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Introduction Slippage refers to the po bestforexrebatet of placing a single or pending order in cashback forex exchange trading rebatesinforex the final transaction point has a gap between the classification of best forex rebate slippage there are positive slippage and negative slippage of two kinds, positive slippage that rebateinforextrading beneficial to customers — — will allow customers to make more money in a single negative slippage that is, customers have disadvantages — — will allow customers to lose more money in a single slippage Reasons There are many reasons for slippage in foreign exchange trading 1, there may be network delays, such as the recent domestic no formal foreign exchange dealers, now the rebatemeaninginforex business are in foreign countries, so customers do single server is also in foreign countries, domestic and foreign networks sometimes link is not smooth thus leading to slippage 2, there may be a sharp fluctuations in the market at the time, for example, non-farm data such as the big market before, a second up and down fluctuations Hundreds of points are easy to jump, especially the platform without a dealer offer mode 3, there may be irregular traders deliberately tampering with the general means commonly used by black platforms but this does not mean that the slippage is a black platform Any platform will have these few problems normal slippage is a market factor, and the platform has no relationship to the status quo slippage occurs, many conditions are beyond the control of the trader market also tends to be more More investors complain about negative slippage because people have a greed to make more money who will not say, more money is lost in the heart of the imbalance led to slippage is more misinterpretation of the specific circumstances of slippage The most important reason is the liquidity of the funds, in general, retail investors care most about the spread of the foreign exchange company, because the spread is low, the customers transaction costs are low However, many retail investors have ignored an important factor behind the composition of the price of Liquidity liquidity is to follow the offer, the current market is the maximum amount that can be traded, assuming that the customer sees the euro on the platform to the dollar offer is 1.3000 and the market at this price can accept the volume of transactions is 5 million dollars, if the customer orders 6 million dollars, then how to do? 5 million of them will be traded at 1.3000, and the remaining 1 million will be traded at the next price, which may be 1.3001 or higher. Because of this, we recommend using a strong investment platform for trading, which tends to reduce slippage on the platform, because the big dealers are able to get more favorable prices and larger volumes from the quoting banks

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