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Sixteen market trading psychology

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  1, to become a winning trader rebateinforextrading a journey, rebatesinforex a destination in the world does not exist only win not lose traders try to trade a little better every day, from the cashback forex own progress to get pleasure concentrate on learning the skills of technical analysis, improve their trading skills, rather than just focus on their own trading win or lose on the number of 2, as long as yourself in accordance with their own trading plan to do the trade should do, then congratulate yourself, feel comfortable with the transaction, best forex rebate do not care whether the transaction is a profit or loss 3, make rebatemeaninginforex do not be too complacent, lose money do not be too downhearted try to maintain a balance of professional view of their own trading 4, do not expect that the transaction will be this or that you are looking for is to If your trading method tells you that you should do a deal, and you did not execute, missed an opportunity to make money, only to do the wall, this pain is far greater than the pain you brought to the bestforexrebate according to their own trading plan to do a deal but finally lost money 6, their own life experience to shape your understanding of the transaction if you enter the market after the first set The psychological impact of losing money and failing to trade is greater than the physical pain, and the impact is longer if you are not struck by a failed trade, then losing money will not have such a negative and lasting impact on you. A formal business education can give you an advantage in understanding the economy and the general state of the market, but it does not guarantee that you will make money in the market. Gain more experience than others, you must tap into the knowledge that is essential to successful trading 8, arrogance and pride due to making money can make people bankrupt Making money can make people emotionally charged, thus causing their view of reality to be distorted The more you earn, the better you feel about yourself, and you are vulnerable to the control of arrogance The thrill of making money is what gamblers need Gamblers are willing to lose money over and over again, just for the sake of a The thrill of making money 9, always remember, no matter win or lose, one person to bear do not go to blame the market or friends recommended or stock commentary advocating the loss of money to provide you with an opportunity to pay attention to what exactly went wrong in the transaction do not attack against individuals 10, the risk can be avoided as far as possible, but not completely eradicated, successful traders quantify and analyze the risk, truly understand and accept Risk, emotional and psychological acceptance of risk determines your state of mind in each transaction individual risk tolerance and trading time preferences, but also makes each trader different choose a trading method that reflects your trading preferences and risk tolerance 11, the market is a collection of all trading participants psychological stereotypes long and short daily fight reflects the long and short daily thinking what must pay attention to see The daily closing price and the relationship between the days highs and lows, because this shows the recent strengths and weaknesses of the market 12, never buy just because the price is low or the price is high to hold or dare not buy never lose patience with the market before making any trade to have the right reasons to remember that the market is always right 13, traders need to listen to the market to effectively listen to the market, traders need to be on The challenge for traders is to understand what kind of person they really are, and then firmly and consciously develop those qualities that are conducive to their trading success.14. Why are there hundreds of people who analyze technical charts, but only a handful of really good traders? The reason is that they need to spend more time on their own psychology, rather than on the analysis method 15, the work is good, it is necessary to first sharpen their tools Lincoln also said, if I want to spend eight hours to cut down a tree, then I will spend six hours to sharpen their axe on the transaction, this maxim can be interpreted as: research and learning is very important to do for the transaction of the time spent on preparation is far more than the order There is an old adage that says that the market will do everything it can to drive most traders crazy and as long as someone goes against the trend, the market trend will continue.

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