally used Dows pattern, cashback forex in fact is not my real practice, now I say my real practice is how I looked for Granby (if you do not know, please see the end of the article), yes, smart people immediately know how I do it in fact I do so The actual fact is that I did rebatemeaninginforex, but I only took two signals, a trend start, a trend turn when I simply made a chart to show you here is the key to have two drawback position, and I most need is the two drawback position the two drawback position is my main work time that you will certainly ask, if there is no drawback it? There are only two situations, one is the time of consolidation, the second is too extreme when the consolidation of this may require you to observe, but I think it is not difficult to extreme time is also a drawback, but too late in general I think we can distinguish between these two points a mean buy method is very simple, the road to simplicity, is to use a short and medium-term mean, wait for it to pull back to make the second foot, to confirm the amount of breakthrough neckline, in this K line to buy, with the lowest price of this K-line as a stop-loss price, as shown in the following chart: this method is very simple, although simple, but a hundred times better, see more graphs harmless, see more graphs favorable, trouble to see more than a few graphs with the above method to buy after only 2 ways is to profit and stop loss and is not in a hurry to take the first train passengers, please take the second train, such as the price continues to go up when you use another thinking to observe but in this upward journey with Other auxiliary indicators to confirm that the direction of the journey is unchanging, as the traveler likes to use their usual indicators for example, commonly used such as longer averages. The week month macd - and so on, adjust their mood is also the operating mentality to return to the story, how to take the second train, when up a period of time will be corrected, the more lean into this manipulation of the averages should be concerned, the amount of shrinkage to stop falling until there is a red K line out - of course, each stock is different but the operating rules are the same, please note the characteristics of the point of purchase Remarks: J. GranvilleRules, can also be translated as Granville, the proposed moving average trading concept known as the Granville. The concept of moving average trading, called Granbys eight laws, is a financial trading community with a mileage of practical trading master click here to learn [Granbys eight laws

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